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Sounds fine but has to be judged statistically!


a) My bet re the Koh-I-Noor of talcum of the IH proofs in the RvD litigation

It is about the famous Exhibit 5, and I regret that I do not use scatological metaphors.
The brainchild of Joseph Murray- who obviously is not familiar with plants but if well paid has a vivid imagination and as such has success at the technology illiterates
who are able to accept and say and do anything to do harm to Rossi and to "destroy"his technology: the plant has not worked, the plant as it is cannot work.\
I will illustrate you both the perversity and the inefficiency of his approach with the most convincing proof Murray has used:  The steam pipe was a 40mm pipe, he says in the text.  Some simple engineering calculations will show you what this means.

Steam, at the parameters claimed in the ERV core Report- atmospheric pressure, 103 C- has a density of 0.6 kg/cm the report claims 1500kg/h that is 2500 cm/hr 
(cm here cubic meters)
For steaam flow the following speeds are the recommended values:
Steam SystemVelocity
Saturated Steam - high pressure25 - 4082 - 131
Saturated Steam - medium and low pressure30-4099 - 131
Saturated Steam at peak load< 50< 164
Steam and Water mix< 25< 82
Superheated Steam35 - 100100 - 300


The steam is low pressure, super-heated so we will choose a round value of 40m/s for the speed of steam. The "Murray pipe" has a diameter of 0.04m and a section of 0.001256 sqm so in 1 second through the pipe will pass 0.0001256x40= 0.05024 cm and during 1 hr maximum 180.64 mc that 13 times less than the measured value. I believe N=Murray's value is false, fake and I bet the steam pipe is/was actually much greater

I also bet that the flowmeter has worked all the time according to the elementary rules of engineering, being placed in the bottom of an "U" being full with water;
the entire story is just a dirty trick and a bad joke of Mr. Murray good only for people at a low TQ (technology (intelligence quotient); I have also explained why the ERV had to choose a slower moving  (rotating) water meter for the very long time test;
documents attesting the good calibration and post-calibrtion of the instrument are in Court.

I also bet that the zero values of steam pressure, are 'relative pressure; simply signify 'no obstacle on the other side, steam is condensing there:

Eventually I bet that there were technological reasons to have maximum constancy
 in flow and other parameters of the plant and corrections tocu.meters were done losing in the disfavor of the COP values- in minus

Globally, I bet that Exhibit 5, this diamond on the crown of proofs of IH will be shown to have actually a value of 1 on the virtual Mohs scale; the crown is not from gold but of lead- you will see soon all these in the Court and then in other pla ces..

b) The populist legend or myth of the generous LENR funder: IH

It is populist because it says: we the best most generous people have decided  to protect the scientifically correct LENR teams, workers and methods against the malefic Andrea Rossi ( and against his supporters, replicators and what's more against the deceptive and perhaps malefic NiH "technology"
It became very "comme il faut" to say that Rossi has stolen all the funding of LENR and has done an immeasurable harm to this, once flourishing field, by destroying its almost perfect Reputaion.
The sad truth is that in 2011 the field was moribond and funding was suffering from "anaemia perniciosa" Rossi actually has opened new horizons in the field
The funded teams individuals have the moral (?) obligation to be on the part of IH in the dispute/conflict with Rossi and this means first of all attacking the enemy, denying the Rossi technology, helping on forums to achieve the strategical aim
to show to the Court the "real" Rossi in perpetuity. However it is a need for witnesses in the Trial to show that scientifically, the Rossi technology is impossible, cannot work, is lacking theoretical foundation.- something bad about it in any case. The story of money was already shown y non-IH sources more times- they got money 150 million US$ by showing the 1MW 1 years plant/test and not on the portfolio of a dozen LENR researchers almost all PdD ergo technologically hopeless. This shows that actually they did not wanted to fast "out-Rossi" the Rossi technology as it would have been natural and a good answer to the new investors, surely more interested in technology as in long-term, short-hope research. I am not an investigation journalist so I cannot answer why the most interesting company, Brillouin apparently works now with an other funder\ or which are the 6 companies from the initial 12 not more funded. Some initially very pro-IH voices have gone silent - were they abandoned or paid not in cash but with  aid with shares of IH or could not buy he necessary instruments whatever from the respective funding it cannot be known. It can be my fault, but I have still not seen any published scientific paper acknowledging the generous  help of Industrial Heat. And the paper smelling a bit of a breakthrough.
However the very unfair, auto-destructive trend to show that NiH as such has no chances or value is present in many places on a daily basis.
There are people who call IH a generous funder (They know why) but killing high-temperature transition metal- hydrogen LENR process is- killing the future of LENR
and nothing can justify it. Are the forumists who contribute to this actions,  ill-willed or reactionaries or corrupt (finacially, morally)- is an open but prohibited question.
My LENR+ concept is rejected automatically from any start, without serious thinking about its basics.
But the war continues on many fronts.


 At the Miami Court Pacermonitor re th e Rossi vs Darden litigation.
Friday, March 17, 2017
179 motion Sanctions Fri 5:04 PM 
Plaintiff's MOTION for Sanctions Against Defendants, Cherokee Investment Partners and IPH International, B.V. for Failure to Comply with Rule 30(b)(6) by Leonardo Corporation, Andrea Rossi.(Chaiken, Brian)
Att: 1  Exhibit 1,
Att: 2  Exhibit 2,
Att: 3  Exhibit 3,
Att: 4  Exhibit 4,
Att: 5  Exhibit 5,
Att: 6  Exhibit 6,
Att: 7  Exhibit 7,
Att: 8  Exhibit 8
178notice Notice of Compliance Fri 10:44 AM 
CLERK'S NOTICE of Compliance pursuant to 177 Paperless Order (nc)

 Mıt Cold Fusion The Revolution Has Begun!

3) By Artem Efimov: LENR prototype explanation by the guru and something about the faye of earlier selected electrolysrs
 LENR прототип разьяснение от гуру, а также немного о судьбе ранее собранных электролизеров

4) ECCO - An instant on/off ultrasonically fluidised dusty plasma New Fire reactor

5) Brilliant Light Power

6) Chinese Patent CN 204476592U

Nickel metal hydride cold fusion Sterling motor device

The utility model discloses a nickel metal hydride cold fusion Sterling motor device. The nickel metal hydride cold fusion Sterling motor device comprises a Sterling motor and a cold fusion reaction device, wherein the Sterling motor is provided with a heated portion; the cold fusion reaction device is provided with a heating portion; the heating portion is connected with the heated portion; and heat is transferred to the heated portion. According to the technical scheme, heat energy transmitted from the cold fusion device can be sufficiently utilized through the Sterling motor, the utilization efficiency of energy is improved further, and resources are saved.
7) More patents on the Facebook page by Michelangelo Meo


1) Can quantum theory explain why jokes are funny?
Date:March 17, 2017
Researchers are taking the first steps towards of a quantum theory model of humor, to explain what really happens on the cognitive level in the moment when we 'get the joke

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  1. Peter - I would not call 103.8°C superheated steam, since at even a slight pressure above atmospheric it will be water. Given the vapour pressure at around 65°C, we also have a maximum pressure-differential along the whole pipe from generation to condensation of maybe 75-80kPa. See . As you say, you do need a big steam-pipe in order to comply with this.

    I have no data as to the accuracy of the temperature or pressure measurements. They are however too close to normal boiling-point and atmospheric pressure to be taken as an indication that the steam was water-free or indeed that it wasn't simply hot water under a slight overpressure.

    I hope that some reliable data turns up about the size of the steam pipe, so that you can lay this to rest. If it turns out to be D40, after all, then the figures we are given for the measurements cannot be correct. The constancy of the written values certainly implies that they are unreal, given that the building was not at a constant temperature day and night for the whole year.