Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I lay quietly asleep
With mind silenced breathing deep
‎There's no face or sound or color
Just your hand holding my sorrow.

We don't speak as there’s no need
To feel words beneath our feet
It is dark outside and cold
Your hand warm holding my soul.

In my dream there is no face
And no tear, nothing to trace
Your hand gentle on my skin
And no fabric in between.

I did not invite you in
Still, you’re here in my dream
Knowing that I want you near
As the forest needs the deer.

I wake up. Apparently
There's nobody next to me
But I know I'm not alone
As your hand is never gone!

The dream faints away too fast
Still, one thing will always last
As I ride my own life’s wave
You, my friend, will keep me safe!

Georgina Popescu


  1. Dreams come and go while asleep
    I want them all to keep
    But when I get awake
    Most are gone, maybe fake?

  2. As they are made by you without intent
    May be misunderstood, but never fake!

    1. True, dreams will be real
      But their setting reveal
      It's beyond imagination,
      Without borders or limitation!

      Nice Georgina!