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The absence of alternatives confuses the mind totally. (Henry Kissinger)

As you see, after Winston Churchill, and Sherlock Holmes now Henry Kissinger speaks about what can do the clue- and proof-less party in the RvD Trial.
He adds that in such cases you are choosing an absolutely losing pseudo-alternatives.                                                  



Dear Simon,

My instinct say's you are not ill-willed, hopefully not corrupted by IH- definitely
not enjoying to insult people even if- horribile dictu! they have an opinion opposed to yours or somewhat different priorities and values mainly in Research and Development. I have no idea about your personal history in R&D,  problem solving
engineering, etc. I hope we will find a common "language" and I will explain ou my  opinions exactly as they are. No censoring, no diplomacy, no euphemisms but also avoiding disphemisms and hyperbola. With your permission I will convert in red what I dislike in your comment.

Peter - one of the reasons I do comment on your blog, despite knowing that you believe Rossi has the real deal, is that I would really like to see a successful LENR system bring low-cost and safe power to the world. In order for that to happen, it makes sense for people to concentrate on trying to replicate ideas that have been shown to work and to drop those ideas which are shown to not work. 


I am happy to understand that you know the value of a working LENR technology for the Mankind. What I disagree-  LENR is special, in negative sense, the ratio of unknown per known is very high and you have to chose a very modest definition of ""shown to work" PdD is not reproducible, not well understood, not upscalable; In NiH it seems only Rossi has MULTIPLICATIVE excess heat (see the title of the ERV report) Even the best replicators are in the former stage ADDITIVE excess heat. The difference is an unknown factor and the step from additive to multiplicative can be done with the self-sustaining functioning of the generators.
We will know more when we will see the hourly or instant values of the paprmeters in the ERV report- however things are complex because more E-Cats work simultaneously. It was plenty of self-sustaining in the 1year 1MW plant- his is the reason for the stellar  values of the COPs. 


For this reason, increased precision and accuracy on Parkhomov's experiments are worth doing until it's pretty certain one way or the other that it works or it doesn't. Alan Smith's work is thus a step forward; if he gets excess energy we'll be happy, and if he doesn't we'll know what doesn't work. It doesn't matter than we don't have a good theory yet, since that will come once there is a replicable experiment. Or of course maybe someone will get a good theory and run an experiment based on their idea, and it'll work. 


Parkhomov is a great professional, and on longer term his target is to trigger the reaction and then work without outer energy feed- i.e. in the self-sustaining regime.
He and other replicators have put the problem under siege and sooner or later they will learn to do what Rossi already knows, somebody will out-Rossi Rossi. However much creativity, boldness and luck is necessary for this and there is not much former experience that can guide them. The Good Theory ideal is - an ideal;
it is (I think) technology and NOT physics that makes a generator to work-  see please my 6 Pillars and the Atomic Model of LENR. Technology, not theory is the way to success first. Theories will come later. LENR is multi-step, multi-stage.


Where I attack Rossi, it's simply because the available data cannot be true. Pweet has put in some very good points on this, which also need to be answered (and haven't been). As such, the efforts put in to working out a theory based on Rossi's data are wasted time and money, which are both limited resources in the LENR world. If those resources are diverted into paths that don't work by inflated and false data, that means it will take longer before the correct way to do it is found. 


When you attack Rossi actually you do it because he acts as an inventor not as an academic scientist or as Dr. Salk and mainly because you are missing information or preferring false information.  You will see this with the recent ERV data- their consistency makes them very difficult to be killed or dismissed. Soon you will know 
how the steam was condensed i.e. how the energy was consumed. It is absolutely irrelevant if it was consumed for sellable products or just discarded. Let's discvuss then, OK?
I call Rossi's way the way of technology plus science and I think this- with many variations possible is the unique way. Is modifying crystal structure and pre-hydrogenating nickel- make nickel receptive! only science? Is activation of hydrogen, science?  Are there nuclear reactions, nuclear interactions, nuclear transformations at play? Rossi is not telling much about his way- he is an explorer not a touristic guide. He also has his priorities and- what are the antonyms of "priorities"?
Any researcher is free to choose his way. You could learn IH has funded a dozen non-Rossi LENR-ists- there exists- if we take details in consideration- many CORRECT ways and why should Rossi's be the best?

But now I want to assure you that I have full empathy  for your position I am not angry even with the most vocal and alpha type IH supporters, who are using freely insults. And I will explain you on what is based my understanding and empathy. First please read the Motto- they are doing only what they can do (and/or the reverse) 
For illustration of the situation allow me to tell an instructive story from my professional life- it has happened 55 years ago.


I was then working at the SOLVENTUL Factory in Timisoara (see in the Blog). I had many troubles with the Party activists and their servants- due to my social origin plus for reading capitalist literature.
One day the Director and the Party secretary have called me in the office of the former:
"Tovarischch Gluck we have an important task for you. As you know we will soon increase the production of plasticizers and we need a fine clean tank- reservoir to keep the plasticizer there till selling it.
Do you know the old mazut reservoir behind the main deposit? Your task is to clean it and convert it in a fine reservoir for the product. You get four workers (unqualified) and any tools and stuff you need and in 10 days it should be ready- he added a Romanian idiom that I will translate with "clean and nice as a maid's derriere"
The having a diameter of 6 meters and high of 5 meters served as fuel tank for the Romanian, German and Russian armies had terribly  dirty walls layers over layers fossilized fossil fuel, petrified hydrocarbons. whatever. Hercules 's labor No 5 cleaning of King Augias stables was "kinderspiel" compared to  what I had to The president of the Union -sindicat- in the factory a lady from the lab who had sympathy for me- warned me that that " it was tried many times to clean that disaster but it was abandoned as impossible. They want get rid of you this is the reason the put you to this- you will be punished or you will go away. God should have mercy for you, the Party has not" 
NOTICE HERE- you are very, very sad when you have an impossible task! 
However I like to solve the problems I encounter and I made a plan. My saver idea was to use sand blasting- plus a special active mixture of solvents and also a safe method to use acetylene lamps locally in the advanced stages of cleaning..
After two weeks (it went slower than planned) I invited the Party secretary  to inspect the cleaned reservoir- taking the risk to suggest him to bring a maid, for comparison. I have discovered that you can cope with those oppressors- activists, securists only if they see you are not scared by them. 
You see I  told you to illustrate the sadness and depression caused by impossible task.
But there is an other reason too: because the impossible task of the IH supporters is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of my impossible task of 55 years ago!
They have to take technology, instruments and first of all the  author and paint them with dirt technologically, morally- have to invent infra-black to describe the character of the inventor, have to attack any supporter of the technology calling him/them fractionally brained inhabitant of a Planet Rossi with inhabitants mesmerised by the demonic scammer. See how they must react to the recent reslts, make an analysis of their vocabulary & jargon.
But taking in account their proofs- the same repeated 29 Exhibits no 5 being the Star- the Opus Magna of a 'plant illiterate: who thinks that if water goes to a boiler via a 4omm pipe, the steam formed there will go out also by a 40mm pipe; and who knows plants in which the pipes are only half full with liquid. Dirt pointing is easy however annoying and, in this case, inefficient.  

I hope you are contented with my answer; I will try to answer tomorrow to the rest of your comment.


1) BizJournal Article: Industrial Heat Continues to Invest in “About Six” LENR Projects Worldwide
2) Now the All Russian (and International) CNT&BL Conference, Sept 17-24, 2017 has its official site:

3) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

February 2, 2017 at 2:22 PM

Dear Andrea:
Tom Darden has fooled his investors saying IH now has a portfolio of LENR technologies in substitution of your IP, but didn’t say that your technology is real and working, while all he has without the license of your patents is worth zero. This way he is trying to steal the money he owes you, paying peanuts to other guys, or paying them with “millions” in shares that are worth nothing. But I think he is strongly underestimating his foe.
Here is the link of the declarations of the smartass:
From Russia, with love,

Andrea Rossi
February 2, 2017 at 7:44 PM

I cannot comment on issues whose evidence has to be disclosed in Court.
Warm Regards,

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LENR-Cities Suisse Sàrl is active and working
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С. Салль. Холодный ядерный синтез как кооперативный оптический эффект. 25.07.2016


  1. Peter, do not care of vortex rampaging.
    Remember, after sunset sunrise will come.


    1. better summmary

      no change of fact, just change in estimations.

      Change in estimations is quite common.
      It seems population exposition was overestimated 4x

  3. Please, more about that derriere which was more pristine and perfect, cheek or tank;)

  4. I decided to do a follow up to previous research on the Boeing patent for an LENR powered turbine. I found it was granted on Oct. 25th, 2016.

    “Rotational annular airscrew with integrated acoustic arrester”
    CA 2824290 A1 - Assignee - The Boeing Company Publication date: May 12, 2014 - Priority date: Nov 12, 2012

    Publication number US9476385 B2
    Publication type Grant
    Application number US 13/674,377
    Publication date Oct 25, 2016
    Filing date Nov 12, 2012
    Priority date Nov 12, 2012
    Also published as CA2824290A1, EP2730501A2, US20150000252

    Author Note: The Boeing patent states the LENR powered turbine is scaleable, allowing Boeing to become a leading UAV microturbine manufacturer.

    From the patent...

    [0048] The contra-rotating forward coaxial electric motor 126 and the contra-rotating aft coaxial electric motor 128 are coupled to at least one energy source. The contra-rotating forward coaxial electric motor 126 and the contra-rotating aft coaxial electric motor 128 may be directly coupled to the at least one energy source, or through various control and/or power distribution circuits. The energy source may comprise, for example, a system to convert chemical, solar or nuclear energy into electricity within or coupled to a volume bearing structure. The energy source may comprise, for example but without limitation, a battery, a fuel cell, a solar cell, an energy harvesting device, low energy nuclear reactor (LENR), a hybrid propulsion system, or other energy source.

    [0024] “Figure 14B is an illustration of an exemplary enlarged perspective view of the exemplary rotational annular airscrew with integrated conical acoustic arrester that can be used with the UAV of Figure 14A, or with any other aircraft such as a commercial transport aircraft of Figure 15 according to an embodiment of the disclosure.”


    June 2015 “LENR Energy a Boon for a Microturbine Industry Boom”

    March 2016 "LENR NRNF Low Energy Nuclear Reaction NonRadioactive Nuclear Flight US and EU Applied Engineering"


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  6. Peter - the value to mankind of a workable LENR solution is probably so great as to be incalculable. This is why I spend my time in research into power production. Once we can get very cheap power without having some sort of pollution as a by-product then we can produce food (indoor farming), water (condensation from air) and shelter (heated or cooled as necessary) anywhere on the world, and we can also recycle all materials rather than jettisoning them (more pollution) since the recycling costs too much in power requirements.

    You say "In NiH it seems only Rossi has MULTIPLICATIVE excess heat" and this is true, but of course I would stress the "seems" in that sentence since I still see no evidence-trail of the heat that was said to be produced. My background is in Failure Analysis - a fascinating job and I was good at it. The process requires examining all assumptions, including those that are normally hidden since "everyone knows that". You may have noticed that I have stated that we can't discount the possibility that Rossi saw SOME gain in the Doral test that was below the threshold of what evidence we have. However, losing 1MW of heat 24/7 for around a year is not possible - it would have been obvious where it went.

    Like most practical engineers where a lot of money can depend on getting the right answer, I'll use several alternative methods of measurement on things that are critical, so that there is no single-point of failure. Whereas a thermocouple can give you an indication of temperature to a precision of 0.1°C very easily, there may well be errors from EMI or induction that are a lot more than the precision, so a liquid-in-glass stick thermometer gives you something to compare against that is not affected by EMI and so tells the truth, but is less precise.

    You can put forward the defence that Rossi is not a scientist but an entrepreneur, but on a practical basis the claimed results do not have the corroborative evidence that would make them acceptable. Instead, I am told that the absence of that evidence (where did the 1MW go?) will be explained later. Jed says that IH did an IR survey of the site - that 1MW should have been easily visible. It wasn't. My prediction is that it will never be satisfactorily explained, as such an amount of heat would be noticeable without instrumentation. It will remain the elephant in the room, ignored by those who believe Rossi has the LENR+ he claims.

    I first became aware of Rossi in 2011, where he demonstrated a 1MW reactor and claimed success at around 500kW even though a 500kW Diesel generator was running the whole time. Did that reactor produce excess heat, or did it not do so? If it worked, then for the last 5 years or so we could have had a Rossi reactor working somewhere useful. Did the Lugano experiment produce excess power? If so, then for the last couple of years or so we could have had that running somewhere and people would have bought them - after all that was high-grade heat suitable for high-pressure steam turbines. There are a lot of Rossi reactors around, considering there were several (and two designs) at the Doral test. Where are they actually in use?

    If Rossi's systems worked as claimed, then we have to assume that Rossi doesn't care about the poor children in the world and just wants to extract the maximum amount of money. We also have to assume that the automated factories set up to mass-manufacture them are still mothballed and waiting for the "go" command. Considering the purchase cost of automation and the site costs, that's going to be eating a lot of money just waiting, since it will also need security systems to avoid vandalism or industrial espionage.

    The evidence just doesn't add up to the conclusion that Rossi can be telling the truth. Since you are an inventive industrial engineer, I'm surprised that you accept the holes in the story.

  7. On the Mazut (heavy fuel oil) tanks, there are similar problems with concrete wine cuves. Round here, some people solve it with a new layer of render on the inside once it's a clean as they can get it.

    I'm not painting Rossi any colour, but simply refusing to accept data that is inconsistent. His actions in discarding a series of devices that he'd "proved" to work and where, if he was correct, then they would all have been commercially viable, seem unexplainable unless we propose that they did not work as stated.

    For reference, I did some LENR experimentation a few years ago, based on a possible mechanism. It failed. Unless I can put forward an alternative idea to test I won't be running an experiment on LENR for a while. There may be a possibility based partly on Holmlid and partly on Mills that is worth testing, but the kit will take a while to accumulate. Instead, I'm working on an alternate way of getting power that has a nice chain of logic and thus ought to work. If it works, it will pollute even less than LENR and be cheaper. We'll see....