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I can think that you are mistaken, but I have to be ready to give my life to maintain your right to make mistakes. I have to, though, have the right to say that you're mistaken. This is the principal of the liberal society. (Rocco Buttiglione)

...and of our creative but deeply split and broadly divided LENR community...


This blog has offered me the possibility to display you my very own personal mistakes especially those centered on LENR/LENR+. Yesterday it was  good crop, now please let me continue. 

The main task of the LENR researchers now is generating Certainty. It is discussed which experiment can do this better- the process of selection still continues. More known- and I bet! still unknown replicators work on the Lugano-Parkhomov line.
They get systematic and professional and rational advices (as those of Hank Mills of yesterday) but also many less adequate ones- as in many comments.
 As the functional  thinking in research shows it- the very first rule is focus on the exact proof, not on any secondary, less urgent, less important functions, do not try to impress with a longer time production of energy, for example.
Professor Piantelli- who, by the way- can think and make the best experiments outside the palladium box- gives the most appropriate historical example, for nuclear energy:

"This project can be considered almost parallel with what was done for nuclear fission in the CP-1 reactor at Chicago that has solved finally the problem aof fission; this was not designed to produce energy. That mastodon has functioned for only 28 minutes at a power of only 200W. It was built with no adequate cooling, because, being given its purpose (task) this was not necessary. However the experiment was provided with all the instrumentation necessary for measurement and verification of all the many parameters and variables that demonstrate, prove the fission.
This is the main road to arrive directly to the goal - the detection of the anomalous phenomenon (LENR) letting aside those who have searched stubbornly only for excess energy or like that." 

Essentially, it is about good, high quality experiments, well designed and carefully executed.


New Energy Treasure – The Coming Energy Revolution
A very interesting idea- possibly connected to nanoplasmonics, it deserves thorough consideration.

Safety concerns - Jean-Paul Biberian

An opportunity to wish Jean Paul too,  safe and successful experimentation.

Year 1 of LENRG LENR (Event of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Italy)
I have suggested to CEO Michel Vanderberghe to choose a song, a kind of anthem for LENRG.
The first choice is entitled "Parlez-moi de LENR" (Speak to me of LENR) the music is here:
The wording has to be changed, both in French and English- a bit of work but it will be rewarded by the success. 

Russian Science Media Openly Discussing LENR: Are they Stealing a March on Western Science? (Ian Walker)
I wrote a lot about the Russian LENR plans for this case a search for; "Ego Out" "Prosvirnov"
can prove it. One explanation is that the Russian scientists are less magnetised by the PdD 

Flat glass manufacture in Russia
I must explain why this is here: it is for my Russian readers- I had 750 last month.
I still hope that somebody would try my idea to heat up Lugano- Parkhomov reactors not with electric resistances but immersing  them in molten tin at 1200 C. In this paper it is a list of float-glass factories in Russia- where you can buy the tin necessary for experiment. Who knows, somebody would like the idea.

Martian mystery plume puzzles scientists
Some sources say that the new LENR era on Terra has spread to the Red Planet and the plumes are due to botched LENR experiments- needs confirmation.


This smells of a breakthrough
Nano-manufacturing makes steel 10 times stronger:

A paper that speaks for LENR- in principle 
NEW IDEAS IN INVENTION Mikko Packalen Jay Bhattacharya

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