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Image result for anonymity quotations

Image result for anonymity quotations

There are worse things as hiding behind your anonymity to do bad things- e.g. hiding behind your nobodyness (moral) and nothingness (intellectual) and do bad things and hostile-kibitzing with enhanced irresponsibility. 

My main opponent from the DeJAvu enclave has not explained how his informers have established  that the flowmeter  has quadrupled systematically the values of flow for a long year. When/if he will, I will discuss the issue thoroughly with the specialists from the Polish company that manufactured that instrument.
Now he claimed to have the very necessary (for documented rational discusiions) Diagram of the plant directly from Andrea Rossi.  Credible? He is not allowed to show it, but speaks about it as being real. 
The discussion on the LENR Forum is just a pale shadow of what happens in the Court so actually anything can be said here with no proofs, many times.
What is important happens in the Court. For Andrea  Rossi it is counterproductive to discuss anything on forums and blogs (including my blog) because no decisions will come from here- it is a realm of indecision due to lack of proofs and of essential information, as well as due to the very nature of forums and blogs if not backed by powerful professional organizations.. In this stage of the litigation for sure.t. Anyway, we will see the evidence that will be produced in Court, after that it will be worth to talk of things that so far we cannot discuss about for the simple reason that we do not have the necessary information.
IH if it puts worth on the discussions can publish there what they have
as complete ERV, piping diagram, everything they consider it works for them. Including expert testimonials for/about the quadrupling Flowmeter.


1) From the Miami Court Pacermonitor
Wednesday, February 15, 2017
141 answer Answer to Third Party Complaint Wed 10:35 PM
ANSWER to Third Party Complaint by James A. Bass, J.M. Products, Inc., Henry Johnson. (Leon de la Barra, Francisco)
140 answer Answer to Counterclaim Wed 6:59 PM
Plaintiffs' ANSWER to Counterclaim Fourth Amended by Leonardo Corporation, Andrea Rossi. (Chaiken, Brian)
139 order Order on Motion for Protective Order Wed 9:24 AM
ORDER denying138 Motion for Protective Order. Signed by Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga on 2/15/2017. (ps1)

2) Hindu Business Line: LENR and Hydrino Energy ‘Not Snake Oil Anymore’

3)  The works of I.B. Savvatimova about LENR in glow discharge 
Труды И.Б. Савватимовой по НЭЯР в тлеющем разряде

4) LENR/cold fusion video 1

5)  From Andrea Rossi's JONP:

February 16, 2017 at 1:23 AM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi,
The puppets paid by IH are writing that the ERV has used a water flowmeter that is not fit for the flow at the temperature it has been used for.
Can you comment?
Warm Regards,
Andrea Rossi
February 16, 2017 at 9:39 AM

In pursue of precise directions from my Attorneys, I cannot comment on issues that will find due evidence in Court.
This issue will find the due answers and evidence in Court; any comment before such disclosure is simply a tongue-air-displacing system, like disputing about the sex of the angels.
Warm Regards,
February 16, 2017 at 4:46 AM

Dr Andrea Rossi,
Are you today working in your factory in the USA with the QuarkX experiment?
Andrea Rossi
February 16, 2017 at 9:31 AM

No, today I am in Raleigh with my Attorneys for purposes related to the litigation.
Warm Regards,

World Bank Scores Sustainable Energy Policies in 111 Countries

The last bastion of inertness has finally fallen (in chemistry)
Helium forms stable molecules at high pressures


Together, Creativity and Technology Are Powerful Problem Solvers


  1. I received this communication from LION who performed a observation that I had suggested regarding how to understand what the dynamic NAE looks like. X-Ray film seems to work best at bringing out the details of these Exotic Neutral Particle tracks. Many LENR researchers have performed this type of imagery when they have achieved the production of excess heat in their experiment.

    I beleive that these particle tracks are produced by quasiparticles formed from Ultra dense hydrogen or lithium created by cavity in and/or irregular metal surfaces during the LENR reaction.

    The energy carried by these quasiparticles can be calculated through the measurement of the lengths of their tracks as they react with the silver particles in the film.

    Axil Axil , this might interest you. the first 3 are from HIGH ENERGY experiments, and the other 2 are XUV/ soft x Ray fogging of x Ray Dental film as a result of an excess heat event. Thanks for posting the link the other day about the history of condensed plasmids and LENR. THE WORK OF IRINA SAVVATIMOVA caught my eye. I presently admit bafflement about the white tracks, it can't be normal pair production/annihilation,? surely?????? any ideas?

    Images are best viewed for clarity in full screen mode. I used this

    to look at the tracks, and of course made sure everything was good and clean.

    Thanks again Axil

  2. Peter
    I follow the group think Lenr discussions
    debates and mud slinging on the Lenr blogs.
    I think we gain from it but sometimes I wish
    a respected American-style boss from the
    40s or 50s would show up.
    And say everybody shut up.This is how it is
    and this is how it's going to be.Now everyone get to work


  3. Arguments and discussions about the technicalities of how the amazingly high COP of the 1MW plant was achieved during the year long test are like arguing about the tooth count of the saw blade which the magician uses to saw in half the lady in the box.

    Maybe the time would be better spent looking at the supply capacity connected to the test site.
    It was always claimed the COP of the plant was guaranteed to be around six.
    In the Lugano test it was shown to be less than four, but with the possibility that it might be a bit higher.
    Nowhere was it ever indicated that in a long term test it would be around 100.
    Therefore, in setting up a test site for a year long test of a 1MW plant, what sort of power capacity would you wire the site up for to supply the test?
    At minimum it would need to be at least 166KW otherwise you run the real risk of the test failing solely on the basis of a very predictable inadequacy of input supply.
    An ordinary commercial factory unit is not wired for a supply of 166 kilowatts. Typically they would be wired for 12 to 24 kilowatts.
    You cannot draw 166 kilowatts through an input lead designed for 24 kilowatts.
    I have previously commented that claiming the unprecedented high COP of 130 was a very strange and bold tactic, but thinking more about it, there was no alternative, if the supply to the building had not been seriously upgraded.
    An upgrade is not just a matter of replacing the fly-in lead with a bigger one. The whole supply grid to that building has to be upgraded with bigger street transformers, and heavier cables. In fact, it might not even be available if the upstream system has not been set up to allow for it.
    So, the question is, was the supply to that test site made capable to deliver 166 kw?
    I think not, so I think the amazingly high COP was a necessity and was arrived at by dividing the 1 megawatt required output by the available input supply power of about 15kw, to give an average COP of 66 or higher.
    And, for every kilowatt of power used for other purposes in the building, such as air conditioners and lights etc, that power has to be subtracted from the power available to run the 1MW plant, resulting in a proportionately higher COP required to produce the specified 1MW. Thus, we have a COP up to 130.

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    Research team finds radial acceleration relation in all common types of galaxies

    "Within the standard dark-matter paradigm, this law implies that the visible matter and the dark matter must be tightly coupled in galaxies at a local level and independently on global properties. They must know about each other," Lelli said. "Within alternative models like modified gravity, this law represents a key empirical constraint and may guide theoretical physicists to build some appropriate mathematical extension of Einstein's General Relativity."

    This finding supports Erik Verlinde's theory, undercuts dark matter as a particle and supports the strong and the weak force as an Adiababic force or at least modified by it.

    This also undercuts R Mills' theory that the hydrino is dark matter.​