Wednesday, February 4, 2015



Critical thinking without constructive thinking is destructive.
(Unknown but he/she is right!)


1.  About the Hot Cat immersed in molten tin idea

My writing of yesterday is mainly about an idea. The idea can be bad or good, positive or negative to use Rossi's stereotype, but please do not ignore it! I will write about it to all the 
front-line warrior replicators- have started with Alexander Parkhomov- who has a really pragmatic research strategy I like. He wanted to show that the Hot Cat generates excess heat  not more not less- and has shown it. Now I am waiting what does he think about the idea but I know it is not his first priority- he has his own method..

What I have imagined  is - in its initial form - in the same category. It seems the trigger of the heat generating process is the TEMPERATURE - at a critical temperature 1050-1200 C it starts.  Now, it is irrelevant if this temperature  is achieved by electric heating or by using
an adequate heat transfer agent to heat up the reactor. My option was for molten tin just because it is used in the really huge  float glass industry.  The difference between a working and an inactive Hot Cat will be stated easily. Warning - it can be a dangerous experiment- IF it works!  

2. About the donation of healthy Hot Cats to the testers

Contrary to all my principles, I repeat here a message of Feb 1 that was totally ignored by the LENR world and this hurts me:

A challenge for Andrea Rossi and Industrial Heat

Generosity is a great virtue, I admire it with awe:
- taking in account that the Hot Cat is scientific;
- if it will become technological then it will have a completely different structure;
- it is an other solution not the one used in the 1MW plants or the commercial domestic Warm Cats;
- knowing that the Hot Cat can answer some fundamental questions;
- being worried due the thermofragility of the first generation of Parkhomov reactors
How noble and magnanimous could it be from Rossi and his Industrial Heat allies to offer to Parkhomov and coming testers their high quality and endurance Hot Cats- charged with reactants or even empty?
This could be an example for the future generations of scientists.

Despite writing this, I am not an idealist but I know a thing or two about reputation management!

3. About empathy versus e-kibitzocracy  in the field

I  do NOT think that researcher has infinite time, is working for long years only on this problem, has nothing else to do and I believe his very first duty is  NOT to answer to all the questions he receives by e-mail from the true experts. Research is dynamic, a process- improvement, problems and progress. 


I admire the professionalism, creativity, skills and energy of the MFMP boys however the problem is wicked 
So I ask:
a) can we call the test an "ordeal"?
b) isn't emissivity a four-letter word?
c) Is Parkhomov a maestro in using Occam\s Razor? Or, a great Alexander cutting the Gordian Knot?

These thoughts were suggested  by the most important event and action today- and till Friday the "Lugano resurrected" experiment of the MFMP team:
more will come 

Gary Wright still tries to shutdown Rossi:
A strange report and Rossi's opinion about it:

We know already about the micro-accelerator theory of this Ukrainian scientist but her probably it is up-to-dated
[03/02/2015]     Гипотеза микроускорительного механизма работы реактора ядерного синтеза E-Cat

Kalashnikov writes about Parkhomov: Новости конца нефтяной эры: Пархомов повторяет опыт Росси

Live Feed for the MFMP Calibration Test (Feb 3):

India to Restart Cold Fusion Research Programme?:


Measuring Right Things: Utilization Versus Efficiency:
In LENR do we measure the right things?

One-atom-thin silicon transistors hold promise for super-fast computing:


  1. Dear peter,

    The question on emissivity are critical today and you idea to test dead-cats is very good and will serve the interest of the whole community.

    the report of Lugano have to be confirmed or corrected. the current doubt is toxic for everybody, at a period where more and more influential organization join our revolution.

    I cannot imagine that Industrial Heat gave a broken reactor expecting it would be tested at 900C benefiting from an emissivity mistake, not corrected by any black dot, thermouple, high emissivity fluid, or melting test...

    but maybe there is some missing calibration and a test to do again.

    The silence of the testers is annoying, and I hope it is because they work on the updates.

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