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The title of this issue shows that our (LENR)  situation goes beyond and is worse than lack of clarity- we are navigating in dense fog.
One of the reasons- for LENR plus , can be understood from what I wrote below, originally published at:

Let's be serious, it is high time for disambiguation!

I dare to think that the discussion here about the visit at the Doral plant is anachronic and inefficient.

The RvD trial seems to be planned for a duration of 1.5 years , 9 months in 2016 and 9 months in 2017and now it is in an advanced state- that is the Court already knows the real proofs of the Parts- it is a game of chess.
In meantime, here in this parallel garbled trial -we are still playing poker more disinformation, incomplete information, irrelevant"information" is processed than real information. Less and less connected to the real evolution.
Rossi has given some information about the Plant during the Test - as any real plant there were problems and the problems were solved, the technology works, giving multiplicative excess heat. Results are in four ERV reports accepted and paid by IH.

After April 5, 2016 when the litigation started, IH and its supporters have gradually created a counter-narrative- the process is inexistent, impossible and (if not so) kills everybody in the customers plant
Technically (actually anti-technically speaking)
the main proof of IH is the famous Exhibit 5.
My opinion is that this Exhibits says false and inept things. A decision could be taken based on a diagram of the plant or even better now based on what was seen during the visit of the Plant.
Then the great fan of Exhibit 5 could say loudly and proudly: I have told it, the steam pipe has only 40mm, the flowmeter was in a half-full pipe over the reservoir: "veni, vidi, vici!" Murray is a genius and so am I (he)
Instead such message even in a diplomatic form, here Dewey has placed a lot of sentences - ambiguous, irrelevant and venomous

Here there are, commented;

The story is interesting in that it continues to evolve over what was there and photographed on inspection day vswhat Planet Rossi thinks / wishes was there during the "customer" rental period including pipe sizes (and since for that matter).
Clearly blurred the story evolved during the Test
nd what's with the the pipe sizes?

Lots of explaining left for the Plaintiff's side.
Fine for its opponent, nothing more to explain?

One moral of the story has become clear - teach your children that you can tell the truth the same way every time but can never tell a lie the same way twice.

At a first sight it looks he speaks about Murray, perhaps he has told the same lie before the Court. But was he there?

Planet Rossi knows who was there and who was not and there was no court reporter for the site inspection.

Planet Rossi, Dewey's stereotipy is all Rossi's supporters. They have no idea who has been at the visit. Rossi probably knows

R's been getting a lot of English practice in all the depositions - its amazing how connected that man is to his story.
This is indeed a nasty trick was Rossi unable to tell something important? Has actually somebody reported that Rossi was not speaking well.
Dewey, I offer you a challenge- let's take ten pages from James Joyce's novel 'Ullysses' and
let's list the words we do not understand. Who finds more is the loser, OK?
Remember that Rossi has no expertise in real steam systems.
Other nastyness- perhaps he is good in surreal steam systems?
Your experts will help him after finishing their reports.
It would be better to discuss as professionals or not at all. No more void ambiguities!


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Important fo today's Editorial:
Artificial intelligence goes deep to beat humans at poker

"AIs have long dominated games such as chess, and last year one conquered Go, but they have made relatively lousy poker players. In DeepStack researchers have broken their poker losing streak by combining new algorithms and deep machine learning, a form of computer science that in some ways mimics the human brain, allowing machines to teach themselves."
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Disinformation- how it works:


  1. Dear Peter,
    I am sure you must have been following Bob Greenyer's (RedPill and now AMA-) revellations, if you were able to find the time for it. I believe they do not really give the answers to LENR,but instead confuse people and do not contribute to Bob's image. Can you share your opinion?

    1. Dear Marc, I spoke Thursday with Bob at phone and have promised him to wait till mthe things come clear(er)

      Today I had a battle on RvD - but tomorrow I wil try to solve the problem.

    2. I have offered Keith Fredericks an explanation for the tachyon like particles that he was seeing in his research. Keith has added much value to the LENR field by studying these strange particles. This explanation of these particles covers much of what Bob G is expressing.

      I would be glad to back up this explanation with the hundreds of references that I have collected over the years. Also look at the ideas of Keith Fredericks which supports and adds depth to what Bob G is saying.

      Feel free to ask questions, others will benefit from a give and take.

      By the way, what Bob G is saying is totally compatible with the nanoplasmonic based theories that DGT and Peter have backed going back many years. Bob G just got excited when he saw the nanoplasmonic light contained in the various near complete systems that he has recently evaluated in India and in Europe.


  3. From Abd Lomax Colf fusion community Blog.