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FEB 24, 2017, LENR has too many "ECONOMICAL FRIENDS"





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I get answers some indirectly to the three questions of yesterday. 

In his fast answer Ed Storms wrote:
"Two directions are possible. One is toward basic scientific understanding of the phenomenon and the other is toward technology and application. The direction toward technology has failed and has caused nothing but trouble.  This path was taken much too early in the history of the discovery before the required basic information was available."  

I disagree with this in the sense that the solution will (or already had come if Rossi's Plant worked as the ERV report shows) only by a creative synchronicity of the technological and scientific research 
Question: is the Large Hadron Collider is Science or Technology?

The second surprise yesterday (here too late to be included in the Blog issue) was Steven Krivit white paper see below 2) 
Is it also a pleasant surprise and a good work as the Anthropocene Society Report?
Unfortunately not at all. Steve went in a kind of exile a few years ago as a faithful supporter of the Widom-Larsen theory alluding to the hope that the theory will help LENR researchers (or Larsen's company) to solve the main LENR problem- excess heat from mW to kW. Nothing about this, the paper starts with a laudatio of the W-L theory that predicts isotopic shifts and element transmutations, shows evidence for low energy neutrons, presents the classic PdD and NiH results, nothing really new. Many words are wasted on an obviously angry part on Andrea Rossi's character and history and on our colleagues and friends who dared to give some support to Rossi. For example David Nagel "caused untold damage doing so". 
Not to search for complicated explanations for this: at their meeting in 2011 Rossi was unable to recognize the genius and LENR omniscience of Steve Krivit and this is more than unpardonable. The paradox is that Krivit is a good professional, the unique LENR journalist accepted by Google News, has published recently three LENR books. 
The paper also tells about the reproducibility issue, the reputation &  PR problems of LENR, Steve  invites readers to his books. The two last paragraphs "Path Forward" and "Opportunities " are not encouraging, no W-L theory based  breakthroughs predicted. No real direction presented, the predictive and productive powers of the W-L theory- still to come. No direction shown actually.

I well remember the start and the days of local glory of Steven Krivit. We were friends. Now I have to ask "Is he still a friend or an economical friend of LENR?"

Industrial Heat keeps more economical friends in the blogo- and forumo-sphere. And the end of the story it will be seen what terrible harm did they to IH, however their message' have a specific charm and surreal humor. Inquisitors propagandists, evangelists, activists they all adore Goddess Ineptna. She likes untrue, impossible and absurd things. After the verdict, in case I am still here down- or upstairs, I will publish their most humorous statements in a collection named "The Laughing Flowmeter"


1) From the Miami Court  Pacermonitor re. Rossi vs. Darden

Thursday, February 23, 2017
153 misc Memorandum Thu 11:39 PM
MEMORANDUM in Opposition re143 Memorandum, by Andrea Rossi. (Chaiken, Brian)
152 order Order Thu 4:24 PM
ORDER on informal discovery conference. Signed by Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan on 2/23/2017. (tro)

2) Power Generations via LENRs. A white paper by Steven C. Krivit

3) Rossi Recounts 2010 Naval Research Laboratory Test

4) Cold Fusion, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Documentary

5)  Rossi demonstrated E-Cat for Navy and former DARPA boss:



Thanks to Sam North- our friend from Canada
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  1. I have oftentimes expressed for the record that LENR is a flawed overunity technology in that it is at its very root based on nuclear processes. These processes produce a zoo of subatomic particle production reactions which will turn out to be problematic in getting LENR into unregulated and widespread common useage.

    This unregulated and widespread common useage of the LENR reaction seems to be the dream and objective of all LENR developers. At the end of the day, I doubt that this dream will come to pass.

    Both Rossi and IH will be heartsick when they realize that they will need to dance to the tune of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the electric utility industry, all their best efforts and monumental investments will have come to naught.

    On the other hand, the impact on science will be great when LENR theory is well understood and this new found understanding will drive science in new and revolutionary directions far and away in more importance to any significance that LENR based energy production will catalyze. But the research of Holmlid will capture most of those scientific discoveries more readily than any LENR based reactor will. This leads me to a long considered opinion that the researcher and replicator should stay away from LENR and direct their system's development energies in other directions which will more readily meet the aspirational goals of overunity energy production, such as simple, uncomplicated, direct, home based, distributed. unregulated and widespread common useage.

    1. Maybe Muons can be 'shielded' by spiralling them into a strong static magnetic field around a lead core.

  2. The Collider is Definitely Technology as its use to "find the Higgs" was "Nonsense Science," conceptually flaweed from the start. A particle that can be only found under drastic conditions by throwing away most of the data, as the "Bestower of Gravity," is pure hogwash as a scientific concept. Enough for that.

    Mu conception of "cold fusion is that it is a chemical process which involves interadtion with nuclei under special conditions between molecular Hydrogen molecules and cationic units (probably at the surfaces) of metals . These cations probably are dications of specific isotopes for the process to proceed to the formation of lphas and ,ultiately, Helium. See last chapter of my book, The No=Neutron Atom. Or the section on cold fusion in my book, Off the Wall vol 1: Ideas to Consider, which covers most of the same m\material except for the explanation of "poisoning" by HD geeerated by electrolysis of mixed HOH and DoD.