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HAROLD JARCHE -how to immunize for complexity and VUCA

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Bad news- obviously I regret the explosion from the nuclear plant in Flamanville.
Also I am very worried for the high levels of radiation in the Fukushima nuclear plant. 
Both demonstrate that we need the ecologically friendly, nuclear in a sense but not causing radioactivity powerful energy source LENR, and we need it fast!
And the events also show that those who try to delay to kill, to deny, to reject, the energy source of the future due to some narrow temporary interests, have a great responsibility- to their own moral conscience and to history.
Just now it is evolving a legal action regarding the very first claimed industrial level LENR technology. the former partner of the inventor says the technology does not work, the Court will decide this late Summer-Fall who is right.?
In case the invention works as claimed its opponents-oppressors deserve a second verdict , nd punishment much more severe and painful than having to pay a lot of money. From the highest Authority!
We will see...For the time given the technology deniers are trying to organize a second parallel litigation on the  blogs and forums- with limited success- gone are the days of Shutdownrosssi and and of the Independent  and bloodthirsty independent E-Cat news, Mary Yugo and Joshua Cude and Al Potenza etc.... Sic transit gloria mundi...Actually a modest triumvirate does the hard work using hard words. Some say they are paid by the former partner- I don't think so- if it is about the quality and efficiency of the action, I would not pay them a farthing  per month (if you know this old British coin) 

Their strategy is quite transparent  despite its darkness

- anthropomorphize the litigation, not the invention should be judged but the inventor who has made some errors 20-25 years ago (in 1972 I tried vinyl chloride as reaction medium for the manufacture of a pesticide- it boils at - 14C) , in 1974 it became known that vinyl cjhloride is a dangerous oncogene- World Wide techno-trouble). 

-  try to create chaos- VUCA- see the Motto please around the technical aspects
something very natural for them (the supporters) who have no detailed diagram, do not understand its complex structure and functionalities, even do not know well the equipment, instruments, control electronic part- whatever. But they discuss claim to have certainties about what they actually do not know- and this is something a professional will never do.

The paper of Harold Jarche teaches ow to immunize for complexity and VUCA, on the contrary the IH supporters are trying to start an epidemic of confusion and VUCA re the LENR technology. Kind of bacteriological war? 


1) The hopes for the E-Cat are again flying high? Le speranze sull'E-Cat possono ancora volare alto?

2) Ner THREAD on LENR Foum by Alain Coetmeur
Speculations on LENR theory, coherence, stimulated emission, and fusion

Georges Lochak’s Monopole (Axil Axil)

3) REDDIT- low energy nuclear reactions

4) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

February 9, 2017 at 1:58 AM

Dr Rossi, Now there comes a new claim that Boeing tested the Ecat for/with IH, and it did not work for them, were you present during this demonstration?
Andrea Rossi
February 9, 2017 at 7:41 AM

I never knew of this demo and I do not know with which apparatus it has been done. I apprehended of it during the litigation. The replications I have been informed of from September 2013 through February 2016 are the ones on the base of which Cherokee Fund Partners-IH have collected 250 millions in UK and China. No further comment.
Warm Regards,

February 9, 2017 at 6:06 AM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
Do you have evidence that IH has replicated your effect under your direction?
Thank you,
Andrea Rossi
February 9, 2017 at 7:34 AM

Yes. Many times under my direction and many times without informing me.
Warm Regards,

5) From Lou Pagnucco on LENR Forum
A new US Patent Application by Francesco Piantelli
United States Patent Application20170038095
PIANTELLI; Francesco  February 9, 2017

A method for producing energy by exothermal reactions between hydrogen and a transition metal comprises a step 110 of depositing an amount of crystals of the transition metal in the form of micro/nanometric clusters having a predetermined crystalline structure on a surface of a substrate, wherein each clusters has a number of atoms of the transition metal lower than a predetermined number of atoms, and in such a way that the substrate contains on its surface a number of clusters that is larger than a minimum number. The method provide also performing at least once a start-up sequence is performed at least once a start-up sequence comprising the step 114 of quantitatively removing any gas adsorbed in the substrate and in the transition metal by applying a predetermined vacuum degree, a step 120 of bringing hydrogen into contact with the crystals, a step 130 of heating the crystals up to an adsorption temperature higher than a predetermined critical temperature, thus causing hydrogen adsorption to the crystals forming a reaction core, and a step of impulsively acting on the reaction core in order to trigger the exothermal reactions between the hydrogen and the transition metal in the clusters. Once the reaction started, a step 140 is provided of removing heat from the reaction core in order to obtain a determined power and to maintain the temperature of the reaction core above the critical temperature.

6) Industrial Heat expands LENR research, BOEING-Rossi connection claimed


Looking for entangled atoms in a Bose-Einstein condensate

Date:February 7, 2017
Source:Georgia Institute of Technology
Using a Bose-Einstein condensate composed of millions of sodium atoms, researchers have observed a sharp magnetically-induced quantum phase transition where they expect to find entangled atomic pairs. The work moves scientists closer to an elusive entangled state that would have potential sensing and computing applications beyond its basic science interests.

Harold Jarche - immunize for complexity



  2. MRI pioneer and Nobel laureate Sir Peter Mansfield dies

    1. dear Sam,

      thanks for the Info


  3. Peter - as it happens I spent farthings as a kid. It seems they were withdrawn when I was around 7 years old.

    Despite no piping diagram being published by Rossi or IH, you do still argue about the layout and the size of the pipes. I have no idea how things were connected. In order to state that the output was not 1MW I only have Jed's assurance (so far, though I expect it will at some point be in the evidence) that an IR survey was done. This does however match the eyewitness accounts of it not being excessively warm in the locked room. Then again, J-M Products had one part-time employee and no income to speak of. Are you sure they actually used that heat for anything?

    You ask for divine retribution on those who doubt Rossi. If, however, things go the other way and the court decides that no heat was produced, what sort of retribution should the Rossi-supporters suffer for delaying the development of LENR by sending people down the wrong path? As I see it, this is after all the most likely result that matches the evidence we have seen. Of course, we can't trust that people are telling the truth. On the other hand, we can look at the history of the players and decide who is most likely to be lying.

    Meantime, of course, there are people still trying to decipher what is in fact happening, and would you applaud those who aren't following Rossi or try to stop them doing their research?

    Things just aren't that clear-cut yet, and it may be years before you get a sure answer about Rossi.

    1. Dear Simon,

      I am just responding to the provocations coming from the "DeJa vu" Planet always the same. Now working on editorial no 2 re LENR and praxeology.

  4. Tribute

    The path forward is never clear when forging anew, This is a bit of prose in honor of my father Bruce Edward Goble, who died last month, a week before my 59th birthday. Each of our lives is unique. We find our way forward, one foot set in front of the other. Each of us moving forward through uncharted territory. Setting an example for others. I've at least learned this much.

    Thanks Pops

    A Path Unfurling

    The path unfolds behind us
    Not as one's led to believe

    Like leaves unfurling
    In a child's footsteps

    While crossing
    uncharted fields

    Leaving a trace
    Barely visible

    When next


    "Gold: Commodity or Money"


    Looking at commodities as math and physics, without considering economics, you have commodities that are Opex, with a high cost to store and transport, and commodities that are Capex, with a low operating cost but high capital expense.

    Every commodity sits somewhere between the two ends of this spectrum.

    It boils down to:

    1. How much energy does it cost to produce it?
    2. How much energy does it cost to store and transport it (does it spoil or is it bulky)?

    A high operating cost Opex commodity is a grain that can rot and electricity that’s hard to store.

    Then you move through the spectrum to aluminum and copper, and towards the Capex commodities that cost a lot to produce but last longer and are easier to store.

    At the very end of the Capex spectrum is gold.

    Gold has the highest energy cost to produce because it’s scarce. You have to move 10 tons of rock to make about 10 grams of gold. That makes it extremely energy intensive to make. - end quotes

    "Commercial Fusion Reactors Now (REALLY!) In Sight, And… "


    Recall that last week I noted that Harvard has successfully created the first instance of metallic hydrogen, and I cannot help but to speculate that these two stories are deeply related, for after all, metallic hydrogen is superconductive, and in most so-called cold fusion apparatus, electricity forms a crucial component of the apparatus.

    The implications of metallic forms of hydrogen, particularly if isotopic the forms deuterium and tritium could be metalicized, is rather obvious. And the implications for space exploitation and new propulsion systems are equally clear. The fact that Airbus is heavily invested in this research, particularly with the now looming commercial possibilities of fusion, and its paradigm changing nature for human energy, productivity, and financial systems, is yet another indicator that we’re on the cusp of huge changes.

    But again, the real thing to remember here is how much we’re not being told. After all, it was the Nazi scientist Ronald Richter who, in the 1950s, outlined for his US Air Force interrogators, his theories of what was, in effect, cold fusion, during which he spoke of lattices in space-time, from which plasmas under certain conditions of electromagnetic stress, could transduce zero point energy.

    That was the 1950s… and with enough secret money over enough time in secret projects… you get the idea. - end quotes

    1. Dear Greg,, thank you- plase please snd me messages that I can convey to the readers. You are writing so mastrfully!


  5. Belief, bullshit and scam are in the heart of ANTHROPOMORPHIZation.

    Very good, Peter.