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Quotations about RIGIDITY.

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a) Rigid reactions, standard ritual

They attack according to kind of standard all those people who do not accept  the IH Truth. The introduction is invariably about the diminished intellectual power of the IH deniers.  Moderate ones are: confused, obsessed, incoherent.
Follows the  religious-sentimental part- the enemy surely is a very, very unhappy
sinner who will lose the deep meaning of life, prefer damnation to salvation- and it is so easy to change this- just join the good party- IH and reject the evil one!
The attacker can manifest so much admirable empathy for those who erred
and are able to see the unique truth but if not, than the sinner will be treated with merciless rigidity.
Also rigidly avoid technical details and proofs the Credo must be based on Exhibit 5 and on the nonexistent Customer who, as such, is unable to use any significant quantify of energy. 
And here a nice message just coming from my good friend Bob Cook helps me to find this quotation:
"The Devil is in the details, but so is salvation (Hyman G. Rickover)
If it is about details, my opponents are scared- they know that they already have stated with arrogance  lots of falsities
The ending of the message must be some prediction, very scary for the enemy Planet- some fatal blow for it is around the corner. As "ele" has shown on LENR Forum, these imminent catastrophes are as convincing as the prophecies of the Fuhrer made in his bunker during the last days of WWII.

b) A shocking idea, and a question

Rigidity is not a nice word and I dislike the adjective "rigid" - leads immediately to "rigor mortis". However I am thinking if our general LENR strategy as much as it exists and can be defined- OK, isn't it too rigid, too slow?


1) Edmund Storms- on Wikipedia

2) From Gregory Goble
Wet Cell Palladium vs Dry Cell Nano Particle

3) Announcement from the Official Russian LENR site
Attention!!! The Seminar at PFUR planned for Thursday March 30, 2017 will take place Tuesday, March 28, 2017 (16:00- 18:00) etc., giveNchetverg-30032017-perenositsya-na-vtornik-28032017-1600-1800                                                                                                                              (coordinates etc., given)

Program of the day:
1. 16-00 – 16-45 D.S. Barabanov- ILIS Labs Moscow; "Nrutrons and di-neutrons. Their properties and experimental observations"
 2. 16-45 – 17-45 S. F. Timashev, Nationasl Institute for Physical Chemistry named after Karpov: "Betta-neutrons. Betta di-neutrons. Their possible role in the LENR processes"
3. 17-45 – 18-00 Meeting of the redaction.

4) his also disseminating this:
Mıt Cold Fusion The Revolution Has Begun!
Революция холодного синтеза в Массачусетском технологическом институте началась!

5) THE LATR-LENR.SU LABORATORY about the LENR devices of Alexander Kuznetsov                                                                                                                 Лаборатория ЛАТР LENR.SU о НЭЯР установке Александра Кузнецова
1.Alexander Kuznetsov tells about the working principle of the LENR reactor -his own construction
2. The perspectives of the gigantic electrolysers-clusters

1. The presentation of the prototype of the LENR thermogenerator

2. Review of the gigantic  electrolysers
6) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

March 20, 2017 at 9:21 AM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
It appears that in these last months many replications have been made, based on your work; never in past, before your publications, something similar happened in the LENR and nobody has taken LENR as seriously as now before your E-Cat and its patent have been made publicly known.
This is a merit that nobody can deny.
Continue the great job,

Andrea Rossi
March 20, 2017 at 1:06 PM

Thank you. It is true.
Warm Regards,

Ing. Michelangelo De Meo
March 20, 2017 at 10:54 AM

This morning at the 17th Meeting of Japan in Tokyo from 11: 00-11: 30 JCF17_10 spoke M. Nakamura *, M. Uchimura, H. Takahashi, S.Sumitomo of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. on
“Expectations of the new-generation thermal reaction between the metal and the hydrogen”.
The NISSAN engineers want to use your technology to put it on their electric cars for use as heating and lengthen the time of the batteries. With 250,000 units, the cars ‘green’ world’s best selling remains the Nissan Leaf. The Nissan engineers want to put the ECAT on this car.
We are waiting for the acts from Japan. *

Andrea Rossi
March 20, 2017 at 1:05 PM

Ing. Michelangelo De Meo:
Thank you for your information!
Warm Regards,
March 20, 2017 at 12:09 PM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
It appears that the work of Nissan with your Effect is serious!

Andrea Rossi
March 20, 2017 at 1:04 PM

True,I am waiting to read a complete report, though.
Warm Regards,

7) Basic LENR books in Kindle format, thanks to Jed Rothwell
We recently converted the books by Mallove and Beaudette into Kindle format:

The second book by Ed Storms is available in Kindle format, but not the first one:


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