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Nothing is new under the Sun- at my age I have serious doubts that this is true.
In the frame of my blog I am trying hard to tell you (and before this to myself) about new things or, a step lower, about new approaches to rather old things.
Wishing Happy Birthday to somebody and then after 12 months wishing again is not repetition or lack of creative fantasy.
Now I will make an exception- speaking about a rather worn out (?) metaphor for Cold Fusion LENR; i have too because some new aspects were revealed.

a) What I wrote in 2014 (a bit edited)

To illustrate the situation I want to use an analogy because we think with analogies, However this analogy must be fixed, it is known in a deeply erroneous variant. I know everything about it, including all corrections; while you all were told only about the highly idealized form of the story trying to make the poor ugly duckling an ideal hero, see

Hans Christian Andersen wanted to show that he is actually the ugly duckling, but being the illegitimate son of an aristocrat, his noble, swan like nature, will eventually prevail.

The true story of the Ugly Duckling.

For swan ladies wanting intense sexual life or being feminists, the equivalent of abortion is laying an egg in the nest of ducks.(not a cuckoo patent!)

They further don’t care for the fate of their children. Swan babies are ugly and clumsy and strange, they will receive lots of insults and will grow up in a crippling world, dominated by hostility and nastiness, both psychological and physical. Very soon the young swans will lose completely their self respect and will suffer personality collapse under the terrible stress, oppression and continuous humiliations. Evolution depends 80% on education and only 20% on genetics, therefore the poor unhappy creatures will be soon deprived of their swan nature/essence, in most cases, irreversibly. The end of story is tragic the demoralized, depressed, desperate, hopeless ugly little duckling will become a mature but underdeveloped ugly duck for the rest of his/her short wasted life. C’est la vie… de la pauvre cygne).
You can easily guess that I have not told you this deeply pessimistic tale as a member of the Swan Protection Society. No, I have informed you because it opposes realism to the false Andersen story.

It is kind of metaphor of LENR that was raised as a cold fusion duckling however its real nature is superior, a more interesting process both nuclear and non nuclear but not simple primitive brutal fusion –at least for the swan like rich energy source.

But we can add something now, 11 days before Cold Fusion's 28-th birthday?

b) How now the little ugly duckling has developed a form of kyknophobia
(Kyknophobia is the fear of swans)

The story has actually happened on the Lake LENRA, not to be confounded with the 
dangerous Lake LERNA - known for the terrible Hydra. See this, please:

A little ugly duckling has appeared here years ago. Leading zoologists say that it was not so soaringly ugly at all, the real problem was that it was little and weak and could not grow- as an unhappy bonsai creature kept in the prison of an invisible glass bottle 
The vision of leading zoologists became:"this is not a lowly duck, Anas platirynchos but a splendid swan, Cygnus ovo-aurea ( laying golden eggs if well fed)"
But the things did not evolved as they (and we all) have expected)
The most expected transformation of the little ugly duckling did not take place even after 28 long years- little ugly duckling, LUD for its friends, is still a weakling.
LUD, himself became depressed but continued to hope and to try to change deeply, in vain. The sad thing is that it has developed an unhealthy phobia of swans and even started to hate and insult swans  saying "they are not genuine". In  a case it surprisingly encouraged some nasty prey birds that attacked a swan saying it is not white but black. Surprising, but if you cannot grow up physically it is difficult to row up in other senses.

The SOLUTION, as I see, is this:
Lake LENR is actually much, much greater than the limited zone in which LUD lives now, the lake is connected to a Sea of Discovery and Metamorphosis
with huge waves and violent storms. Only by boldly traveling there will the great wonder of Cygnification happen, not in the pond-like place where the our hero water bird is trapped now.


1) Cold Fusion, LENR and Andrea Rossi- Public Group

2) From Andrea Rossi's JONP 

March 12, 2017 at 5:57 AM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
What do you think of the last complaints deposited in Court by your attorneys?
Can you comment, since they already are public?
Andrea Rossi
March 12, 2017 at 7:43 AM

1- I want not to comment anything related to the litigation. Actions must be done in Court, not in the blogs. Chatters are useless
2- documents speak for themselves
Warm Regards,


March 12, 2017 at 8:48 AM

Dr Andrea Rossi,
The theory related to your effect you are studying upon will be solid and convincing?
Thank you if you can answer,
Andrea Rossi
March 12, 2017 at 11:14 AM

Let me suggest you that the theory that today is considered the most “solid and convincing” in Physics is Quantum Mechanics: well, actually this theory is used because helps to construct a useful structure of understanding, but leaves enormous space to conjectures and unresolved problems. When a theory does a good job at making coherent a multitude of phenomena, you adopt it, albeit you don’t think you understood as well as you should.
We are in an analogous position.
Warm Regards,

3) Rossi on West Coast News

4) Re Brilliant Light Power 
United States Patent Application20170070180
Mills; Randell L.March 9, 2017

A solid fuel power source that provides at least one of electrical and thermal power comprising (i) at least one reaction, cell for the catalysis of atomic hydrogen to form hydrinos, (ii) a chemical fuel mixture comprising at least two components chosen from: a source of H.sub.2O catalyst or H.sub.2O catalyst; a source of atomic hydrogen or atomic hydrogen; reactants to form the source of H.sub.2O catalyst or H.sub.2O catalyst and a source of atomic hydrogen or atomic hydrogen; one or more reactants to initiate the catalysis of atomic hydrogen; and a material to cause the fuel to be highly conductive, (iii) at least one set of electrodes that confine the fuel and an electrical power source that provides a short burst of low-voltage, high-current electrical energy to initiate rapid kinetics of the hydrino reaction and an energy gain due to forming hydrinos, (iv) a product recovery systems such as a vapor condenser, (v) a reloading system, (vi) at least one of hydration, thermal, chemical, and electrochemical systems to regenerate the fuel from the reaction products, (vii) a heat sink that accepts the heat from the power-producing reactions, (viii) a photovoltaic power converter comprising at least one of a concentrated solar power device, and at least one triple-junction photovoltaic cell, monocrystalline cell, polycrystalline cell, amorphous cell, string/ribbon silicon cell, multi-junction cell, homojunction cell, heterojunction cell, p-i-n device, thin-film cells, dye-sensitized cell, and an organic photovoltaic cell, and an antireflection coating, an optical impedance matching coating, and a protective coating.
6) Confidential Industrial Heat Update Published at Trial


Ask Ethan: If the Universe is expanding, why aren’t we? (Synopsis)

Liked this nice quote:
The Universe is expanding the way your mind is expanding. It’s not expanding into anything; you’re just getting less dense.” -Katie Mack


From Maria Popova's Brain pickings - something so painfully LENR like:

The Tragic Heroism of Hopefulness: The Myth of Sisyphus in a Gorgeous 1974 Oscar-Nominated Hungarian Animation

A new form of intelligence:

Connectional Intelligence: How companies can harness relationships to drive innovation


  1. y argument to refute the hydrino theory is based on power density produced by the SunCell. At 5:00 into the latest BrLP video, Mills states that the power density of light production in a few cubic millimetres of volume is 20 million watts: a trillion watts per liter. There is no why that a chemical based source of power can produce that power density. That power density must come from a nuclear source. Think LENR.
    • Reply•Share ›

    nietsnie Axil Axil • 2 days ago
    Axil, although I share your incredulity, if you are correct then this would imply elemental transmutation. What do you believe is being consumed by this process?
    • Reply•Share ›

    doug marker Axil Axil • 2 days ago
    Axil, You have often claimed that Mill's process is really LENR (i.e. fusion or Isotopic shift) and that Mills explanation of his own theory and invention is wrong but that you are right.

    There is a very big difference between fusion/isotopic shift and chemical release of energy as per the MIlls theory and the SunCell.process.

    Why do you make such claims when they fly in the face of everything MIlls claims and what we can see of the fundamental principles of chemical energy transfer ?

    Have you read any of MIlls papers ? - at times it seems you haven't. Sorry to say, but your "it is LENR" claims come across as quite odd compounded by your asserting that you know better than MIlls about his own theories and developments.

    Cheers Doug
    • Reply•Share ›

    Axil Axil doug marker • 2 days ago

    note from Comparative Energies Table

    1 Lb High Explosive 240 GW (detonation at 6000 m/sec)

    Cup of Gasoline 3.2 GW (explosive mixture in air)

    the SunCell produces energy density 5 times greater that high explosives.
    • Reply•Share ›

    Axil Axil doug marker • 2 days ago
    The energy that produces 20,000,000 watts of light output comes from a miniscule amount of hydrogen in a few CCs of volume. This hydrogen is reduced by 97% argon and 3 % hydrogen delusion that is further reduced by a very low pressure in that gas envelope. These numbers are stubborn things, whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
    • Reply•Share ›

    doug marker Axil Axil • 2 days ago
    Axil - here is a link to the claims made by Brilliant Light Power at their web site.
    Question 1 is which part do they have wrong ? and
    Question 2 is how are you able to state as a fact that the Hydrino process is Nuclear rather than chemical and that Mills has it so wrong ?

    Cheers Doug

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  2. Axil Axil doug marker • a day ago
    The power density produced by the sun cell has been going up over the years. It started at 1 megawatt, then went to 5 megawatts, now it is up to 20 megawatts. The increase in power density is exponential. When will this exploding power density increase end, and these increases are found in the stainless steel low powered unit using the liquid metal electrodes. What will happen when the high powered tungsten/carbon unit is completed? How much can we expect the power density to increase?
    • Reply•Share ›

    doug marker Axil Axil • a day ago
    Axil, Mills states the energy released at each level of the hydrino effect. I must admit I haven't sat down with a calculator and tried to match those releases to a volume of H that may be converted into Hydrinos. But, I find it very hard to believe that MIlls would be making fanciful claims re what energy/power gets released in his tests.

    Gerard (below post), I will agree that we still don't really know enough (from multiple 3rd party re-validation) to be 100% confident that the hydrino process is the full explanation.

    What I am doing at the moment is working through the formation of matter in the seconds after B-B and seeing if and how Dark matter may have formed prior to H atoms emerging. If this can be explained it may be useful. When I have the believed process clarified (the Quark epoch > Lepton epoch and before the universe 'dark age' that is believed to have existed prior to light being 1st emitted from the then expanding universe) I plan to ask Dr Mills to suggest the mechanism that allows dark matter to form before H atoms or if at the same time how - in the massive ratio scientists currently believe dark matter exists vs H (Dark Matter said to be 25% of expected matter in the Universe while H + all other atoms = 4 to 5% of expected matter (with H being about 85-90% of all the atoms in the periodic table).

    Cheers Doug
    see more
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    Gerard McEk doug marker • a day ago
    Hi Doug, it worries me that they do say that (also) energy was measured but that they show only power figures (calometry). Why? Were the energy figures less spectacular? This is to be an apparatus that should produce energy, so show these! Short peaks of power sound spectacular but you can produce these also at home by (nearly) short-circuiting a big capacitor.
    It is further not clear to me where the hydrino's come from. Is it the 3% hydrogen in the enclosed atmosphere or does it come from the hydrated silver oxide or both? Because of that one can't calculate if the assumed energy density comes from the hydrino conversion or that LENR must play a role.
    • Reply•Share ›

    1. Mills' plan is to use high pressure electrolysis to diffuse hydrogen gas directly through the sealed graphite shell. Hydrinos diffuse out being so much smaller. He has abandoned using water added to the molten silver as the excess oxygen released in the cell was inhibiting the hydrino reactions. Instead he seals in a stable oxide along with argon and silver. The oxide acts as a limited source of oxygen and is reduced by the diffused hydrogen gas to form an isolated water molecule (which is Mills hydrino catalyst) that reacts with other H present in the cell.

      Mills is fairly confident that there are no nuclear reactions going on. In one sense it is the failure of the LENR experimenters to account for hydrino transitions that has caused the field such difficulty.


  3. This posting and above comments from Ecat World comments.
    DR Mike
    Assuming that BPL is able to get 200 times the combustion energy of hydrogen in their reaction as they claim, then they will be able to get 20MJ of energy from the hydrogen contained in about 6.5ml of water. We will probably have to see a working SunCell to verify the claim that they really are getting 200 times the combustion energy of hydrogen from their reaction, although they do have some measurements to show they are achieving this energy output in their SunCell.