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No knowledge, no integrity is                       No comment.
the pessim  (the very worst)

And about the non-professional, arrogant amateurs:

"Conceited as any 3D zero". (Valeriu Butulescu


The structure of the content of this essay- and of the concept of 
Professionalism= Identification+Information+Integrity+ Insight

I wrote yesterday about identification with problems, "living your 

profession" and about the continuous search for information.

About integrity- it is easier to define it negatively by things a real professional will never do- even for very great money or other rewards- present false results and data
 he is not doing harmful things, he/she does not lie, knows well half truth=complete lie. Saying I don't know- is both information and integrity.
An example i am from now a professional blogger and I sm now tired and lack inspiration. consequently about Insight I just remind you what i have told many times about the holistic-holographic vision of the genuine expert- and see you tomorrow!


1) From Lakatos Erno, Hungary:
New theoretical LENR paper is published by Peter Kalman and Tamas Keszthelyi .
The title is: Recoil assisted low energy nuclear reactions .
It can be accessed here:
or here:

2)  Francesco Celani's new Paper:
Improved stability and performance of surface-modified Constantan wires, by chemical additions and unconventional geometrical structures

3) From Gregory Goble
LENR/Cold Fusion Dis-chievous (put it down) WHAT!

4) From Andrea Rossi' JONP 

Hank Mills
February 17, 2017 at 8:02 PM


Nuances, or subtle changes to one parameter, influence countless other factors in an experiment. While some basic themes of a system seem to be permanently fixed, in reality making a change to another element of the test can require a whole series of new considerations that will influence decision making processes. If a test element (figuratively or literally) is adjusted or replaced, the usage of pressure, heat, and stimulation may have to be re-thought. A seemingly overall solid system can otherwise fail to perform. Duration and magnitudes of pressure, vacuum, temperature, mixing, and pulsating may all require significant tweaking. Without experience and know how from extensive testing, resulting in an in-depth understanding of the interactions between the components of a complex system, success can be scarce.

I conclude that your ability to design and build working Ni-H devices is a direct consequence of the work you’ve put into testing them for the last decade. A binder of detailed auto-repair instructions cannot transform a person with a broken down car into a professional service mechanic. Likewise, an E-Cat replicator performing a couple of one-off tests is unlikely to achieve excess heat. For a single individual to master proper selection of powders, fuel handling, preparation, mixing, loading, thermal cycling, and stimulation (while avoiding a dozen possible pitfalls) requires the extreme dedication and work ethic that you’ve demonstrated. I’ve came to the conclusion that your level of intense concentrated focus is particularly difficult to find.

My hope is that not-for-profit replicators with the desire to openly share their methods and findings will emerge that have even a portion of your work ethic. Regardless of the arguments, fighting, and verbal bar room brawls taking place on various forums, I still feel a deep desire to see your technology accepted as concrete reality by the world. There’s a hundred different side issues I’m unsure about. And with the air thick with hostility with accusations flying in all directions, the increasing acrid environment seems to etch away at every untainted patch of innocence on the clothing of everyone involved: from the litigants, to forum participants with agendas, to ordinary forum users who feel bewildered and confused. I’m no different. On multiple occasions, I’ve found myself caught up in heated discussions, letting the emotions of the crowd influence me in ways I later realized were unacceptable. Primarily, because there is no excuse for disrespect and coarse, hurtful words. Secondly, because like almost everyone else except the principles involved, I have few facts to go on. In June, that may change when we on the outside see the full picture — not only a handful of emails.

Then reality strikes me. Through the layers of dirt and grime falling from the sky (raining down and adhering the clothing of the just, the unjust, and everyone in between) I see a silvery letter “E” on the back of a man’s jacket. As I approach, I see that this bold capital letter seems to repel the falling dust and ash, remaining bright and reflective. The highly polished nickel letter turns out to be part of a word, “E-Cat.” A moment later, the man turns around, and I recognize him to be you. Notebook in one hand, vial of powder in the other, and a stethoscope around his neck, the man simply nods before saying, “Thank you for your continued attention. I must get back to work now — my reactors must be attended.” The figure then walks through the midst of an angry crowd, opens a door revealing a laboratory inside, and enters. For a moment, through the crack of the door, I believe I see an elderly figure standing at one of the lab benches, taking a measurement. The second I am reminded of Sergio Focardi’s early dedication to the testing of your technology, you secure the entrance.

The bright letter “E” is all that matters now. Enormously Energetic, Extremely Economical, Enviously Environmentally Friendly: regardless of any outcome or future scenario, the reality of the E-Cat technology must be demonstrated for the sake of the entire world. My hope is that this happens in the very near future via repeated replications by multiple parties, showing self sustained production of heat.

Please forgive this rambling from someone who feels torn and pulled in multiple directions, with only the overall reality of your nickel-hydrogen technology to keep him hanging on. It literally has turned into the sole source of light in a gloomy cave, filled with angry bitter souls scratching at each other. By keeping focused on that light, I hope I can avoid losing what remains of myself and becoming one of them.


Andrea Rossi
February 17, 2017 at 11:47 PM

Hank Mills:
Thank you for your sympathy and for your insight.
Warm Regards,
February 17, 2017 at 7:30 PM

Dr Rossi,

The ventriloquist from NC is back posting at LenrForum to no end.

Andrea Rossi
February 17, 2017 at 11:47 PM

“ventriloquist”: he,he,he
Warm Regards,
Drew G.
February 17, 2017 at 5:02 PM

Dr. Rossi:

Has a firm date been scheduled for the beginning of the jury trial between Leonardo and IH?

Drew G.
Andrea Rossi
February 17, 2017 at 5:40 PM

Drew G.:
Yes, it will be in June.
Warm Regards,

Company Overview of Quantum Potential Corp
6) #LENR Rossi vs. Darden Memorandum of law contending email communications involving Deep River Ventures LLC


What is the Universe’s third most common element? (Synopsis)

Four Steps for Solving Your Problem


  1. Peter
    I think Dr Rossi should set up an advisory
    Board like Brilliant Light has and have
    Hank Mills as its first member.


  2. Peter
    I listened to this part of Tom Dardens
    speech from ICCF 19.

    He comes across as such a reasonable
    man as does A.R if handled properly.Hard to believe that him
    and Dr Rossi are in such a mess today.

  3. Hi Peter,

    I have some unfortunate news to share which I will in short order. Just need to compose myself. It's been difficult.


    1. Mary,

      I know you're not happy about what happened but our affairs are private and not be aired in a public forum.


  4. If cold fusion is real, than the whole distribution of elements, as assumed in LENR in context 1 needs t be reconsidered. LENR probably produces slow neutrons in a much larger quantity than what's assumed in that article. Probably there is no need to explain the heavy elements up until Uranium by super novae only. If CF is real, also Astro-physics requires a complete rethink.

  5. Hank Mills' support of Rossi must be understood via his long standing association with Sterling Allen.
    He wasn't so accurate with that one!

    1. Brian,

      You have still not come clean about your excess energy claims back in 2011 and 2012.


  6. Brian

    Is Mr Mills supposed to be a mind reader?