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Scientist: It is impossible.Period. The Laws of Nature prohibit it.

Technologist: It is impossible, now. Comma. We have to find out which other Laws 
of Nature make it possible and we have to apply rules of engineering and problem solving to make it real and useful for Mankind.  (The Spirit of Ego Out)

LENR+ must have its own DIKWP assets (data, information, knowledge, wisdom, prediction)

One of our few LENR+ thinker- fighters and I were making plans  how to make LENR+ and all its specific features (otherness, complexity, complexity, diversity, metamorphosis, dynamicity) accepted and appreciated as sources of creativity. 

History, including history of Science has its own logic (and vice-versa because logic is also a science)- sometimes strange and not exactly useful for the respective science. 

So it has happened that the young but very promising NiH LENR+ from the family of Cata Lysis is considered to be a daughter of PdD LENR, born Cold Fusion, from the clan of Electro Lysis. Till now no real scientific DNA test was performed to establish what genetic material have these LENRs in common. People who think Mother Nature is lacking fantasy and favors monogamy say "daughter like mother" and try to convince everybody that what we have learned during long years about PdD has to be, is, perfectly valid for NiH too. This mentality acts like an imaginary umbilical cord, not healthy at all for the developing of young LENR+.
It resembles a chain.
At this point I want to call the attention of my newer readers that the differences between LENR and LENR+ are well described here:                                                                                

It is known that many times it is bad to mix things that do not go well together. I will not speak about politics or multi-culturalism, however intelligence is defined in this blog s "NOT mixing points of view" Now, LENR and LENR+ are, in my opinion too much mixed ; they are separate scientific issues, separate problems and need specific solutions.
See for example recent series of scientific publications, how strongly is preferred PdD compared with NiH. For PdD everything goes more smoothly, NiH papers are many times treated in a manner that is indistinguishable from assassination.
Therefore, I think it would be healthy and useful to cut that symbolic umbilical cord and to create the equivalents of such info-treasures as LENR - or Ed Storms books, or the Hagelstein-Swartz Winter Course Cold Fusion 101- but all these specific for LENR+.

Converging with these ideas, Mats Lewan had an initiative that is discussed on Vortex:

[Vo]:How could we collect ideas and knowledge on engineering of LENR devices? 

so we will have allies and collaborators. When Mats speaks about engineering, he grosso modo eliminates PdD.
I am thankful for the good ideas described in this thread.
It happens that when I have worked at Internet Service Providers I have made Knowledge Management- see definition here:                                                                        
for Romanian factories and enterprises and I am still reading a lot about it, e.g. this fine newsletter: our case is special we will need a smart and elastic taxonomy, we have to include wisdom management (general principles, insight in the field, its basic philosophy). We must be aware that now the unknown unknowns are still dominant, we don't know how to make some distinctions or 'were' are the quality changes on the scale of temperature from say 200 to 1400C. How many reactive forms of hydrogen are and how could we build the dynamic mechanism of generation , regeneration (and probably, degeneration) of productive active sites.
The great luck is that Frank Acland's E-Cat World- the most agile and encomprising LENR+ site has already started to create the foundation- a Database.
  I hope many colleagues will help me- LENR+ must prevail.
You have read recently about a paper asking 5 cents (actually kopeikas- less!) for LENR, I think an other could be: "5 trillion $ from LENR+ till 2030" It is a bet!


New LENR Company Appears — NEOFIRE AB
I wrote them, I hope they are communicative.

About the Parkhomov replication- via the Westenhaus paper- in Hebrew:

Why is Andrea Rossi betraying the scientific method?

A tempest in a tea-pot it seems.

Edmund Storms explains the details of his theory

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