Tuesday, February 3, 2015


"Only one thing is worse than wishful thinking- wishful dreaming."
(Amalia Verzescu, psychotherapist, broker and MEP)


Already my grandmother has warned me that combining:
2S)-1-[(2S)-2-{[(2S)-1-ethoxy-1-oxo-4-phenylbutan-2-yl]amino}propanoyl]pyrrolidine-2-carboxylic acid 
make a very bad combination with terrible side effects. However I use my daily doses of both, because this is the prescription of my physician for managing my hypertension.
In more than 17 years my milligrams of Enap and Tertensif have added a lot to Big Pharma's billions.  Disciplined patients know it well- medicines are created to make you addicted not healthy. I must take these damn pills.
I have, very frequently vivid nightmares but, sincerely sometimes this is a good thing, you will see a great example know.
You was surely know about the case of the Tartini Violin Sonata in G minor ''Devil's Trill Sonata''- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7rxl5KsPjs The legend says Giuseppe tTartini has heard this composition played by the Devil in his dream. Based on my dream experience, I believe this is perfectly, literally true. I know it for sure.


I have already revealed to you that is much better to be young, healthy and rich than being old, sick and poor. But in my case you have to add to this triads: it is better to have your fine own laboratory where you can do experiments than to stay all the time in a room using your old PC and exercising your claustrophilia. No more contact with experimental reality is disturbing.
Yesterday I have discussed with my happier than me friends- Brian Ahern and Jean Paul Biberian are preparing for replication experiments. Tomorrow Brian will receive all the components so possibly at the end of week, the set-up will be ready. I cannot deny that I am envious
Communicating with Jean Paul, we have agreed that 1200 C is kind of minimum temperature- and I had reverse AHA moment- I knew with high intensity that I had read about "1200 C" somewhere many years ago and that document is of vital importance for making a good, smart replication of the Hot Cat experiments, I knew that it is about something better, more in accordance with the good scientific and engineering principles than the Lugano experiment itself!  but it was impossible to remember! Total amnesia regarding this fact.

Professor Ioan Nanu saves me.

Note. During my nightmares my brain is connected directly to the Internet, I can read my posts and answer to them or search the Web and speak Skype - a performance that will become possible in real life only in 2028.

I have no great problems with sleeping just with the dreams. I was rather desperate due to the "1200 C" story but salvation came fast. An e-mail from professor IoanNanu who taught me not only Macromolecular Chemistry and Plastics but laso how to love technology and engineering, how to be an "all-round" engineer. He has worked for many years in plants of I.G.Farbenindustrie in the decisive years when the great chemical industry was born with great contributions of the US, Geman, French, English, Russian etc. engineers. He has repeatedly seen how a chemical substance starts its career in a test tube and makes it to hundreds of thousands of tons manufactured per year by people able to solve myriads of problems. I dare to say that I was one of his favorite students. Unfortunately he died relatively young in mysterious circumstances.
But now he is and inspires me as in the good old PVC days:

"Peter, I am amazed that after your stellar career in the plastics industry  you are such a third rank mediocrity in Cold Fusion or LENR despite your claimed deep dedication.
Now, you are unable to get to an elementary thing- a heat transfer medium working well at 1200 C. I have told you so many times that ceramics and glasses are the stony cousins of he plastics you must know them too!. How could you erase from memory the wonderful float glass process created by British geniuses - approximately when you started your study at the Polytechnic? Pilkington, the float glass process? And you have seen in practice when visiting the glass factory where you colleague Tentu was director. Glass floating on molten tin, stanium. Now a 60 years old industry - go there visit the plant, learn about the materials, heating, controls, look well what do they use for measuring that temperature you need so much! Here have you read about that temperature, by the way for the tin bath it is 1100 not 1200, usually.
Because it is so much easier and more rational to immerse those ceramic reactors, Hot Cats 
as you call them in uniformly heated molten tin than heating it with resistances- nothing works well over 1000C. Just take care, my boy, molten tin has high density look at this paper  http://www.jmst.org/fileup/PDF/2005154.pdf-
it is near to 7g/cc and your cats will float- keep the immersed, fixed near the bottom. with some rings or what. Should I help you more or you can solve how to heat or cool the tin bath?
Try your best- using this molten metal bath is a great improvement And do it, do not try to sell it
because immediately legions of critics will demonstrate you that it is too complicated, expensive, risky, it breaks Laws of Nature, is unscientific or that they have abandoned the idea a month ago. DO IT!                    

I have told the Professor that I don't know how to make the Hot Cats, if the ceramic adhesives have not sufficiently high heat and mechanical resistance the reactors will loss the hydrogen, or worse- will break and finita la comedia....

Professor Nanu: " Again you show signs of senility. For what factory have you made your patent RO 87635 of March 26, 1985, "Process of manufacture of colloidal silica?  Seven years before the publication of this patent, you have made hands on this stuff for the first time, you who like to play the strategist and research project leader. It was for the MEFIN Sinaia factory that is aliva and prosperous today too http://www.mefin.ro/start.htm, yes for their investment casting.
Peter, where is your huge professional library- your books about this technology?  Now you must read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Investment_casting

You have to know again these facts:
"Common refractory materials used to create the investments are: silica, zircon, various aluminium silicates, and alumina. Silica is usually used in the fused silica form, but sometimes quartz is used because it is less expensive. Aluminium silicates are a mixture of alumina and silica, where commonly used mixtures have an alumina content from 42 to 72%; at 72% alumina the compound is known as mullite. During the primary coat(s), zircon-based refractories are commonly used, becausezirconium is less likely to react with the molten metal.[6] Chamotte is another refractory material that has been used. Prior to silica, a mixture of plaster and ground up old molds (chamotte) was used.

The binders used to hold the refractory material in place include: ethyl silicate (alcohol-based and chemically set), colloidal silica (water-based, also known as silica sol, set by drying), sodium silicate, and a hybrid of these controlled for pH and viscosity."

You have forgotten them, they don't know who you was- but go to them, find the grandson of your former friend Achim who leads the Quality Control lab, buy or borrow samples of what you need
and make build your hot cats! Be smart and fast otherwise you are a lost case! See you after the test. By!


The night is long- I followed the advise of Prof Nanu they gave me the best materials. I have also visited the float glass factory too-  http://www.dce.gov.ro/Info_business/RoExpDir/Sticef_2010/Sticef/saint_g_E.htm
got all the data, rented a lab for a week in my former workplace; I could build only two hotcats- a dummy and one charged- with 3 grams of Ni and 0.32 grams LIALH4. Only 2 because the 
alarm clock was set for 6.30 (it is Tuesday and Elena who helps my wife for house cleaning once per week comes early)

But I had made the test!
The dummy cell was kept 3 hours at 1280 C, nothing happened.

The active cell after 10 minutes at 1130 C has shown a very rapid increase of temperature, automatically maximum cooling has started, in vain, the thermocouple died, it was  visible that 
the molten tin is boiling in the center-above the cell Eventually  great explosion with splashing of molten metal happened. I am an old lab fox, I was not hurt and i will pay for the damages.

When I published the video and the data on our usual forums I got many messages criticizing me for lack of calibration and advices me to search for an artifact.
I got angry but the alarm clock has saved me from a sudden increase of arterial tension. 


I couldn't do more, I was the  first to replicate after Parkhomov and I sincerely consider it was a success- it has clearly shown that it indeed is a very potent source of energy in the Hot Cats.
Working with molten tin for heat transfer is effective and will become the standard.
 Least but not last (or vice-versa) I made the test before Brian and Jean Paul and faster than
the MFMP team see this:


I wish great success to my competition in replication of the Hot Cats!
Our results, combined will be published in Science.



Seminar at PFUR January 29, 2015, VIDEO by A.B Shestopaliv


асть 1 перЧед началом
First part; before start

Часть 2 доклад Самсоненко Н.
Second part, paper of  N.Samsonenko

В.Часть 3 доклад Копысова Ю.С.
Third part, paper of Yu.S. Kopysov

Часть 4 доклад Андреева С.Н.
Fourth  part, paper of S.N. Andreev

Часть 5 доклад Пархомова А.Г.
Fifth part, paper of A.G. Parkhomov
LENR-Cities ecosystem have a brand : LENRG

How the explanation of LENR can be made consistent with observed behaviour and natural laws
by Edmund Storms:

SONOFUSION RETURNS TO MAINSTREAM SCIENCE                                           http://atom-ecology.russgeorge.net/2015/02/01/sonofusion-returns-mainstream-science/
Summary: Who is actually doing a replication attempt?
http://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/index.php/Thread/1094-Summary-Who-is-actually-doing-a-replication-attempt/ (this was before my replication)

A German blogger writes about LENR:


Nanovortices have mass


Nanovortices have mass. This has profound implications for the characterization of cosmic LENR. There is evidence that space is filled with excited hydrogen and helium. These vast areas between galaxies form LENR generating dusty plasma that produce extreme ultraviolet light and soft x-rays to the tune of 400% above any possible celestial body source. The dark matter inside galaxies behave as if this strange stuff was coherent and exist in a huge galaxy wide BEC.

I had conjectured that Cosmic LENR had mass and it was in fact the source of the mass attributed to dark matter. Well here is the experiment that shows that nano vortices which includes LENR associated vertices have mass. The take away...throughout the universe, LENR produces the mass attributed to Dark Matter.


The extreme ultraviolet light source crisis could indicate LENR is the cause of both Dark Matter and Dark Energy. LENR could be blowing the universe apart with the production of all this XUV over the last few billion years. When the universe was younger, there was little dust present, less LENR, and less dark energy. Science will not find the mechanism for dark matter and dark energy until science understands LENR.


How to Lead in Ambiguous Times
Stability, resilience, and relationships are the keys to thriving amid geopolitical crises.


  1. Thank you Dr. Gluck. Now, if you will...please go back to sleep and dream up a working prototype! :)

    Shane D.

    1. Dear Shane,

      I just wanted to show (one idea) only thta it is perhaps not so relenat how do you heat the HotCat to 1100-1200 Cby resistances or using hot molten tin as heat transfer agent. Just so much.When at 1200 C the heat generation must start, period.

    2. Dear Shane,

      I just wanted to show (one idea) only thta it is perhaps not so relenat how do you heat the HotCat to 1100-1200 Cby resistances or using hot molten tin as heat transfer agent. Just so much.When at 1200 C the heat generation must start, period.

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