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A wonderful collection of Art Quotations- what it says about Imitation


a) Imitation = limitation. Replication?Sometimes better is over-replication!

I have nurtured this idea for a 
long time, however only now due to an interplay  
between a discussion with a good LENR friend and the story below- I am editorializing it.
The story is about the aviation pioneers the Wright Brothers- the favorite "driving metaphor" of Cold Fusion based on the idea that comparing, drawing parallels with the immensely successful aviation history, will necessarily lead to a similarly fast, successful, spectacular evolution of Cold Fusion/LENR. The 28th anniversary of COLD FUSION is this month- no breakthroughs at the horizon and a probable breakthrough has to fight other 6 months with a legal issue.

The metaphor is as efficient as imagining that singing daily: 

to an unattractive girl will transform her in a great beauty. But success is not metaphorically contagious. LENR must solve its very specific problems.
The story is published by (I am reading this every day).

eclipsing the wright brothers -- 3/01/17!topic/rbw-owners-bunch/N8GOQh5FcYA
It is about the competition of the Wrights with Louis Bleriot who has not replicated exactly their airplane. 
By the way I already wrote about Bleriot in this Open Letter:

In standard cases perfect imitation, total replication is a must. However, for issues in full development, open-ended, not completely knowable yet, the solutions will be obtained only by creative side- or over-replication.


1) Now discussed on ECW:
Brillouin Energy Closes $7.75 Million Series B Round (Press Release)

2) Bob Greenyer from MFMP has something important to communicate- more explanations to come:
(RedPill) is coming - get to your safe space

3) E-Cat QuarkX: Andrea Rossi conferma una demo al termine della causa con la Industrial Heat


Understanding the beauty of problems:

How donut-shaped fusion plasmas managed to decrease adverse turbulence
Achieving fusion has become more realistic since plasma flow was identified as regulating turbulence in the 1980s
Date:February 27, 2017
Researchers give a historical perspective outlining how our gradual understanding of improved confinement regimes for what are referred to as toroidal fusion plasmas -- confined in a donut shape using strong magnetic fields-- has developed since the 1980s.


Why do people really become entrepreneurs? It's not about money. It's about creation.

Personal Knowledge Mastery:


  1. "New path suggested for nuclear fusion"

  2. "Experiment makes substantial leap forward in quest for dark matter"


  4. Re: point 2 above;-
    "2) Bob Greenyer from MFMP has something important to communicate- more explanations to come:
    (RedPill) is coming - get to your safe space"

    One of the few benefits of being old is that very few things are totally new. What Bob G. is talking about is one of them.
    Back in the early to mid 1960's this exact scenario was being loudly and publicly warned about, and it was said to be imminent. The all powerful, all invasive, all knowing 'them' and 'they' who apparently called the shots in the highest echelons of power, about to execute their evil plan upon all humanity and make us slaves to their evil plot. We were warned they were right on the brink of doing all this,.. back in the early 1960's. That is more than 50 years ago! And yet in spite of all the immense power at their disposal, they have still not managed to make a bigger impact on society other than a having a few scary warnings published in newspapers looking to fill an empty front page. Or these days, a few You Tubes to waste some idle time on.
    The person who made all these dire warning is still around and still doing the same thing, that is, promulgating dire warnings of death and destruction to all who wont listen to him and take his advice. You can look him up. 'Stan Deyo.'
    I haven't looked him up for many years and was fully expecting him to be dead by now. And why not? He said he had fled to Australia or some other backwater in the 1960's to escape their evil clutches. Surely such a powerful organisation would not be duped by such a cheap trick. But yes, apparently they were totally flummoxed by it because he is still alive and well, and still publicly spruiking the same message. We'll all be rooned! Well, so far we are not.

    How is it that some supposed immensely powerful organisation with diabolically powerful weapons and world wide coverage for so long, has not actually done anything with all this?
    If it was all true, they must certainly be masters of restraint. They have supposed to have been skulking around for centuries, plotting evil and world dominion, but still nothing! Are they putting it all off waiting the the even more perfect weapon? A better stone? Then a better bow and arrow? Then a better gun? Then a better bomb? and now a better mystery device to pulverize rebar and concrete?
    Let me guess, they were responsible for demolishing WTC 1 and 2 right? Yeah right!! pffft.

    I'm sorry to see Bob G. has been engulfed by this delusion.
    From the video he is doing exactly what they have all done for as long as I have been aware of them, that is, making warnings using very vague descriptions of what their incredible powers, soon be unleashed on us might be, without actually offering anything which can be verified by others.
    If someone has seen anything definite and real, surely it is up to them to speak up and clearly define it enough so that others can get something organised to firstly verify it, and then to counteract it. So far, all we can do is avoid the red pills at the drug store.
    C'mon Bob! Tell us all.
    What is it?
    Where is it?
    Who is it?
    Why are they doing it?
    Why is it taking them so long?

    1. The DOD does not work that way. When the proper time comes and the proper war arrives for the proper weapon to make the highest impact, then the new stuff will be unveiled. The Iraq war started with the f 117 nighthawk's first mission. Then the stealth helicopter was used to get Bin Laden. You don't show the good stuff until it can be decisive. For all we know the matter smasher could be the essential part of a anti ballistic missile defence shield operating in space just waiting for the North Koreans to try their luck. Until then when victory is in the balance, the good stuff does not exist.

  5. Axil, You are describing the normal incremental advance of the technology of warfare. I do not argue against that.
    It happens and always has. That's what defense dept people do.
    But I don't think Bob is talking about the DOD. I take it he is talking about some mystical and ethereal group of people who are manipulating world events and poised to reduce humanity to ashes. You know, the sort of thing that most upper society people dream of doing. (not).

    My argument is against the existence of some all powerful and technologically advanced elite who have weapons and abilities way beyond what is presently known, and have had access to this for generations, but even more so now, apparently.
    I may have given this some credence if it was the first time I had ever heard of it but it is not. I've been hearing about it for over fifty years and still the all powerful elite have not used it. And it is claimed they had it long before I ever heard of it. On that basis, whatever it is, it cannot be very effective or we would have long ago been reduced to slavery and abject poverty. But here we are in nice air conditioned houses, with all the modern gadgets we want to research on how incredibly powerful these elite might be, if only we believed all the delusional gossip which goes on surrounding them.
    It is a sad indictment on the human condition that when they are so affluent and well provided for, they see the need to invent some mythical enemy who is seeking to reduce them to slavery, or even death. Is somebody subjecting them to some injustice or hardship? No. What are they fighting?
    They are working themselves up into an emotional lather just on the basis of the fear of their worst imaginations. And it seems to be contagious.

    If they want to get a following, show some real proof that cannot be explained by normal and explainable circumstance.
    So far, in all my years I have never seen anything which could in any way be more reasonably and logically explained by a misused and perverted normality.
    Any death and destruction I've ever seen is most easily explained by delusional and stupid people doing simple inhuman and criminal actions. The technology used by them is mostly humdrum simple stuff which has been used often before.
    As for the military of some countries using the latest technology to do something, of course they do. If they've got it they can't wait to use it. As soon as it is operational they take it off to someone else's back yard and try it out. Mostly it is used within a year of becoming functional.
    It is totally absurd and without foundation to believe that some mythical overlords have weaponry on this planet capable of vaporizing civilization in the manner Bob vaguely describes, or hints at.
    Sadly for Bob, my esteem for his supposed logical reasoning has taken a severe nose dive. Sorry Bob. You may be well meaning but I believe you have been sucked into some 'Alice in Wonderland' vortex of science fiction.

  6. Poor Bob has completely lost it and seems to be on road to madness.

  7. I agree with TYY. Bob is an ANTI-SPOKESMAN for LENR. Any future association with MFMP will be tarnished by Bob's continued nosedive from reality.

  8. Bob needs more orange juice in his diet.

  9. I have since dropped in to La LA Land, (ECW) where there is a whole thread on the subject. Apparently Bob G. has made a trip to India. I think that explains everything. I now think someone has slipped something 'magical' into his drink.
    If that is the case then I think this whole episode is understandable. I await to see if he returns to planet Earth when he leaves that place. If he does, he can put it all down to experience. When you travel abroad, don't drink the water.

  10. Creative thinking, problem solving skills, solutions and fear. There is a common thread to be followed here, I just can't find it yet. We're working on it. Of this one thing I am certain, love and caring is the driving force of humanity; always bringing us to the next great adventure… beyond fear.

    One thing I've noticed is that, inevitably, power hungry, oppressive, nasty people just don't seem to trust each other very much… or for long. Surely there are a bunch of conspiracies happening all the time, often at cross purposes, more chaotic than organized. The majority of us, collectively, are able to deal with them as they arise, such as in the field of cold fusion/LENR.

    Meanwhile, as we await what Bob G. offers up next, a bit of prose to ponder.

    Solution Oriented

    Problems... problems... problems…

    Oi' vey!

    Go ahead... take the plunge.

    Dive deep…

    Beyond the surface of the problem.

    Find yourself suspended in a sea of solutions...

    Infinite in their manifestation, variety, and form.


    Problems... problems... problems…

    Oi' vey!

    Go ahead...

    Dive deep!

    1. Trust vs Fear


      Trust each other… Trust humanity… See it or you don't.

      Beyond politics…

      Michelle Obama Destroys Trump