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:Advise from a wise friend re my discussions on the LENR Forum:

"Those guys are not interested in climate change, saving the planet, science, or something unimportant like the truth. They are interested in money, shareholder value and powerful business networks. Discussing with them about technical development, or science is meaningless as long as they can't make profit out of it"

The paper is published on COLDFUSIONCOMMUNITY .NET  and this community is actually and de facto nobody else than Abd ul Rahman Lomax in person.The real community being an abstraction cannot be asked if it likes this association- a combination in the very spirit of the second mass manipulation dictus. A bit megalomaniac but who cares? Abd is a fighter for CF justice- on the good side and his site is supporting COLD FUSION and, what's more it is an appendix of the world famous Infusion Institute (if you don't know about it, you have no idea about Cold Fusion)

The posting is:
Age, the New Age, Believers, and Peter Gluck
The author's short but stellar bio added- this makes 13 pages and 5660 words- in principle a honor for me. First I hoped it is kind of "Ode to Peter Gluck"  but after reading it I have doubts.

Let's try to answer to some issues of interest:
- the first pages re-describe Abd's ban from LENR-Forum seen as a crime against value and meritocracy;

- then it is about my message to Dewey Weaver in which I say that without a diagram of the 1MW plant of Rossi- the technical discussion is impossible;
Abd's answer: "Peter is old and dysfunctional
(this is unfortunately for me-true, but unfortunately for him, has nothing to do with the problem,  without the diagram, including piping any stupid speculation is possible and almost any illogical hypothesis can be, converted in proof for the proofless... Informational chaos works for Abd and Co..

then I have expressed my disappointment re Dewey asking me about some jewelry
without any explanation; I have limits. I am not an"know it all, understands nothing- explains it as a guru- judges it fast with no mercy and no appeal"as the author.
Reaction- Peter Gluck is incoherent. OK, I have no idea about jewelry especially in the  US I was poor great part of my life (later it came out Andrea Rossi hd such a business in the 90 -ies but this has nothing to do with the Test.)

then we arrive to the best part, the most Abd-like - infamous Exhibit 5 a document radiating incompetence. Abd says:

IH, however, would have, among other evidences, the testimony of Murray, and Murray refers to the pipe size as DN40, which then leads directly to some strong conclusions. Murray was there. The pipe was heavily insulated, so its appearance in photographs is inconclusive. However, Murray easily could have determined the true pipe size under the insulation — unless it were prevented, and he could have quickly done this, probably impossible to stop him without physically throwing him out. Give me a few seconds with a screwdriver and I’d have it. My action might not even be visible.

I am generous, I give the seconds plus wings to fly; that pipe comes out from the upper side cover of the group of E-Cats and it is at a height of 2.8- 3.0 plus meters
very difficult to access, and how many times have you removed insulation from a pipe with a lowly screwdriver?  I doubt you. Abd,  have ever visited a plant but you speak with boarder less arrogance. Mr. Murray who seems to be a plant-illiterate exactly as you, had also to inspect th half-full pipe that according to your pal Jed was above the reservoir that is perhaps even higher than the steam pipe. Do you have a photo or a diagram (again!) showing how Murray could perform this task? By the way why do you not get in touch with him and ask all the questions? If Exhibit 5 is incoherent like me- IH is lost and you will be considered (choose what, I prefer an almost decent language despite my senility and dysfunctionality)

Please try to instill in your brain the following two  ideas that must stimulate you to jpin my request to Dewey for the piping diagram:

a)  If Murray has measured correctly the size of the steam pipe- 40 mm then the maximum flow of steam from the plant can be roughly 80 kg/hr, while for the design value fpr the Plant, 1500 kg/hr a DN 200 pipe is necessary having a section 25 times greater.

b) If the flowmeter is placed in the retour pipe of the condensate over the reservoir as Jed interprets Murray's half-empty idea and not at the lowest point after the main pump, then  first the flowmeter could not work and second this wold have been a proof of unprofessionality of the designer.

In both cases, I promise to convert  my blog to managerial problem solving and systems thinking and restricting my LENR activity to admirative and laudative comments on the COLDFUSIONCOMMUNITY Blog.
Where is the diagram? 

What follows in the posting:

-  based on my life experience and lectures I make distinction between author and his opus, genius or not, I am focused on Rossi's technology not his evil personality traits; for Abd this goes in the reverse, he is definitely not a technologist;

I agree dementia is not an offense  and if it is senile that is a kind of excuse
I have a computer program that analyzes a text  and shows if the author is 
crazy, Rather normal or a simulant (started by Drs Stossel and Pamfil in the 1960s
and I fear to divulge the result for the first sentence of your bio in which you suggest that Dick Feynman's genius was contagious;

I thought the Trial is about  a technology not about Rossi's Italian sins;

Describing your 4 years partner abruptly as a total monster leads to the question- when have you stated this?
Combined with the question when have you stated that the technology is worthless and a scam and how have you reacted?
Any half idiot can see fast ERV report=zero excess heat (Jed) IH has not seen and has paid it well (Jed does not answer, why- we have to be responsible  for what we say. I refuse to accept IH's narrative and I am insulted by people  who (CENSORED)

WTF should be "word of honor" a Rossi Planet theme? If Jed has no personal knowledge  or certainty about the critical pipe size the best is to not speak about it.

Any 1/4 brainer could see clearly that I said IH has paid for the ERV report that has not changed much- so please try to get the idea. In 2015 the technology still was not worthless, not scam, not conspiracy- after the Trial start it became so, stepwise
but the emphasis was always on its diabolic author.

Planet Rosi is a toxic, hostile, over-used metaphor Trying to divide Rossi and his followers, associating Rossi with dictators a name for those who unlike you find the IH scenario weak, retarded, useless. But with what you have nothing better can found.

What you say about the return tank is a new proof of your plant illiteracy- there is no connection between this and the pressure but I had enough Abdisms for today-
have to tell about LENR publications and news to my Readers. BTW a third time the Miami Pacermonitor was updated, let's see.


1) Comments and Calculations on the 1MW Reactor Data (Michael Lammert)

2) Thursday Feb 08, 2017 at the moscow State Univ a new Ball Lightning seminar

В среду 08.02.2017 г. на физфаке МГУ в аудитории Ц-65 в 18-30 семинар по ШМ
Alexander Roaldovich Lepeshkin sector leader at the viation Institute will speak about; "New electronic-inertisl effect in metals- the hundred years old Tolmen-Stewart Effect"


4) More on cold fusion

5) And now for something completely different

6) How the E-CAT will Revolutionize the World with Andrea Rossi


A key question is what constitutes “Intellectual Property” legally. The IP identified in the contract did not spell out the “art” of operating a plant built in accordance with the design described in the patent and the other documents listed in the contract that were transferred to IH. And furthermore there was no requirement for Rossi to relate to IH everything he kept in his head, undocumented. For example his ideas about further development of the Quark-X invention.

I thought at the time when the miracles that the Quark-X was demonstrating per the reactor operators was what caused IH to have second thoughts as to the worth of the technology represented by the E-Cat really was in light of potential competition from the Quark-X in the future.
Nowhere that I know of was Rossi obligated to transfer his future inventions and related IP to IH.
The E-Cat control system, to my knowledge, has not been specified very well. IMHO the control system operation requires substantial “art” involving a complex integration of various parameters that Rossi has not documented, but has come to be able to manipulate in an effective way by trial and error learning, which he has kept to himself. (The science of Rossi’s Ni-H LENR+ would be revealed by how control is accomplished.)
Is this undocumented “art” required to be taught to IH by the contract? I could not find such a requirement in the contract.
I think the reason for the absence of such a requirement was IH’s lack of understanding as to the LENR technology, not unexpected from a venture capitalist with a minimum of technical staff on hand to advise as to technical provisions in the contract. Due diligence may not have been accomplished by IH.
Bob Cook


All commercially available (COTS) nickel powder comes in batches in a very limited size range. For example, we can buy 10 nanometer powder up to 10 micron powder. I have not seen a COTS powder come in a wide mixture of sizes. In LENR, using the widest range of sized in nickel powder is important.
In his patent, Rossi says that he preprocesses the COTS powder so that the COTS powder is transformed into a wide mix of sizes from 1 to 100 microns. It is my estimation that many smaller sizes are produced by this sintering based preprocessing but Rossi has never felt the inclination of documenting the very smallest particle fragments..
This randomization of nickel powder sizes is important because of the way nanoplasmonics works.
All open Rossi replications use COTS powder characterized by a very limited size range and I believe that this is way most replication that we know of have limited success.
There is a rule in nanoplasmonics that the most power is produced by a wide size distribution in the size of the nickel particles. In other words, a mixture of a very small particle and a very large particle will produce the most EMF power.
If a replicator wants to see good results, they are well advised to use the widest sized nickel particle mix.

For background on how particles work in nanoplasmonics, see

Plasmonics with a twist: taming optical tornadoes on the nanoscale
On page 15, the details about particle size range is discussed:
12.5. Molding the river of light in vortex nanogear transmissions


No problem is a problem


  1. Bob Cook said

    "IMHO the control system operation requires substantial “art” involving a complex integration of various parameters that Rossi has not documented, but has come to be able to manipulate in an effective way by trial and error learning, which he has kept to himself. (The science of Rossi’s Ni-H LENR+ would be revealed by how control is accomplished.)
    Is this undocumented “art” required to be taught to IH by the contract? I could not find such a requirement in the contract."

    Actually the second man who knows all the secrets of the control system (but not of fuel preparation) is Fulviani, who created the multi-reactor data-collection and control programmes. But he will not tell.

  2. JPR
    February 6, 2017 at 3:07 AM
    Can you say at which Sigma are you now?

    Andrea Rossi
    February 6, 2017 at 7:28 PM
    Not considering the recent stop, we are at Sigma4.
    Warm Regards,

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  4. Peter,
    Did you see this Rossi response? What do you think he is coming from?

    Dr Andrea Rossi:
    About “fundamental fields” in Physics, being the electromagnetic field, the weak force field, the strong force field, the gravitational field: can you explain by one of your simple models ho we can visualize these fields and the forces through which they work? Why are they called “fundamental”?
    Thank you if you have the time to answer,
    It is not easy to give a visual model of concepts that are rigorously mathematics, but let’s try this: consider the Universe like an ocean, initially flat-calm, inside which there are lurking different kinds of currents whose force interacts with different entities. Imagine that when a current appears, it breaks the symmetry that kept the water calm, so that masses of current produce waves in a specific “field”.
    We have Currents in the gravitational field of this ocean, that affect all the particles contained in the ocean; we have Currents in the weak force field, that affect all the elementary particles of the Standard Model and the Higgs Boson; we have Currents in the strong force field, that affect gluons and quarks; finally we have Currents in the electromagnetic field, that affect the positive particles one way and the negative the opposite way. The bumps of the waves correspond to the stable elementary particles; when the waves resonate, they generate the virtual particles.
    Warm Regards,

    1. Dorogoi Max,

      sincerely I am interested in Andrea Rossi the technologist not the scientist.
      It is fine he learns physics all the time.