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My praxeological principle in LENR is work with reactors experiments without losing time in discussions with praxeofugitives (Andrea Rossi)



Ed Storms has answered to the first editorial:
Peter, I'm glad we agree about the need for a NAE. Unfortunately, this idea is not widely accepted.  However, we do not agree about the nature of the NAE and how it can be formed.  This understanding is critical because otherwise we would not be able to form the NAE with any reliability.  You quote Piantelli while I propose nanocracks are the NAE.  Time will tell which idea is correct.

I am grateful for this answer and want to continue telling more about LENR and praxelogy however also presenting a biology inspired metaphor for the birth of the NAE.
I see  you do not take in consideration  Piantelli's crystal clusters as NAE. These crystal clusters, kind of smart nano-structures are prepared by a sophisticated high vacuum deposition method- AMBE- atomic and molecular beam epitaxy- very costly and slow, good for science but not for industry the method of preparation the active material must be accessible and of high productivity. If you take a good look to the NICHENERGY page you will see that these active clusters work sometimes for months, excess heat in the W, tens of W range- that means they are stable as preformed, maximum working temperature around 400 C. LENR still not LENR+. In 2011 Andrea Rossi has clearly stated that his method is different from Piantelli's, kW not W. At higher temperatures the metamorphosis of the metal  surface atoms takes place- from rather static to dynamic and (if I am right) a new form of NAE generation appears.
This issue is connected to a praxeological principle:
Reeality is always a bit more rich, complicated, different than we are able to imagine;
However  to cope with this, to compensate and alleviate it in part by the strictest control of the technological reality, our methods MUST be simple, safe and smart.
(the IT revolution was radiant example for this  myriads  pf examples pof methodological simplicity created by effort and creativity.
Praxeology also says we  cannot know everything about scientific or technological issues I can say what I was never able to learn about my over-researched "in situ" initiators in the 70-ies- but I know a plethora of cases- cognoscibility leaks or gaps. 
However it a human duty to solve the problems even i n such circumstances. And- 
the "know-it-all" type of people must be avoided especially when it is about taking decisions. The cognoscibilty of the world is limited; take care to not be addicted to certainties. (remember 'all models are wrong but some are useful"- a Truth told in a hyperbolic form
I am very grateful to a genius praxeologist, Eng. Francesco Carlin from Padova the brightest expert in suspension  PVC  technology, I have learned so many good practices  from him. Just two-three example now:

"If you have two or more problems with a technology, try to antagonize them."

" When you are a real expert you can say "I don't know' with charm and dignity and you well know that the most important is what you do when nothing including your experience, says you what to do.
[ Something to what we must return is the relationship between the Scientific Method and the best practices- complementarity]

Learning from Nature but in the human mode is also an vital (in more senses) praxeological principle.
The posterity, if not amnesic will wonder how different things has whispered./suggested Mother Nature to Ed Storms and me.

I dare to claim that I was inspired by nature for my 6 Pillars of LENR+ -

Original form                 Alitterated  Form                    
CREATIVITY                   DISCOVERY 

Now I  will discuss about NAE neonatology and my thesis is that LENR is like a frog not like an axolotl.(I was inspired by this paper that was published in the most receny issue of Science:
Regrow like an axolotl
I have read first of the axolotl some 70 years ago when working in the Pharmacy of Uncle Leopold I started my intellectual love story with Taxonomy- first the taxonomy of the living world.  (see my posting 'Taxonomy-mon amour'!
Very short- LENR needs metamorphosis to become productive - as the frog neeeds metamorphosis to become from tadpole a mature frog; the axolotl can avoid metamorphosis.
In more detail see this paper:  and especiallu this excerpt                                                                                                                      
Neoteny means that a creature can reach maturity without going through metamorphosis. In less extreme cases, it’s simply exhibiting juvenile traits after reaching adulthood. Axolotls are a great example of neoteny because as they grow bigger, they never mature. Unlike tadpoles or similar animals, axolotls hold on to their gills and stay in the water, despite actually growing lungs.“The one thing that neotenic species have as an advantage is that if you don’t undergo this metamorphosis, you’re more likely to reproduce sooner. You’re already one step ahead,” biologist Randal Voss told WIRED.
The esssence is that LENR that was discovered in its incompletely developed immature, tadpole form, need to be metamorphized in order to become useful and productive , to intensify from W tokW. A vigorous population of NAE needs high temperatures and some dynamic stimulants.
1) Sergey Sall, a physicist: ''If we adopt these technologies, need for oil and gas will be reduced tenfold''

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Bob K
February 11, 2017 at 7:49 AM

Andrea, with all that’s been going on in your world ( the 1 year test, the Quark X , the litigation and all the travel time between) you spend a lot of time at work.How has this affected the bond between you and your wife Maddalena? Respectfully, Bob
Andrea Rossi
February 11, 2017 at 8:19 AM

Bob K:
She punishes me hardly when we play tennis, but I can stand it: she is for me the most intelligent and beautiful woman of the world. We live together 30 years since and our bind gets stronger by the time.
Warmest Regards,

A young man, this Andrea- I hope the Rossis will follow our example - 51-st anniversarry of marriage a week from tomorrow for Judith and me.


Date:February 10, 2017
Source:ETH Zurich
Quantum systems consisting of many particles are a major challenge for physicists, since their behavior can be determined only with immense computational power. Physicists have now discovered an elegant way to simplify the problem.


Albert Einstein: Truth is Revealed When Authority is Questioned

Does life have a purpose?



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