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DefinitionAgnotology is the study of wilful acts to spread confusion and deceit, usually to sell a product or win favour

We live in a world of radical ignorance   (Robert Proctor)

My worry is not that we are losing the ability to make up our own minds, but that it’s becoming too easy to do so  (David Dunning)

No communication here I have tried  in vain to discuss with the IH spporters dominating LENR Forum they do not answer questions just tell unverifiable things in an unintelligible language,.
You can see the story here,
but believe me it is not worth.


1) From the Miami Court Pacermonitor re the Rossi vs Darden litigation


misc Supplement Sat 1:57 PM 
SUPPLEMENT to217 Plaintiff's APPEAL of Magistrate Judge to District Court On Magistrate Judge O'Sullivan's Ruling that document IH-00079768 Is A Privileged Communication by Leonardo Corporation, Andrea Rossi(Annesser, John)
Att: 1  Exhibit IH Documents,
Att: 2  Memorandum Plaintiffs' Motion for Sanctions,
Att: 3  Transcripts Excerpt of Darden Deposition,
Att: 4  Transcripts February 23, 2017 Hearing Transcript,
Att: 5  Transcripts March 9, 2017 Hearing Transcript

See the Documents here:

2) ECCO - Coupling ultrasonics to an alumina reactor core

3) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

Steven N. Karels
March 26, 2017 at 1:53 PM

Dear Andrea Rossi,

Is it a correct statement to say that the highest level of effective COP is achieved when the only energy input is the “vibrations” and the heating and other energy inputs are off during the self-sustaining mode of operation, excluding the normal monitoring control power functions?
Andrea Rossi
March 26, 2017 at 2:45 PM

Steven N. Karels:
1- we’ll see
2- no
Warm Regards,

Drew G
March 26, 2017 at 2:13 PM

Dr. Rossi:

I saw the rules for Florida civil jury trials give below:

Civil Proceedings

There is a “strong presumption of openness” for civil trials in Florida. Barron v. Florida Freedom Newspapers, 531 So. 2d 113, 118-19 (Fla. 1988). A judge will only hold a closed civil trial in limited circumstances. For example, you may excluded from the trial to keep trade secrets safe, to protect national security, and to avoid substantial injury to innocent third parties, such as children in a divorce case. Moreover, the trial court will only close the proceedings if there is no reasonable alternative to closure and the closure is the least restrictive form necessary.

Do you know if your court proceedings will be open for the public to follow the trial?

Andrea Rossi
March 26, 2017 at 2:43 PM

Drew G.:
The proceedings will follow the rules.
Warm Regards,

Dr Andrea Rossi:
How is going on the preparation of the industrial production in this litigation-filled period of time?

Andrea Rossi
March 27, 2017 at 7:24 AM

This morning we will make a simulation of large scale production in the factory of Miami, Florida. We are resolving problems.
Warm Regards,

4) Thanks to Uwe Doms for this paper from the Anthropocene institute and SRI;
I think I have mised this till now
How Close are We to Abundant Cheap Clean Energy from Low Energy, Lattice Enhanced, Nuclear Energy?

5) New THREAD on the LENR Forum
UK should be researching cold fusion

6) New THREAD on the LENR Forum
Rossi Describing the Quark on a Whiteboard


1) Google’s AI Explosion in One Chart

2) Facing a future of technologic wonders: Artificial intelligence

3) As suggested by Harold Jarche on his Blog:
The man who studies the spread of ignorance
MOTTOES taken from this paper.

Not LENR but a smart paper:
It wasn’t just hate. Fascism offered robust social welfare

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    Alan Smith
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