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Working variant of the


1. We are the supreme authority possessing the absolute power.

2.  We know everything better than anybody else.,we possess the absolute truth

3.  Who doubts or contradicts us, has mental problems.

4. Who is not with us, is against us.

5. We need enemies; our role is to protect the People against them.

6. No mercy for enemies, we attack them in packs- starting with the language, insults.

7. We demand perfection and the impossible from everybody, we are perfect.

8. We create conflicts and fight between people.

9. We create confusion by forced inadequate combinations.

10. We create chaos and destruction by mixing incompatible things.

I got this 55 years ago, but it is perfectly valid and important today, we well know that both  LENR and LENR+ are oppressed and anti-oppression solutions must be worked out. With the above list-taxonomy this can be done more systematically.

A very important note:

It is about Commandment 3- Comrade Dry's favorite. You could realize that he was stupid, deeply immensely stupid to speak about such secret and shamefully things. At the limit stupidity is converted in something  that can be called genius (I met a few similar cases)
He revealed me a fact most oppressologists ignore.The true value of the Psychiatry applied in oppression is not so much that the people are scared because nobody is 100% normal and any small defect can be inflated. No, it is that the people having real mental problems see the oppressors as saviors and join them. As most valuable collaborators! The megalomaniacs want to be in the Central Committee, the sadists all go in the secret police (CEKA, Gestapo, Securitate) and do here much better work than their rather sane colleagues.
So let's take care, insane people are always on the part of the oppressors.


See please 5) below. Brillouin Energy's 7.75million US$ is Great Money? DAILY NEWS

1) Mats Lewan Assesses the E-Cat Story LENR/Cold Fusion: Test & Calorimetry Overview

3) LENR investigative research reading list?

4) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

February 28, 2017 at 6:04 PM

Dear Dr Rossi,

Are there any circumstances which you would open your technology 100% to the full public, instead of keeping it secret? For example, if there could be organized an X-Prize for LENR that the E-Cat or Quark X could win, what amount would be needed for you to give the technology to the world? $100 million? $1 billion?

I ask because this technology is maybe the most important ever in history. How many lives will be better, or saved, if the technology is deployed? Each day of delay is a high human cost. This human cost is now the price of your secret. When is this human cost too high for you?

Of course you must get something from your huge efforts – but how much is enough for you? (You will a great world hero in any case, no matter how big the $$ prize).

Most respectfully and best wishes in every success,

G. Booth
Andrea Rossi
February 28, 2017 at 8:30 PM

Thank you for your sympathy and your suggestions.
I already answered to these considerations.
Warm Regards

March 1, 2017 at 2:54 AM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
I understand it is on course a huge activity related to the litigation: how do you feel about it sincerely?
Andrea Rossi
March 1, 2017 at 1:36 PM

We feel very comfortable in regard of how the case is evolving.
Warm Regards,
5) Brillouin Energy Closes $7.75 Million Series B Round


Thanks to Sam North
Hong Sio: On the road for fusion

Existence of a new quasiparticle demonstrated
Angulon theory can explain 20 years of observations -- fast and efficient method to understand molecular interactions with surrounding material
Date:February 28, 2017
Source:Institute of Science and Technology Austria
How do molecules rotate in a solvent? Answering this question is a complicated task since the rotation is perturbed by a large number of surrounding atoms, requiring large-scale computer simulations which are sometimes infeasible. Now, scientists have proven that angulons -- quasiparticles he proposed two years ago -- do in fact form when a molecule is immersed in superfluid helium. This offers a quick and simple description for rotation of molecules in solvents.


  1. What do ideologies of oppressors and LENR have in common?

    Nothing, in my opinion.

    Ludwik Kowalski

    1. Dear Ludwik,
      But LENR is oppressed science, true?


  3. Peter
    An unusual video from Bob Grenyer
    and discusion in comments in this
    Ecat world thread.


    1. Dear Sam,

      I know and follow it- will try to ask Bob on Skype what is this all about, really.

  4. Brillouin $7.75 million U.S. is great money. For now.

    How much does the Keystone pipeline cost? $9 billion U.S.

    WASHINGTON—TransCanada Corp.'s chief executive said the cost to build the Keystone XL pipeline, currently estimated at $5.4 billion, is expected to double by the time the U.S. government completes its review of the largest part of the project. Sep 18, 2014
    "Keystone Pipeline Cost Expected to Double, TransCanada CEO Says" By Amy Harder - Wall Street Journal

  5. Re. the above commandments;

    "2. We know everything better than anybody else.,we possess the absolute truth

    3. Who doubts or contradicts us, has mental problems.

    4. Who is not with us, is against us."

    You're referring to ECW, yes?

    1. Dear Pweet,

      Anwer No. In tthje very style of oppressors I could ask you:
      "are you unable to read or you are unable to understand?
      It is about the DeJavu Enclave and everything is on the internet. I a small player have a collection of 19 different insults, 11 threats, a damantion, 23 attacks re my character etc. from them.
      They say to:"who is not aginst our enemies is against us"
      You like them Ok; are they happy with how the things are going in RvD? How happy will they be today after the Plant Check? Is their happiness contagious, really?

  6. Am I unable to read or understand?
    There's probably no infallible answer to that, and obviously my answer in the affirmative would be shamefully self serving. But I will say, that according to the way I have read and understood the e-cat proceedings over eh last five or six years, my predictions of progress and events have so far been far more accurate than those who have read and understood the matter differently from me.

    Now, I fully appreciate that could change at any time if
    Mr Rossi finally conducts a convincing demonstration complying with what scientists and engineers agree is a fair and reasonable procedure, proving beyond reasonable doubt that he has what he says he has. But even the most casual observer would have to agree that so far he has not. Always, the tests are surrounded by total secrecy and inability to confirm even the most basic and non proprietary details. This applies particularly to the supposed GPT test of the 1MW plant to the extent that the entire test has been in effect, worthless. Correction, less than worthless.

    Even most of his most ardent previous supporters finally agree there are serious problems with believing all that has been claimed.
    Does that mean most of his previous thousands of loyal supporters have somehow been abducted to the ranks of the oppressor?
    Even if such a rank existed in this matter, what would make that possible other than the complete inability of one side to substantiate the veracity of the many grand claims?
    It has been the long term failure to produce or prove the existence of any high COP device that has resulted in this situation, not the supposed subversive power some oppressive force, suppressing the emergence of something great.
    Just convincingly prove the device works and world opinion will change in a day, no matter what any countering force might want to do.
    The present 1MW plant check is not going to make any difference to the argument. Whatever they find at the plant will makes little difference when all other circumstances surrounding the situation scream out the claimed results are a total fabrication. For example, how probable is it that the power output of any form of energy generation can be so incredibly stable that it can pump out 750 kilowatts day in day out with not one watt variation. And all this from a collection of reactors which it is claimed Mr Rossi has trouble controlling. If the report is factual it ppears he could control it better than a diesel generator.

    Pete, I enjoy your writings about your time living under a communist regime and the type of people you encountered in that system, but I think it is an error to assume that the same situation exists here. Some might like to have that sort of power and authority but for the most part they do not and can not. That is because in a free western style society, the power of fools can be negated by any number of methods, some being the free press, the internet and social media, and the extremely free exchange of information over all these spheres.
    Your rather amusing character of 'Comrade Dry' would be subject to the most public critical and derisive assessment in the present society.
    Incidentally, having grown up in a free country while all this was going on in yours, we were not unaware of it. It was the subject of many movies, plays and tv skits over that period, and for that reason, it's interesting to hear from you that at least some of it was real.
    It was a badly flawed system and for that reason it failed, and it failed badly.
    The few countries that are still clinging to it are continuing to their own demise.

  7. Dear Pweet,

    The don'ts are the potential answers of the oppressors, not my answers.
    I just told you whose practice are resembling those from the bad times.
    If you will have certainties and proofs for Rossi we will discuss them sine ira et studio.
    Thee are still interesting things to come as factory visit, ERV report minute by minute- showing that/if it is about a real, logically consistent, functionally constantand technologically healthy Test.