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In skating over thin ice, our safety is in our speed.
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

I have borrowed this implicit advice from my blog associate, Georgina's daily quote. Our LENR very hot style certainty is still on thin ice and we need great speed in building a 100% proof. The old rule here is -you can skate in perfect safety after 3 complete days at temperatures equal or lower to - 8 C. Take this as an omen so let's celebrate total victory after 8 positive results, lacking vulnerability, ambiguity, uncertainty. The number 8 is an apparent optimum.
It has to be supported by many means- including a

Not pretending omniscience, recognizing unity in diversity, but diversity in unity even more, accepting the LENR/LENR+ duality, abandoning the destructie composition fallacy (PdD cannot explain the other extreme- Hot Cat for sure)  
understanding evolution and progress in LENR, excluding simplifications and linearity, seeing temperature as the main dynamic driving factor, using only actionable parameters, science symbiotically combined with engineering,  and a lot of other concepts. Needs a collective creative effort - PLEASE HELP!

Results that convince anybody- my scholar discussion partner Abd  (see his comments to my writing of yesterday) included. I will ask him to serve as certaintymeter- and I promise to protect him against 'calibration to death' a  sadistic procedure much used/required in/from LENR researchers.. In some cases it is a "means replacing aims" action.

Today it is Monday and the LENR world is rich(er) in information not as it was in this long weekend.

1) First of all, Daniele Passerini has published a nice piece on his fine blog:
Cold Fusion, la Cenerentola della Scienza in attesa della scarpina di cristallo.
Cold Fusion the Cinderella of Science waiting for crystal shoes

It is a good metaphor of LENR and of the present situation. Only a minority of the scientific community accepts LENR or works for it, however the military consider it interesting. It will be interesting to read the comments. 
One of the many paradoxes of LENR- beyond absolute certain proofs a plausible 
holistic, realistic explanation is painfully missing. Thinking outside the palladium box- only this can change the situation.

2) The Russian  has published this morning:

a) A paper about the mechanism of LENR by A.B. Shestopalov about the idea of impact/shock triggering of the nuclear reactions in soilid hydrides
It says:
A. Yu Kushelev has published in his golden newsletter "News from the laboratories of Nanomir" (no. 437) a paper the mechanism of LENR by A.B. Shestopalov (the idea of shock triggering of nuclear reactions in solid hydrides)

437 Механизм LENR и секрет катализатора Росси на основе нетрадиционных представлений, запрещенных к публикации в рецензируемых журналах

It seems a very short text is accessible- but i will investigate what is worth this publication from the labs of the  Nano-world:

Issue 437 
Nanomir Laboratory

"When reality reveals its secrets, the miracles are fading away"                            

The mechanism of LENR and the secret of Rossi's catalyst- are based on non-traditional concepts that are prohibited from publication in peer reviewed journals.

Definition of LENR. It is based on non-traditional concepts first of all the Ether imagined by Rene Descartes in 1650. In this paper the correctness of the official science is not questioned, however being given the complexity of the geopolitical situation in the world itis proposed to analyze all the hypotheses of energy generation including those  considered pseudo-scientific.
If CNN is not lying as usual that China has started to manufacture the LENR reactors of Andrea Rossi under the license of the Industrial Heat Company from Raleigh North Carolina, USA then the switch/key to the world energy is in the hands of Obama. This is not the unique news in the world  but it is the closest  for those who are preoccupied by the problem of LENR. V.V.Putin in his pre-election speech has spoken  about "tectonic processes of global transformation" has actually prdicted this. It is possible that this is the challenge to which, we, those, engaged for LENR
in Russia have to answer, so all methods are good.

b) At Februart 19, 2015 in the Central Institute of Construction of Airplane Engines it will be held a seminar with the presentation:"Physico-mathematical model of the thermo-radiation  (radiant heat) in the burning chambers of the gas turbine engines and of generation of heat in the generators type Rossi-Parkhomov.

Thursday, February 19, 2015 in the Central Institute  of Construction of Airplane Engines named after P.I. Baranov it will be a regular meeting of an intersectorial scientific technical seminar regarding "Applicative problems of mechanics" "Physico-mathematical model of thermal radiation (radiant heat) in the burning chambers of the gas turbine engines and heat generation in the generators type Rossi-Parkhomov" 
Authors: M.Ya. Ivanov, V.K. Mamaev, M.A. Surin
Seminar leader Prof Yu. M .Temis and Prof. M.Ya. PhDs in phyiscal mathematical sciences 
Time and local coordinates given.

c) At the website links are given to Hideo Kozima's Cold Fusion Bulletin No 90 and his book about Cold Fusion.

Генератор Росси E-CAT: неужели эпоха углеводородов действительно прошла?
Rossi's E-Cat generator- does it mean the era of hydrocarbon fuels is over?

A great performance driven by hatred and envy- it is again old Gary Wright running amuck:
600+ Comments from Andrea Rossi about Working with Industrial Heat LLC, (Sales – R&D – Factory)

!An important event:

LENRG conference in Milano on Feb 27th : LENR & Applications for Industrialists


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  1. Thanks Peter, you know for what!

  2. Thanks, Peter. Calibration is a procedure necessary to use a complex device or procedure to claim strong evidence for anomalous heat. It is routine in cold fusion studies to calibrate the method over the full range of temperatures involved, if possible, and if not, at least over the full range of input power. One will often see a plot of the calibration. If the conditions are otherwise the same -- or very similar -- to the test conditions, a claim of anomalous heat becomes much stronger. That does not mean that uncalibrated information cannot be used, but it only provides an indication. The temperature data in the first Parkhomov report was uncalibrated, and Parkhomov didn't seem to realize the import of his own data. He was essentially providing what looks like a calibration curve. Very clean, very linear, below the boiling point of the bath, probably, and quadratic above that, where, as well, radiation would become more effective in removing heat from the device. His phase change calorimetry was uncalibrated at the point where his first report was published, and later claims of calibration turn out to have been based on three points, one of which was probably highly inaccurate, and the other two were only at low power.

    What's important about Parkhomov, then, is not his XP report, but the approach, which can be -- and will be -- applied with better control and calibration.

    Forget proof. How about mere preponderance of the evidence, but remembering: major XP is an extraordinary claim, requiring extraordinary evidence?

  3. About Gary Wright. The man is an idiot. That page is an effort to find contradictions in what Rossi has written. There are plenty of contradictions. So? All this is fluff. Legally, what matters is what is represented to someone who is either investing in the work or is buying a product. Rossi could lie through his teeth, to the public, and it would make no difference. It is not against the law to lie. If Rossi has lied to IH, he's in deep trouble. I have no idea that he has lied. Further, there is no evidence that the IH people interviewed have lied. Basically, Wright has no clue about the range of possibilities, because he is solely concerned with finding dirt he can allege, even if it's preposterous. Yes, the fuel is dangerous, almost certainly. So is gasoline. Don't give this guy the time of day, he is irrelevant, Certainly don't link to him unless there is a clear necessity. You are feeding the troll.

  4. I am not saying Rossi has lied. I'm saying that it's irrelevant; the contradictions would be things like his statements earlier about what he would do in 2014-2015, or other things where language may be unclear or which are subject to interpretation. The one that comes up for me is his claim that the devices were being tested by a bunch of "independent professors," when that was, my view, misleading.

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