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It's been a long way, but we're here. (Alan Shepard)


I think that despite my idea of a schism between LENR+ and LENR classic is not so much about separation as of independence and freedom to find the best specific ways for the newer science.
I am fully aware of the decisive importance of the fundamental research in the PdD system, but I became worried and pessimist regarding the possibilities of  the scientific method in PdD.The most advanced and progressive studies of this kind come from ENEA and SKINR. these scientific units collaborate with SRI too.

I spoke about them here:                                          readers, few comments.

However there  is progress on this line of research and recently there were published three important papers:

a) Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance 
G. K. Hubler, A. El-Boher, O. Azizi, D. Pease, J. H. He, W. Isaacson, S. Gangopadhyay and V. Violante

b) Progress towards understanding anomalous heat effect in metal deuterides
O. Azizi1, A. El-Boher, J. H. He, G. K. Hubler, D. Pease, W. Isaacson, V. Violante and S. Gangopadhyay

c) Review of materials science for studying the Fleischmann and Pons effect.
V. Violante, E. Castagna, S. Lecci, F. Sarto, M. Sansovini, A. Torre, A. La Gatta, R. Duncan, G. Hubler, A. El Boher, O. Aziz, D. Pease, D. Knies and M. McKubre

These can be downloaded from the site of Current Science, Indian journal

I have read these papers with admiration, really professional work, creative and systematic.
I think it would be very instructive to discuss them both as research strategy and details. Using carbon nano-tubes is a step forward, I like the expression "labyrinthic surface" for a good one - for somebody in love with materials science, metallurgy and morphology these are especially enjoyable papers. But as one of them says"it is still much to be learned"- to arrive to increasingly clear cause-effect relationships, to make the " complex, non-linear and time-dependent" processes more manageable. Let's wish a breakthrough result to these  frontline researchers - from SKINR, ENEA and SRI. 


May I confess that I enjoy blogging? I am very motivated, I make constantly discoveries, I feel part of a great story, it is a lot to work so my life is organized by Ego Out. It is a modest blog, graphically unattractive due to my vision problems and lack of talent.
The number of readers is increasing due to the popularity of LENR 
I like statistics and I look from time to time what are the visitors reading? Which writings, mine or guest editorials have success. I think there is a crowd of unknown silent readers who decide was is interesting.

I have already mentioned  the paper demanding "actionable parameters":
closely connected to the papers discussed at 1) This paper was read 2243 times, the average is some 300.

The new star paper- very surprisingly is
published in Oct 2013- it is an indirect dialogue with Edmnd Storms about the fundamental 
problems of LENR. I just want to say that for people like Ludwik Kowalski (our colleague but also author of the book:                                                                               
and me to have personal opinions was a major risk for long years. I remember Stalin saying: "The Soviet writers can speak and write as they feel, sincerely; however they MUST feel, deeply, as we the Party, say them to feel!" Ceausescu was not much better. I still over-react many times when somebody wants to impose me an opinion I do not agree with. This is bad for the evaluation of my IQ. I am too old to change.
But why this paper had success over 900 readers- I dunno.


Not much is known about what has happened however Rossi started to speak about his 1MW pilot plant. For the time given he says less than nothing- yesterday we had problems with control, today not. Not about continuity, daily COP, can it work self-sustained, working temperatures. With so many components only a miracle can eliminate problems.

1 MW E-Cat Plant Watch Thread [UPDATE #14: A Few Comments from Rossi on the Plant Progress]

See please:
Andrea Rossi
February 14th, 2015 at 8:14 AM

Yesterday we had problems with the control system, eventually fixed.
Today ( Saturday) I can see that so far all is ok.
Warm Regards

From the following answer we can understand that Rossi IH will not distribute soon high quality Hot Cat reactors

A.R.Andrea Rossi
February 15th, 2015 at 8:12 AM

Italo R.:
I cannot give any suggestion regarding the technology to build a reactor resistant in time. As I already said, the manufacturing of the alumina is part of the IP know how. To know if a system works or not you have just to try it.
Warm Regards,

Two contributions of our good friends: AXIL DIXIT

4) The Ultimate Dog Bone

I would like to now get something on the open source record and remove the concept from patent trolls and  proprietary non disclosure. This concept is formulated to eliminate the Blast problem that has been seen in the alumina tube based LENR experiments conducted by MFMP and the Russians.

My idea is to hit the LENR problem with a top end solution even if it is an expensive one, then value engineer the solution with more cost effective materials when everything is working.

The concept is formulated on a currently existing prototype that is currently under consideration to meet the extreme heat and the harsh and extremely challenging plasma environments found in the plasma facing components of hot fusion reactors which could serve LENR well.

I love the use of heat pipes in reactors and I wondered if a device could be engineered to incorporate the best of that concept into what the ultimate LENR reactor would look like. To my surprise, the idea has been developed but for another set of applications.

The idea is simple, and aimed at solving some of the problems that recent tests of the alumna tube designs are displaying in experimentation. Heat pipes and heat exchangers have been designed and prototyped comprised of a tungsten pipe filled with high porosity(~95%) tungsten foam.

Such a heat pipe can transfer heat up to 40 times move efficiently than non foam filled heat pipes.  The heat flow in the current implementation of this design removes heat from the surface to a coolant gas flowing inside the pipe. In the LENR design the heat path would be reversed, with heat  moving from the inside of the pipe to its surface.

As in the DGT reactor design, the nickel powder would be distributed in the metal foam so that the reaction area of the exposed nickel powder is maximized and well distributed. In this concept, the powder would be spread throughout the volume of the foam thereby being lifted from the floor of the tube.

The Lithium aluminum hybrid is discomposed at operating temperature to form high pressure hydrogen gas and lithium vapor. This gas envelope greatly increases the heat transfer capacity of the reactor from the interior of the tube to the surface as amplified and conducted by the metal foam. An axial hole bored though the center of the tungsten foam will allow this envelope gas mixture to spread heat isothermally and rapidly down the entire length of the tube.

This extremely fast heat removal will work to eliminate hot spots that have produced overheat blasts in the alumina reactors.

Tungsten is impervious to hydrogen and lithium exfiltration. Tungsten being very dense is an excellent heat conductor and resists chemical contamination and intrusions. It has a high vapor pressure and therefore will not produce vapor at reactor operating temperatures.

Tungsten has a melting point of 3695 K ​(3422 °C, ​6192 °F) and a boiling point of 6203 K ​(5930 °C, ​10706 °F).

 I doubt that this reactor will melt down or vaporize, but if it does, it would be a sight to see.

Tungsten is strong enough to contain a huge amount of gas pressure and is ductile enough to contain hot spot blasts.

Some references covering past developments as follows:

Enhanced Surface Heat Removal Using a Porous Tungsten Heat


You will be pleased to notice that Thermacore, one of the LENR early researchers, has developed this concept for hot fusion reactors under development. This concept is not new to them. For those interested is getting their hands on this type of reactor, go to Thermacore, Inc. for a prototype. This company looks to be a custom design shop that can price and fabricate a prototype if given a comprehensive specification.

Thermacore, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
780 Eden Rd.
Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone: 717-569-6551



about battle between psychoanalysis, it is consensus in France, and taught to each high school student.

after some article from Cognitive behavioral therapy about psychoanalysis practices and theories, I thing they will consider all as Pigeon...
what is sure is that they are better at lobbying the French government to avoid being declared pseudo-science than curing autistic syndromes.

It seems that teaching pseudo-science in school and enforcing experimentally refuted consensus to students is a general practice . 
With good Pigeon chess, you can ruin the career of any opponents (see Semmelweiss), even if he have perfect evidences.

I support the desperate vision of Feyerabend that separating reality from myth is impossible with a formal method... too sensible to pigeon effect that make people consider some myth as evidences.

Practical interest of selfish players is for me the only solution to separate real from pseudo...
anything real that have no practical application cannot thus be distinguished from pseudoscience, and any pseudoscience with no usability at shorterm (else it's own consensus) can be supported forever.

it is quite complicated to apply that rule, as some total fake science can cause financial success, not because of it's reality, but because of the consensus itself which can give value to the belief.

Thank you, Axil, thank you Alain!


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