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"Think differently, in order to change yourself" (and to change things, my addition)
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I committed the sin of superficiality- when writing about the problems with the LENR DJINN 
in the bottle I have adequately related about the functional system analysis of a well tempered technology, however at the end I have simply condensed the complex problem in a simplistic slogan: "First we have chased for Rossi's Catalyst, in this stage we will need Rossi's Inhibitor"
As fast reactions to this  myopic vision- Mats Lewan has warned me and - more important! the future replicators- about how dangerous this NiH devices can be and how incredibly high temperatures they can attain (so my boiling tin- dream idea- >2600 C is not such a great idiocy as it seems) Francesco Piantelli has also related about danger, however he insisted much on the non-obvious complexity of the nickel-hydrogen system, his multi-parametric brainchild.
so such a primitive solution- inhibitor, moderator, temporizer, quencher, brake-substance, negative catalyst will not help much- a true solution is necessary.

I have received this morning the comment of Hank Mills- an expert Rossi-ologist and I want to call the attention of all of us/you to his advices, performing Hot Cat replication attempts or just being deeply interested in the outcome. Here it is:

Hank Mills
There are multiple factors (catalysts) that allow the E-Cat to produce massive output. What people need to realize is that some of the catalysts are geometric and others are elemental. For example, Rossi has made it clear that using nickel powder of a few microns in diameter with spike like tubercules are vital towards producing excess power. Also, we now know that lithium plays a critical role as a fuel and a hydrogen carrier. Ikegami's paper about chemonuclear reactions explains how proton lithium interactions are a million times more probable when lithium is in the molten state. 

We should also remember what Cures has said on the Cobraf forum. He worked with Rossi on hundreds of hot cats, and everyone of them would race towards meltdown. He discusses how they tested hundreds of variations of the recipe until a more stable mix was found. 

Also, I think we may be over looking the importance of iron in the mix. It may help stabilize the reactions, protect the surface features of the nickel, and prevent the powder from sintering. If there was an inhibitor-catalyst I think it couId be iron.

Now what we need are a series of tests performed with great seals, thick walls, and different mixes. What we don't need are one off tests. If anyone is going to test, they need to be prepared to do a series of them. 

In the name of the Replicators- thank you, dear Hank! The problem is serious, so must be the solvers.
Doug Marker also "liked" your message for its very valuable insights that are important.

And see what happens: Parkhomov will show his new results soon - till then we can hope that MFMP, Brian Ahern, Jean Paul Biberian, Benoit Schillings and other colleagues will have had their preliminary results. It will be very interesting- progress toward certainty. Take care and think well!

Good news, 12 days to wait but these are the results of the great. first, breakthrough Hot Cat replicator:
On February 24, 2015 16.15 hour, in the "MIFI" Institute of Engineering Physics of Moscow it will be a presentation of A.G. Parkhomov about new data from his analog of the high temperature  thermogenerator of  A. Rossi. (Contact data given)

Report: Huge Short Interest in Energy Markets (LENR Related?)
My opinion in alliteration form: is it intelligent ignoring INFRASTRUCTURE?
Ten years will not suffice for building the infrastructure for the new LENR energy source
and this will slow down financial reactions. Not subject for dispute. I can be in deep error.

Vlasov V.N.
Пять копеек в защиту холодного ядерного синтеза
Google Translate makes this title
"Five cents to help nuclear cold fusion" but look please today
1 Russian Ruble equals 0.015 $ 

Again about Rossi's reactor

И опять реактор Росси.. Fusion Takes Another Step Into Credibility

These Russian papers are about Parkhomov's performance; after launching this issue I will try to discover elements of newness in them.


Lowering cholesterol serves to absolute nothing, there are only lies...
You think this has nothing to do with LENR?
Not on this blog please read: 

New Educational Strategy Focuses on Problem-Solving:

Edward O. Wilson Explores the Potential of Ultimate Biology
This is not LENR related however the author is one of the greatest living geniuses, we have to learn from him.


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