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Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis.
(The times move on and we too move along in them. (Latin, later globalized adage)
(Adage with an asymmetrical truth value - the first part is  a Law of Nature and Existence the second is valid in very different degrees - people of progress move faster than times, reactionaries of all kind try to stop times)

Internet, instantaneous, immediacy, all these sound  encouraging but I cannot  see two events of great interest directly today- the Parkhomov experiment is now in an initial phase probably and the good spirits of LENR take care that the reactor should not explode or the wires should not burn out. Anyway, we can hope that a massive transfer of DIKW from Alexander to MFMP takes place and that is only the pragmatical start of a long duration strategical collaboration.

I have no idea either if privileged people can see and hear how at Milano the LENRG people discuss with industrialists (these are also technologists like me, I guess)  how to prepare the World for the advent of the LENR Era. Rossi helps:  see below.

It is time to think more about LENR strategies- we need them. They will be never applied de facto- there is no central transnational leading LENR authorithy, ISCMNS has to be resurrected. For political parties, the Congress is the supreme authority (theoretically for the sake of the impression of democracy; will be ICCF-19 more than a feast of advanced materials science? For sure there will be good discussions re technology but who will apply the teachings  and how? 
A LENR strategy has chances to be used like a symbolic lghthouse- and will help in developing a holistic imagine of the LENR field.


Before any info from the Moscow and Milano events 
Surprise!  I have learned  now that besides the seminar at which Bob Greenyear has participated, it was an other too at the Russian University of People's Friendship:

The program:

"Presentation by A.I. Laptukhov: "About the nature of excess heat in the reactor of A. Rossi. Electron-ionic nuclei" 

Parhomov: Panel discussion  

 Zhigalov Strange radiations

I have written a few times about Laptukhov and his theory, very bold.
Parkhomov gives two tables for the January results, reactors with fuel or nix fuel- easy to understand.
The third paper by Vlad Zhigalov refers to LENR and rdiations and will be oublished next month here:                                                                 

ATTENTION PLEASE:                                                                                                      A lot of practical data and ideas re replications of Parkhomov's method can be found here:  Thanks to Nicholas Cafarelli who takes the problems seriously

For making good LENR music, it is not a wise strategy to let Andrea Rossi to be the only soloists!

Frank Acland has published:
Commercialization of Cold Fusion/LENR has Begun (Rossi Confirms Customer using E-Cat in Production)

Rossi has said indeed more things about the 1MW plant.Andrea Rossi
February 26th, 2015 at 3:01 PM

Here is the issues jerarchy:
1st: work
2nd: complete the work
3rd: make the plant confirms for at least 1 year that it works properly, reliably, continuously, without chattering too much, or, better, without chattering at all: our work needs working plants, not chatters.
To launch the LENR will not be sterile chatters moreless theoretical: to launch LENR will be exclusively a commercial breakthrough. Without it every imbecile will continue to chatter for nothing and theorize about nothing.
4th: as you say, ” assuming the best scenario”, at the end of this year during which I will have sustained work turns of 16-20 hours per day, I will get rest.

5th: all the following operations cited by you are turf for commercial guys, not for me. Obviously we cannot talk on behalf of the Customer and cannot know what he will do about the issue you raised. All I know for sure is :
a- if the plant will respect the guarantees, the Customer will pay all the due
b- if the plant will not respect the guarantees, the Customer will not pay and the plant will be returned.
All the rest is TDA ( Tongue- Displaces- Air).
Warm Regards,


Andrea Rossi
February 26th, 2015 at 7:51 PM

Michael Schneider:
The E-Cats are more compact than it appears. The reactors of the 1 MW plant have a combined volume of 1 cubic meter. All the remaining space is necessary for the heat exchange and the control system.
For 10-20 kW units I think the volume will be smaller than in traditional heating systems, while the volume necessary for the heat exchange is the same of any other kind of heaters, since it is a matter of heat exchange surface calculations, independently from the heat source.
All these problems are on the table of the R&D. The combination with ultra capacitors is interesting, but I do not think it will be something doable in a middle term.
Warm Regards,

Rossi is right, but things are going way much too slow. Why he still cannot tell about daily, weekly, monthly average COP value of the 1MW plant? He works indeed admirably hard but how many teams can he have at IH?
Strategically repeat it is vital to CREATE COOPETITION FOR ROSSI!

Randy Mills faces great challenges but is optimist:
Randy Mills Says Great Things are Coming:


U.S. Commitment to Energy Research Still Insufficient, Say Business Leaders

The Culture of Innovation and People Dimension: #IHRChat

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  1. The two tables presented by Parkhomov are the same as in his report at the end of January. Nothing new.