Saturday, February 28, 2015



The important thing in life is not to triumph but to compete. (Pierre de Coubertin)

A strong symptom of the death of an individual- as sure as stop of heartbeat, lack of breath, the total non functioning of the brain (but more difficult to be observed is that the individual ceases to make discoveries. Thinking and working for LENR is an excellent source of discoveries- however, the discoveries as such are rarely excellent. Most of the discoveries are not complete and not unambiguous, therefore a part of our thinkers try to make discoveries not in the
present + future but in the rich past of the field rearranging and re-interpreting the data. zif this trend is not exaggerated- no problem, however sometimes the past discoveries become selfish  and put obstacles in the way of new ones.
OK, we have been waiting for two discoveries yesterday,  when I am writing this (17.20 local time) it is still lack of information. 
At Moscow, Bob Greenyer had a very important meeting with Alexander Parkhomov ad he has assisted at an experiment or not. From Bob, I am waiting first of all a 5-7 words message- as "yet it gives excess heat" or something like that. Bad luck, the leader of the opposition was killed in Moscow yesterday- such events make bad waves. In 1980 when I traveled in Moscow
there was no opposition there and a simple rational analysis  could show there will never be one.
Bob Greenyer- has a tiresome travel, I will wait till 21.o exactly for his message. How is "vini, vidi,vici!" in English?
BOB: Sorry, nothing till now

I am also waiting news, impressions coming with Internet speed from the Milano LENRG meeting. LENR CITIES is a good, smart European initiative. Just I want o know in which extent
was it accepted by the Industrialist- for now. 
MICHEL: Sorry, nothing till now

We had an other discovery coming from Rossi himself- it si about the role of heat in triggering the release of excess heat. Techno-gossip says this is in a way the Achilles Heel of Rossi's system, this was the technical cause of the divorce from Defkalion- ages ago.
Now Rossi was asked about the E-cats powered by natural gas and he spoke about the technical 
aspects, it is no heat=heat, the source matters:
Rossi says:
The problem is deeper and has its roots in the core of the know how. It is not a problem of heat exchange or of heat conservation. Otherwise, it could have been already resolved

I was very impressed about this and I was hit by a great question: 
- is this true for the Hot Cat too? The Lugano test and the Parkhomov experiments ( we will know more about them as soon as Bob Greenyear will tell!) suggest me that it exists a critical temperature around 1150 C- and that suffices to trigger the reaction. Therefore I hope that when such such Lugano-Parkhomov replications will become easy routine, somebody will test my idea to heat the reactor with no electrical resistors but by immersing it in molten tin.
And I bet it will work!

Rossi: Natural Gas Powered E-Cat Not a Matter of Simple Heat:

On the nature of heat excess in the Rossi reactor. Electron-ions nuclei
by A.I. Lasptukhov
A rather strange literary and business paper about Andrea Rossi - in a blog of Lugano?


First detailed microscopy evidence of bacteria at the lower size limit of life
A step closer to explaining high-temperature superconductivity?:


  1. Why does everybody assume that the EMF that Rossi sends to the hearer coils reinforces the reaction. It could just as well retard the reaction to kept it under control.

    A gas heated E Cat could explode all the time, whereas a electrical heated E Cat is well controlled. A high frequency RF signal may be embedded in the power feed to the heater coil along with the 60 cycle power cycle. The power supply to the heater coil is secret for a good reason, it keeps the BANG from happening.

    1. Possibly true, Axil. An analogue: avoiding resonance in building bridges. By preventing, or rather limiting, resonance we achieve an important goal - keep the system intact, keep the bridge standing.