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In a world of increasing complexity, unpredictability and sheer randomness, the idea that traditional, hierarchy-based leaders can lead us to a better future is both naïve and dangerous. (Gerry McGovern)

True for LENR too, there the situation is much worse than the "average"


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I have found that the ROSSI PLANET metaphor is an offense because it is used in order to suggest a state of collective sin- of the supporters of Andrea Rossi and his 
E-Cats-technologies; let's tell it openly the metaphor is an implicit accusation of stupidity, credulity- people hypnotized, mesmerized by a selfish and diabolic Andrea Rossi. Actually people are with, for, Rossi's technology from many different reasons and it cannot be denied that the counter narrative of Industrial Heat and especially 
of what Rossi calls IH's puppets  (I prefer terms coined by myself) - OK, the narrative is highly implausible.

I started today by writing a message to the three basic pillars of IH:

 Dear Dewey, Jed and Abd,

Good morning, good awakening!

This is a friendly request to you. You are using and abusing
the name Rossi Planet coined by Dewey with the intention
to separate, discriminate, depreciate a group of individuals
who have the unique fault to think differently than you- regarding 
the RvD conflict- thus cutting their right to independent opinion.
You try hard to suggest that they do this because they belong to
an intellectually defective species. More than believing what Rossi says,  it is very difficult to swallow your story, scenario,  narrative, perspective
ad-hoc, artificial and anachronic.
What you claim to be proofs for your points of view- as the non-professional Exhibit 5 with the absurd 40mm steam pipe and half full pipes are just chicken soup for the soul of you opponent(s) and his attorneys,, you are just shooting in your ownfeet.
You and IH before you, will be unable to demonstrate:
-zero heat excess at Rossi,
- excess heat not reproduced by IH etc.,
- nobody there to consume the excess energy produced- in the quantities specified by the ERV core report (great and the secret is self-sustain).

This is true here- interesting, fine but will be even more true for the Court
and this is decisive.

Perhaps it would be wise from you to continue, but with no more Rossi Planet and more politely- to think differently is considered a crime or madness only by oppressors.

Surely, I need a six year old's  (in)telligence to believe that I get  positive answer. However please see this is not about the conflict is just n invitation to a civilized, mature discussion.

Actually what is the opposite/opponent of the Rossi Planet? 

 It is the  DeJAvu Enclave

Much smaller than a Planet 
 By definition an enclave is a place or group that is different in character from those surrounding it. Because you surely have guessed it the enclave is placed on the Rossi Planet and is hostile to it.

Etymology- rather complex and still unfinished.

The direct source for the name- "already seen"- really seen, not as in the "deja vu" psychological phenomenon comes from the 'national slogan' of the enclave: 
""everything you see here was already seen  10 times before" Yes, stubborn repetivity is the main virtue of the Dejavuan people.

However an other possible source of the name DeJA is from the leaders: Dewey, Jed. Abd
However other explanations are bound to favorite modes of action as: 
as: Detract, Judge, Attack! slogan .
Or from what the enclave is painfully and completely missing:
Decency, Justice, Attractiveness

Other words defining the enclave:

De- depreciative,denial, destructive, deadly, demonization, dependence, defenceless against truth... etc.

J- juggling with truth and lies; junk ideas, just jokes, Jeremiad

A- amateur like, attack, always angry, aggressive (why?); authoritative, activist mentality, anachronical, absurd. Not a merry world, a lot of envy and hate there.

 A typical inhabitant, adds to repetitivity specific qualities as: infallibility, inerrancy, knows everything on the absolute certainty level, has well developed superiority complex enjoys offending, name calling, rude speaking. Usually hasa great thesaurus of secret information that=t he cannot share with people outside the enclave. The playground for two great DeJAvuers  and a group of followers is the LENR Forum. The third has his Abdsurd blog called- a sacrilege to the memory of great  Cold fusioneers-, what he is not. 

A confession, I am not proud of this writing- it contains a dose of sunsmart ill-will,
forced association, bad taste, even kitsch. But, by far not so much that the unfair metaphor of Rossi Planet.

Ed Storms answer regarding  LENR experiments going beyond limits in a controlled way
Peter, you make the following statement on your blog:

IF the NAE are able to work at so very high temperatures then it is highly improbable that they are nano-cracks or the smart and sensitive crystal clusters as those described in the newest Piantelli patent application- both cannot survive in those hellish conditions.

You make an assumption and from that arrive at a conclusion.  You assume the temperatures Rossi describes were actually reached, thereby destroying any NAE.  A better conclusion is that such high temperatures were never reached and Rossi, as he is known to do, has exaggerated.  At this time, we have no evidence on which to base the limit of LENR.  We also have no reason to believe antidotal descriptions from a person who is known to exaggerate what he claims.   So, why do you choose to accept what Rossi says?

What do you mean by exaggerate? The metal, vessel melts or not, vaporizes or not. We will see.


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February 12, 2017 at 1:58 PM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
The evolution of your technology is more due to the results of the experiments and the eventual errors corrections or to theoretical discoveries?


Andrea Rossi
February 12, 2017 at 6:53 PM

More from trial and error during experiments.
Warm Regards,

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  1. Peter
    I like the term Planet Rossi.
    A good name for his followers.
    Someday humans may be travelling to a
    Planet named Planet Rossi in his
    honour using A.R. technology.

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