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I need a radar, it is fog!      We enjoy the days, the events less

In LENR there are some good things, some bad, but one is excellent, immensely successful- conflicts. However I am optimist for the far future of LENR.
However, the story was and is incredibly complex and interesting!



Where will be in 6 months from today?1

On this, the 28th anniversary of the announcement by Stanley Pons and Martin Fvileischmann that they had observed a highly energetic phenomena in their experiments it is fills my heart with joy to know that these tortured spirits may finally be at peace and that their scarred reputation may fully healed.
Having gone through somewhat of a dramatic period in my own personal New Fire journey, I can now understand the immense respect they had for what they had discovered. I am not referring to their well known standard type cells, but rather their 1cc deuterium loaded palladium cube - ‘singularity’. The unintended effect of this experiment was it resulted in the destruction of their apparatus, a hole bored through the base of the fume cupboard and a relatively large volume of concrete and silicon dioxide based aggregate from the lab floor either disappearing, or turning to very fine particles. This scared them, as they realized they had stumbled upon something strange and potentially far more disruptive than more standard nuclear energy. Despite the fearsome effects, they did not report fire damage or activation of the lab... that is to say, this effect neither burnt in a chemical way, or produced large quantities of hot species.
This story had echoes in the same year of their announcement when Francesco Piantelli observed a similar ‘singularity’ in his nickel and hydrogen biology experiment... only this time under cryogenic conditions. Clearly this process could occur at a range of temperatures but what was common was a transition metal, a hydrogen species, electricity and a sudden parameter change. As Francesco Celani said as he agreed to give us access to his technology, safety, safety, safety is the most important thing.
The whole New Fire community has suffered ridicule and ostracisation over these 28 years, just as those who stumbled on similar effects in the past. It can be no secret that there has been vast resistance to New Fire research over the years, however, as I have seen up front and personal it goes way beyond the reasonable rejection of new data, on the one hand the attacks appear irrational at the same time as well coordinated – on the other hand they appear like an auto immune response from the human psyche to something unfathomable.
On reflection I find myself thinking what did anyone expect from a technology that appears to conjure forces into our physical realm in a way that appears to give “free” or “over unity” energy. When any technology that delivers a return of over 1 is able to be close looped, COP becomes meaningless and we tend to infinity if there are no other damping or limiting factors. This realizations should garner both fear and respect and once you know it you understand that we must be responsible with this great power that the universe is now bestowing upon us.
There are many things that can be realized with the 'New Fire' but perhaps those capabilities which are most pertinent to our needs right now are:
  1. A non-polluting energy source and
  2. A means to deal with the radioactive waste and fallout from our foray into traditional nuclear energy
We must demonstrate to the universe that we can use this technology responsibly before the planets align, by that, I mean we must show that we can work in tune with the natural ebb and flow, of nature. We must be humble and equitable in our deployment of the gift that is being given to us so that what we may take and give back rather than hoard. If we push this technology to its extreme it will set the balance to null itself and it will be out of our control. Nature always does this balancing, because nature abhors a vacuum.
At this moment we are sitting on the most incredible opportunity man has ever had, we are presented with a range of New Fire technologies whose inventors are prepared to gift them to man. We have already released details of ECCO, additional to this is what we are calling NOVA and AURA. This family of technology promises to solve the most intractable problems we have as a planet.
It gives me great honour to announce that in just 4 days, you, the followers of our humble live open science project have donated the best part of $25,000. This is just enough to test each of these technologies in the coming months. We are currently looking at the best way to get un-redacted fuel and ash testing done, of course the best way would be to have the equipment under the projects control where we can share the analysis live.
Once proven, as per the projects initial stated goals, we are putting in place methods and means to distribute the technologies far and wide with a data and knowhow sharing framework. We are also putting in place approaches to message and educate on the science and the impacts of the technology moving forward.
Thank you to all of the scientists, working, retired and in the citizenry that have enabled our journey or worked with us. Thank you to all of those brilliant minds that laid the foundations and did the hard relentless work from which our current claimants have been drawing their inspiration and thank you to the few individuals that have come forward, in a selfless way, to gift working embodiments to help us lift up the poor and protect our biosphere.
May we learn to use the New Fire to live in tune with nature, to love and respect each other and to leave a better world for our children.
NOTE: Thanks to Bob, his editorial-on-video is here:

NOTE: Re the Rossi vs Darden litigation, today IH has told what they know/want. Tomorrow it will be the turn of Rossi and his allies, the fight continues..


1) At the Miami Court Pacermonitor re the Rossi vs Darden litigation

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
203 motion Summary Judgment Wed 11:59 PM 
MOTION for Summary Judgment Related [+] by Cherokee Investment Partners, LLC, Thomas Darden, IPH International B.V., Industrial Heat, LLC, John T. Vaughn. Responses due by 4/5/2017 (Mastrucci, Christina)
201 motion Motion to Seal (Public) Wed 11:45 PM 
MOTION to Seal per Local Rule 5.4 by Cherokee Investment Partners, LLC, Thomas Darden, IPH International B.V., Industrial Heat, LLC, John T. Vaughn. (Pace, Christopher)
Att: 1  Text of Proposed Order
199 motion Miscellaneous Relief Wed 11:18 PM 
MOTION to File Combined Motion for Partial Summary Judgment under seal by James A. Bass, Fulvio Fabiani, J.M. Products, Inc., Henry Johnson, United States Quantum Leap, LLC. (Nunez, Rodolfo)
197 motion Miscellaneous Relief Wed 11:16 PM 
MOTION to Exclude The Opinions and Testimony of Dr. K. Wong by Cherokee Investment Partners, LLC, Thomas Darden, IPH International B.V., Industrial Heat, LLC, John T. Vaughn.(Pace, Christopher)
Att: 1  Exhibit 1,
Att: 2  Exhibit 2,
Att: 3  Exhibit 3
195 motion Motion to Seal (Public) Wed 10:52 PM 
Plaintiff's MOTION to Seal (1)Motion for Partial Summary Judgment and (2) Daubert Motion to Strike and Exclude Defendants' Experts with Attached Exhibits Pursuant to the Court's Order per Local Rule 5.4 by Leonardo Corporation, Andrea Rossi. (Chaiken, Brian)
Att: 1  Text of Proposed Order
194 motion Sanctions Wed 10:37 PM 
MOTION for Sanctions Based on Plaintiffs' and Third Party Defendants Fabiani, United States Quantum Leap and J.M. Products Inc.'s Spoliation of Evidence by Cherokee Investment Partners, LLC, Thomas Darden(individually), IPH International B.V., Industrial Heat, LLC, John T. Vaughn.(Pace, Christopher)
Att: 1  Exhibit 1,
Att: 2  Exhibit 2,
Att: 3  Exhibit 3,
Att: 4  Exhibit 4,
Att: 5  Exhibit 5,
Att: 6  Exhibit 6,
Att: 7  Exhibit 7,
Att: 8  Exhibit 8,
Att: 9  Exhibit 9,
Att: 10  Exhibit 10,
Att: 11  Exhibit 11,
Att: 12  Exhibit 12,
Att: 13  Exhibit 13,
Att: 14  Exhibit 14,
Att: 15  Exhibit 15,
Att: 16  Exhibit 16
193 notice Notice of Hearing by ATTORNEY ONLY Wed 10:15 AM 
NOTICE of Hearing by ATTORNEY: Discovery Hearing set for 3/23/2017 02:30 PM in Miami Division before Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan. (Lomax, Christopher

2) Nucleon polarizability, quark-x e-cat e una postilla fuori tema.

3) Thanks to Sergey Tsvetkov who has sent the accessible link to this:
About the applicability of the TET thermoemission transformer technology to the device of A.  Rossi by VITALII UZIKOV
О применимости новой технологии ТЭП к устройствам А.Росси

A very interesting paper see

4) Live: MFMP Begin Automated Ni + LiAlH4 Experiment

4a) Bob Higgins commences fully automated Ni + LiAlH4 experiment

5) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

Ing. Michelangelo De Meo
March 23, 2017 at 7:56 AM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
Find here an interesting comment of Bob Cook:
“Finally a theory coupling electron orbital energy states with nuclear energy
states involving magnetic fields and isotopic shifts to lower potential energy.

It fits the LENR multibody reaction model and explains the lack of energetic
particles associated with two- body nuclear reactions. I give it a thumbs up!

And it may be in time for consideration by the distinguished Swedish Committee
that evaluates scientific advances for 2017.

Bob Cook”

Andrea Rossi
March 23, 2017 at 9:09 AM

Ing. Michelangelo De Meo:
Thank you for the link,
Warm Regards,

5) New THREAD at LENR Forum
Large list of Rossi Patents

7) Rossi v. IH — Final Penon Report Published in Court Documents (Among Many Others); “Plant Consistently Produced Energy that is at Least Six Times Greater than the Energy Consumed”


1) Scientists evade the Heisenberg uncertainty principle

Date:March 22, 2017
Source:ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences
Researchers report the discovery of a new technique that could drastically improve the sensitivity of instruments such as magnetic resonance imagers (MRIs) and atomic clocks. The study reports a technique to bypass the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. This technique hides quantum uncertainty in atomic features not seen by the instrument, allowing the scientists to make very high precision measurements.

The same question goes today to the Cold Fusion Founding Fathers.
Were the Founding Fathers Great Leaders?


  1. From Your Quora Digest
    What inventions changed the world the fastest?

    John Geare, studied at Dickinson College
    Written 14 Apr 2016

    I have two candidates:
    The World Wide Web, which is an actual invention, being the handiwork of this man:

    He is Sir Tim Berners-Lee, English researcher who visualized, then actualized the combination of separate technologies which gave us "the web." As he put it:
    "I just had to take the hypertext idea and connect it to the Transmission Control Protocol and domain name system ideas and—ta-da!—the World Wide Web... Most of the technology involved in the web, like the hypertext, like the Internet, multifont text objects, had all been designed already. I just had to put them together. It was a step of generalising, going to a higher level of abstraction, thinking about all the documentation systems out there as being possibly part of a larger imaginary documentation system."
    His colleagues and others were impressed. Tim was knighted in 2004, received the Order of Merit, thus becoming one of only 24 living members entitled to hold the honour, and to use the post-nominals 'O.M.' after their name. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 2001. He even has a planet named after him (albeit a minor one - we can't take these things too far.)
    He created the first ever web site is (yes, you can go there) and it went live in early August 1991. Not surprisingly, he also built the first ever browser; but imagine having the world's first ever web site, and no others to browse to. And all of that took place just 25 years ago.
    The world wide web, now at about a 800 million sites, grew like a weed:

    The chart above (thank you internet livestats) shows only the number of active web sites; not the number of registrations.
    I needn't go down the list of all that has changed since www became a thing, everyone surely knows.
    The other contender is the atomic bomb:

    It certainly qualifies as an invention. And the indelible impact on the world might be measured in the few nanoseconds it took for the fission to do its work. That's FAST.
    My 2 cents.



  3. From Lenr Forum

    57 minutes ago
    The experiment was aborted last night due to a leak, apparently at the reactor tube metal seal interface. I will be reworking that today. The experiment did not get very far into heating - only to 140C. I will rework the reactor tube seal today and re-install. Hopefully the leak will have been resolved and the test can proceed as planned.

    The experiment uses AH-50 Ni powder that has been processed to remove oxide prior to mixing with 10% by weight LiAlH4. It is a Parkhomov-like reaction that is insulated in the K-26 bricks to improve the sensitivity to excess heat.

    When the experiment is re-started, there will be a new folder for link to the data.
    Edit Reply

    sam sam
    4 hours ago
    Bob Higgins
    Bob wrote:
    I know this says "intends" to support, but I hope they have committed to you. I appreciate you posts and while open minded, show not only a good understanding of a correct approach but an appropriate caution not to jump to unfounded conclusions! A scientist in the true meaning!
    Good fortune on your automated test as well!
    Thank you for the vote of confidence, Bob. My stated goal is to find a reproducible Ni-H LENR experiment, document it and share the details for reproduction - specifically university reproduction. It is not until we get a reproducible experiment in the universities that the research needed to understand Ni-H LENR is likely to occur. Theoretical physicists need reliable and reproducible data or the field is not going to mature to practical engineering. Grad students need an experiment they can reliably build upon to build a dissertation research project. A single reproducible experiment whose protocol is fully documented and provided to everyone would legitimize the field in all sectors. This experiment doesn't have to be a Ni-H experiment, but that is where I chose to work.

    I should comment that Pd-D reproducibility has been improving and we are seeing university work there (U of Missouri, Texas Tech in the US). One of the disappointing things with Pd-D is not what Peter Gluck keeps harping about (power density and cost), but rather longevity of the experiment. If you cannot get the experiment to run for weeks and months, it is impossibly hard to find the systematic changes in the materials that could provide core clues into what is happening in the reaction. That's an important reason I chose to work on Ni-H - because of reports of long-lived experiments.

    Today, I only have a friendly relationship with IH. I share what I am doing, just as I share it with everyone else. I have not received any money or materials from IH. Actually, the future of IH's support for outside researchers depends a lot on the outcome of this trial. I get NO information about Rossi's technology from IH. The relationship has allowed me to discuss LENR subjects with some of their other research partners.
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  4. Peter
    LENR G has some interesting comments
    on Ecat World over the last few hours.


    1. Thanks Dear Sam

      over 120 exhibits and many comments once I was very fast but now need time to process ll.
      Main interest in technical issues.
      Please continue to help.