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1 in 2 : Part 1
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Due to a family case of the flu, Dr. Alexander Parkhomov could not start the experiment until the late afternoon yesterday, so Bob arranged with Dr. Nikolay Samsonenko, head of the theoretical physics department at the Friendship University, to head to northern Moscow and fit in a visit to another LENR researchers lab. Bob says he will start a live document on the MFMP main site tomorrow, introducing this and capturing the whole experience with Dr. Parkhomov.
The big question is probably "excess heat or not?" well, Bob says he had to bow out of the experiment at 00:12 this morning to travel back from the eastern Moscow suburbs to his accommodation, leaving Alexander to work through the night running the rest of the experiment. He says that he made several verifications of measurements and processes and has captured the written notes from the experiment, so that when Dr. Parkhomov presents results, they should be consistent with what was observed real-time.
The way the data is capture simply does not allow for a real time understanding and therefore, one can only determine the result after collecting the data together and analysing it post run. Given that Alexander might have only finished the experiment after a full night and will have wanted to rest today, it may be some days before we have a result. The result though, either way, will be extremely significant for reasons Bob will share tomorrow when he has had a little time with his family.
In the mean time, please check the images here.
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