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Confidence is the most important single factor in this game, and no matter how great your natural talent, there is only one way to obtain and sustain it: work (Jack Nicklaus)

Confidence is vital for LENR too.Then it is obvious- we have to work; unfortunately less obvious what and how to work. However, the originar big promise of the Founding Fathers, a new, powerful, supra-competitive fine source of energy, therefore we have to create this source or at least its victorious certainty. "It is almost ready, just wait a bit, with a bit  of Science, a ton of engineering and a few million of man-hours of work it will be overall and will supply with energy  everything, from countries to smart watches." 

You well know that just now, we are in an uniquely important stage of the work- replication via the method created by Alexander Parkhomov the results from the Lugano test - high density of power and energy- effect of long duration. It is a turning point in the history of  LENR.
In order to achieve confidence- this is a process not a  sudden change we have to give stories, good stories to the public world, thus the people will go with us and will be prepared for the coming implementation of the new LENR energy source.
Stories- that multimedia stuff: words, sounds, images, movement- it has to be information of high quality - 'fitness for use'- definition coming from the good old days of the Quality gurus- Deming, Juran, Crosby.  Quality defects of this LENR information can convert the stories from beneficial in counterproductive, from helping progress to building obstacles.
A detailed ordering is not easy to make, however I think we can put the defects of the information components of the stories in this ranking of decreasing harm: insignificant & useless, obsolete and worn out, partial false or biased, hyperbolizing, self-contradictory, iffy etc.
It will be difficult to sell an all-noble-metal story when the Sources will use for sure cheaper transition metals. Useful is one order more valuable than true- in ads  and in life in any case.. 


(new edition) Cold Fusion , the Cinderella of Science in wait of her crystal shoes: 
It is mainly about the special, fine issue of Current Science

Introduction to isotopic shifts and transmutations observed in LENR experiments by Mahadeva Srinivasan*
The personal contribution of Chino Srinivasan who had the initiative of this special issue of the Journal. After the Lugano test, "isotopic shifts" has a new resonance

It is intense activity on the Russian site Cold Nuclear Transmutations and Ball Lightnings!

1) A popular survey was published at the site Nuclear.ru

Andrea Rossi's thermal generator "E-Cat"
"Do you believe in the feasibility of the low temperature cold fusion?            http://lenr.seplm.ru/novosti/na-saite-nuclearru-otkryt-opros-verite-li-vy-v-osushchestvimost-nizkotemperaturnogo-yadernogo-sinteza-golosuite

Now, I have no idea about the popularity and the number of visitors of this site, are they predominantly kind of nuclearists? How representative 

Anyway, when I publish this issue of Ego Out, the situation was:
- yes,  I believe - 34
- no, I believe not- 10
- I am waiting for new data -3  let's wait!

2) It was published the video of the February 19, seminar held at the Central Institute for Building of Aviation Engines, physico-mathematical model of heat release in the burning chambers of gas turbine engines and thegenerators of Rossi-Parkhomov type.
Presentation by Mikhail Yakovlevich Ivanov- clear speaking. execellent sound, sorry for not understanding the technical part.

3) The paper"What is the BLP process and why is not discussed (noisily) as the Rossi experiment? Is it really New Energetics?


4) The paper: "Science, pseudo-science and the life practice"

5) The paper of L.G. Sapogin et al "Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) - and Nuclear Transmutations at Unitary Quantum Theory. and other papers" 

Modern Trend in Quantum Picture of the World 
Leo G. Sapogin, V. A. Dzhanibekov, Yu. A. Ryabov
 https://yadi.sk/i/QFR_93qlerXG9 in English

I have met the first author at Minsk in 1994, Lev works and thinks at/about the fundaments of Quantum Physics.

6) There is also a 2002 Patent- In Russian- of the Blacklight Power Corp
(hydrino)                                                                                          http://lenr.seplm.ru/novosti/patent-rf-amerikanskoi-kompanii-blek-lait-pauer-ink-2002-goda-sposob-i-ustroistvo-osnovannye-na-ispolzovanii-vodoroda-s-bolee-nizkoi-energiei-gidrino

TO be discussed:

Proposal to Help Widespread LENR Replication Effort (Svein Utne):


This Idea Must Die: Scientific Theories That Are Blocking Progress (Edge Question Series)
February 23, 2015
Author: John Brockman

Publisher: Harper Perennial (2/17/2015)
It is at EDGE.ORG and presented here by the admirable Maria Popova

Commitment and Power of Daily Practice:

This great miniature explains well why have I decided to write daily EGO OUTs... It isalso true many things happen in the field.

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