Monday, February 16, 2015


It is vain to do with more what can be done with less. 
(William of Occam)
"It is vain to do with more or less what cannot be done at all" 
(Sad Reality)


I think that like me, you all were impressed and convinced by a great Web authority's statement  FAQs are pass√©, no more long and rigid lists of frequently asked questions. See
The situation is different with the much asked but never really answered recurrent basic questions. 
The ones I will answer now- were already asked with some feeling of urgency in -say February 1990, I well remember that. Just then they were too impatient and forward looking, not as now
after long 26 years.
Both are borrowed now from my good friends and colleagues just metamorphosed  to fit better my personal LENR philosophy and agenda.

The first question: "The progress in the field is very slow and we don't know why; who or what is responsible for this bad situation?"

My answer is that it is not about the big bad skeptics or about any human limitation of the researchers who have worked in cold fusion then LENR. They were much over average. The culprit is the present educational system that ignores the methods of problem solving, we all are victims of this system and this has been a barrier on our way to understand the root problem. 

- how many of you are using my 20 Problem Solving Rules- on a regular basis?

- how many of you have signed and promoted decisively my "Stop the Probletence Epidemic?"

- perhaps many of you know(but I doubt you are familiar) with the concept of "Wicked Problem" with all its dreadful implications
 And even if you know - has somebody revealed to you, that wicked problems have a damned superlative- I will use only euphemisms for the natural name of this extremal category of problems. OK my dear friends, the simple secret and tragic truth is  that LENR in its originar
form, PdD wet electrolysis is with maximum probability the most superlatively wicked, intractable, cursed, unmanageable problem from the entire history of Science--a Pdisaster.
Do not dig the history of cold fusion, forget the bad deeds of our enemies- what could they say/do if CF was a just a bit more solvable?

Some of you will not like this idea (I hate it either) but soon you will recognize it is not a weak Pareto truth, no, by combining the past, present and future of PdD you will be forced to accept that even legions of Einsteins and Plancks coordinated by Steve Jobs resurrected could not do significantly more-than what already exists; it was described here yesterday in 3 very recent papers.
I refuse to call the LENR Classic science scientifically handicapped- but it is really (XXX censored) let's better use difficult-an anemic adjective.
It is useless to search for alternative and/or complimentary explanations NO human errors or faults in the LENR community!

The second question is almost routine: "If suddenly LENR receives funding commensurate with 
the Manhattan Plan what to do then? (I cannot convert dollars of 1942?)
I gave my answers many times- technology first, engineering is the key, fovcus on intensification not on measurement. The reward will be great however making research in LENR is not a job for sissies-making research and development for LENR is like building a house in very bad weather- the first imperative is to use smart methods and materials of the best quality. 

These days of heroic replications will continue with an event-rich pre-industrial era.


Time of Hot Cat replications: Ten Ingredients of a Hot Cat Replication Project (Hank Mills):
Safe and successful replications, dear Brian!

ENEL’s early refusal towards LENR research:

A few Important Energy Stories that You Need to See:

Patent: Mizuno/Yoshida of Clean Planet patent a LENR reactor technology

 A good deed of Rossi; the reward of good deeds is that people expect new good deeds from you.

Andrea Rossi
February 15th, 2015 at 10:55 AM

Wladimir Guglinski:
You wrote in a recent comment you posted in this blog:
“..there are some events you do not know and are forcing my silence” ( Sic !!!)
Please do not be ridiculous.
I gave you an enormous room in this blog, so that you had all the possibility to explain your theories, that I think are completely wrong, but nonetheless I wanted to publish them . I wanted to help you anyway to explain yourself, because I see that you are putting enthusiasm in what you say, wrong or right as it might be. I share the statement that Evelyn Beatrice Hall attributed ( wrongly) to Voltaire, which sounded like ” I do not agree with you, but I am ready to be killed to defend your right to speak”.
This said, recently you tried to involve me in your discussions, and I warned you that I want not to be involved, therefore I am simply spamming all the comments of yours in which you try to involve in your theories me and Professors that never heard about you and are totally not interested in aetheric issues.
I am continuing to publish all your comments, as I did today, and to spam any comment from you that tries to involve me in a discussion regarding your theories.
The two Professors that you are insulting and bullying with arrogance do not know me, do not know you, do not have, I suppose, any intention to answer to all your stuff. I simply suggested to you ( very humbly, not having your tremendous nuclear Physics background) to read their text because I supposed you could learn more about photons, in a rigorous way. You, instead of studying that book, are insulting the Authors who are, I repeat, totally strange to whatever you do and do not know what I wrote to you in this blog and what you wrote everywhere. They teach nuclear Physics in one of the most important Universities of the world ( Institut fur Teoretische Physik der Johann Wolfgang Goethe – Universitat Frankfurt). The book we are talking about is “Nuclear Models” of W. Greiner and J.A. Maruhn. Conjugating the reading of this book with “Models of the Atomic Nucleus” of Prof Norman Cook I have improved my work.
I will not return on this point, therefore, in a nutshell: do not involve me again in your comments, if you want me not to spam them. The only thing that ” is forcing your silence” (sic!) is that you force me to spam the comments that involve me in discussions regarding your theories.
Warm Regards,

No news from or about NEOFIRE yet I wrote to them.



  1. One of the certainties is that when almost anyone speaks of what might be done in science the speaker almost always seeks to say what might be done somewhere else by somebody else. Take for example Peter's refrain that LENR needs something like a "Manhatten Project". In doing so he doesn't describe some worthy effort in Romania, his home, he calls for the work to be done somewhere else by somebody else.

    There are precious few experimentalists who simply do more than talk.

    1. There is always one man in the beginning, a first man, a man of singular vision who knows the path that must be taken by those who are willing to follow, this man is a leader.

      In science, Peter Ware Higgs was such a man , who in the beginning was rejected along with his great vision. But as the years wore on, the brilliance of his genius showed through for all who were willing and able to see. And in the fullness of time, a great edifice to his idea was constructed by the principal nations of the earth and his idea was proved correct through much effort by thousands who had taken up the daunting challenge that Higgs lay down and who had the skill to run the great machine.

      In like manor with past as prolog, now and again the time has come for LENR, and a great visionary like Peter Ware Higgs has come to the fore and put out the call for others to take up another great challenge, a challenge that surpasses all the others that have gone before, a man of singular vision who knows the path that must now be taken, a man to inspire a new generation of selfless enthusiasts, a legion vast of men who are willing to follow, a man of vision to sound the clarion call both clear and shrill, this man is a leader of the greatest adventures of the mind that man has yet conceived; a first among men, this man is Peter Gluck.

    2. Dear anonymouse,

      In life there are people who encourage others and there are people who get satisfaction from discouraging others.

      Where do you fit in ?

      I would hope it is on the side if exploration and innovation. The world HSS little need for the opposite.


    3. Dear anonymouse,

      In life there are people who encourage others and there are people who get satisfaction from discouraging others.

      Where do you fit in ?

      I would hope it is on the side if exploration and innovation. The world HSS little need for the opposite.


    4. just to say that beside this blog, Peter helps much...
      Thanks peter to make it happen.