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Defining "FACTOID" 

something fictitious or unsubstantiated that is presented as factdevised especially
 to gainpublicity and accepted because of constant repetition.

something resembling a fact; unverified (often invented) information that is given credibility because it appeared in print

quote Many politicians are tantalizing storytellers, as they mix facts with fiction, grab our emotion and tell things, they want us to believe. Their factoids are unremittingly reiterated, take a life on their own and in the end become the very truth… until the bubble bursts. (Erik Pevernagie)   [not only politicians]


Standard level discussions at LENR Forum.

I repeat that the Rossi vs Darden conflict is a part of LENR's battle for a future, for a great technological future- and today I became even more convinced about this.
The discussion started with the nature of proofs offered by IH supporters in order (now) to destroy, annihilate the results presented in the ERV core Report (daily performances of the Plant). My opinion is that the proofs offered by the IH supporters are factoids - see definitions at Motto. They disliked the idea, have denied that their proofs are weak, unconvincing, implausible however noisy and claiming wisdom.
Paternalist, dominant style. All I wanted from them is to convert factoids in documented facts- and it was about the same annoyingly recurrent subjects described in the crown of their prof collection, the over-discussed Exhibit 5.
Simple facts, pipes, position of flowmeter. No success they did not told anything technical.Instead a strange reaction perfectly in the spirit and letters of the 10 Commandment of Oppressors. First it was stated that those who do not accept, believe, embrace the IH variant "have little or no ability to process reality. Fine, who is not with us has mental problems. But now they went further comparing their opponents with a religious cult in the style of those hit by madness- up to killings or suicide. Typical concept: if you disagree with us you are insane.
But not this was the worst; from a message it came out that under the aegis of IH,
the real work has continued, sadly with no Ni-H in the present experimental mix."
By the way this was expected, and if IH will organize ICCF-21 great chances are papers concerning NiH research will be not welcome.
for the time given I answered rather nicely to that:
"Even more madness is in the NiH-less cold fusion research program- suicide or killing LENR's future.
PdD is not a complete form of LENR and will be never a technology.
I fear this is an extension of the hatred against Rossi to NiH- and to use mild words- a scientific crime. As killing the Rossi process IF it works is a technological crime.

Forum discussion suffer of specific illnesses as Dilutitis, Detailitis, Disfocusitis, Disputitis, Defrostitis etc. 
Now we have here Degeneratitis.
More voices were heard- happy that NiH will be get rid of, eliminated, they know it has no chances.


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Not for LENR but for my editorial of yesterday and of today!

Break the two-hour marathon record? It could be done today
Date:March 6, 2017
Source:University of Colorado at Boulder
Summary:A series of mathematical calculations has been done showing how one or more of the world's elite men marathoners could break the storied two-hour mark, shaving about four and a half minutes off the current world record.
Break the two-hour marathon record? It could be done today


  1. Comment from Lenr forum

    IH Fanboy
    26 minutes ago

    sigmoidal wrote:
    Yeah, it really sucks for Planet R that the Court refused to seal (make secret) information. Now all that information can be released to the public in trial.

    I think you tragically misunderstand what your supposed "Planet Rossi" is. We don't want things to be sealed. We don't care about the outcome of the trial. We are not doing Rossi's bidding. We want to know whether Rossi's devices produce excess heat. That's it. IH have all of the reason in the world to obfuscate our efforts to get to the bottom of that question. You and others seem to buy into everything that is fed to you by Dewey, even in some instances without any supporting evidence!

    I will apologize up front if others in the "Planet Rossi" do not agree with me. But that is my position.
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    1. dear Sam,

      as you see I am battling on the LENR Forum- enemy numerically superior morally and as competence nowhere
      you suggestion, dear Sam is very good, the message says the essential.Great thank you


  2. Hi Peter
    You have a good partner in Fanboy
    to debate the anti Rossi side on Lenr forum.
    The useless insults on Lenr Forum are less
    and that makes it better.
    I see Mr Weaver has been asked too tone
    it down and is off Lenr forum.