Saturday, February 7, 2015



The Earth? A cosmic accident. Life? A chemical accident. The Man? A biological accident.  (Valeriu Butulescu)

This day is a bit of a info-laziness accident till now, but this can change.

The echoes of the BANG of the MFMP experiments are slowly amortized. During my chemical industry years I have participated in many accident investigations - some really challenging problems- one of them excellent for my reputation- but this time
it has not much sense. Not only for the 1 = 0 principle but because this was a new reactor and a new recipe.The experiment must be repeated, I think, in better controlled circumstances. Let's see.  
Cold fusion E-Cat experiment ends explosively
This is the leading paper echoed in journals, blogs and tweets.. 

Parkhomov Replication attempt of Jean-Paul Biberian:
I also wrote about the plan of Prof. Biberian and actually the discussion with him has inspired me the idea to heat the Hot Cat with molten metal - tin up to >1200 C.
No progress or discussions re this method today.

NTNU-professor om kald fusjon: – Krever ikke bare ett mirakel, men to

In Finnish:
Why is the media silent about cold fusion?

AXIL sends two related very high level scientific papers;: 

How vortexes become massive:
Quantum Mass Acquisition in Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensate(BEC)
Viable dark energy models using pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone bosons


  1. Brian Ahern - AXIL's article applies only to super-cold BCEs.

  2. In modern society, the lab glass reactor has important effects on many ways. Here: Actually, this equipment is sometimes called ultrasonic cell grinder under many situations.