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Time is our most valuable asset, yet we tend to waste it, kill it and spend it rather than invest it. (Jim Rohn)


Note. There are small chances that I will receive more answers, echos to the pernicious idea of incompleteness of the PdD electrolytic cell process but it is my duty to repeat the question here:

How much have you progressed - as results and as understanding from your first Test to the most recent one? What are your expectations, short-term and longer term?

It is limited to the Fleischmann-Pons Cell and I would be enchanted to get answers from ENEA (Vittorio Violante), SKINR (Graham Hubler, Arik El Boher), Texas Univ (Robert Duncan) from Mitchell Swartz and Peter Hagelstein, From Dennis cCravens and Dennis Letts- from the responsible of the LENR research funded by Industrial Heat and so on... Is this idea a great error- and this leads to the smallness of the idea per se...or it has some reason in it/

a) DIscussion with Ed Storms re the nature and behavior of NAE
Ed has written

We agree up to a point, Peter. Formation of the NAE is a dynamic process.  Nevertheless, once the amount of NAE able to form in the material has been reached, additional formation stops. This is where our opinions part company.   

If the NAE kept forming, the power would continue to increase. This behavior is not seen.  Each sample reaches a characteristic amount of power production. Thereafter, the amount of power is influenced mainly by temperature.  Of course, the amount of power can be changed by loss of the NAE or by other unknown factors, but in general my description applies to most samples. This is the behavior F-P reported. The same general behavior has been reported by everyone else. 

In summary, once the limit to the amount of NAE the sample can support has been reached, no more NAE forms. Each sample has a limit to the amount of NAE it can form, hence a limit to the amount of power it can generate. This is an important conclusion.  Once this limit is reached, the amount of NAE in the sample remains constant and continues to create a stable amount of power, all else remaining unchanged.  In other words, the NAE is not destroyed by the nuclear process. The challenge is to discover how to increase the limit to the amount of NAE.  

The Ni-H system obviously has a greater limit to the concentration of NAE compared to the Pd-D system.  That, in my opinion, is the only difference between the two materials when LENR occurs. 

I want tto start with a few questions;
A.- if NAE are nanocracks -why is there a limit for their number/density? Whatis the limiting factor? Are those active cracks special in some way or is it only a problem of size? If temperature is  a factor-(how?), will be the processes at 70, 400, 800, 12000 C be qualitatively the same, or will be some changes in the mechanism?
The NAE are resistant and survive the nuclear process, how and why? The durtion of the PdD excess heat is a problem. Piantelli said he had excess heat for months. 
The Rossi heat effect seems to be OK for 6 months. 
What do you think and which factors play a role for the claimed greater density of NAE in NiH then in PdD - metallurgy, morphology? Perhaps we have to consider that Pd D works with deuterium and NiH with protium.

b) Inspiring concepts from the'a Annual Contest

Roger Highfield 

You might be forgiven for thinking that this is so blindingly obvious that it is hardly worth stating, let alone arguing, that it should become a popular meme. After all, "pre-" means “before,” so surely you should be able to take action in the wake of a prediction to change your future—like buying an umbrella when a deluge is forecast, for example.

Ultimately we need better modeling based on mechanistic understanding in medicine so that, one day, your doctor can carry out timely experiments on a digital Doppelgänger before she experiments on you. Modern medicine needs more actionable predictions.
Cesar Hidalgo

In physics we say a system is in a critical state when it is ripe for a phase transition. Consider water turning into ice, or a cloud that is pregnant with rain. Both of these are examples of physical systems in a critical state.
So, the next time the house of cards collapses, remember to focus on why we were building a house of cards in the first place, instead of focusing on whether the last card was the queen of diamonds or a two of clubs.

Janna Levin

Complexity makes life interesting. A universe of just Hydrogen is quite bland, but the helpful production of Carbon in stellar cores allows for all kinds of chemical connections. A universe of just two dimensions is pretty limited, but live in at least three and enjoy the greater range of motion and possible spatial permutations. Sitting on a bench in my friend’s garden in California, there’s a lot to look at. The visual information filling my field of view is incredibly complicated.
More simply, the principle of least action can be stated as a principle of least resistance. If you drop a ball in mid air, it falls along the shortest path to the ground, the path of least resistance under the force of gravity. If the ball does anything but fall along the shortest path, if it spirals around in widening loops and goes back up in the air, you would know that there are other forces at work—a hidden string or gusts of air. And those additional forces would drive the ball along the path of least resistance in their mathematical description. The principle of least action is an old one. It allows physicists to share the most profound concepts in human history in a single line. Take that one mathematical sentence and calculate the shortest paths allowed in the space of possibilities and you will find the story of the origin of the universe and the evolution of our cosmological ecosystem.


1) From Andrea Rossi's JONP
Freddie Macnab
January 23, 2017 at 5:25 AM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
I agree on your decision to delay the presentation of the QuarkX after the verdict: you will be more focused and will make a masterpiece!
We of the silent majority understand the strong pressure you are sustaining,

Andrea Rossi
January 23, 2017 at 1:57 PM

Freddie Macnab:
Thank you,
Warm Regards,
2) From the
Patent nonsense

The other side


A quark like no other
rDate:January 18, 2017
Source:University of Iowa
A physicist is at the forefront of the search to confirm the existence of a particle believed to give mass to all matter. Her group helped build and operates a sub-detector to search for bottom quarks, which are thought to appear when a Higgs boson decays.


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  1. A.R. Can present his masterpiece after
    the court.
    But he should present a few pictures and
    a short video of the QuarkX before the
    For his followers sake and his own or it
    going to look like he is only after the money.

    1. Well of course he is after the money. What else would he be after?
      If he was after the establishment of his amazing new technology with a proven (?) COP of 50 on a year long test, he would be offering up this great new proven (?) technology to any of the hundreds of eager takers who would be clamoring at his door to get on board at such a cheap price as that which he is chasing IH for.
      But no! Instead he is dragging an unwilling divorced partner (oops,.. now just a 'licensee apparently) through the courts trying to extract an amount which was promised under a promise given that they were actually investing in a pumpkin which could be turned into a golden carriage. It turns out that they couldn't get it to do anything more than what pumpkins do and decided not to pay any more.
      The big question is, why waste time chasing IH for anything else when Doctor Rossi is now free to take his now well proven (?) technology and flog it off to all the other prospective partners who now have the assurance and security of all the data produced by the previous year long test, which IH paid for. (How good is that?! The previous 'marvelous partner' (now ex licensee) paid the cost of the proving tests and data accumulation) all with signed off reports from an entity responsible for verification, so they know it must be genuine.
      It's hard to understand why Doctor Rossi is not jumping for joy at the great opportunity which has dropped in his lap. But instead he is chasing his previous 'licensee' as he now calls them, for non payment for something which they claim he did not deliver.
      It's hard to see the logic in that isn't it?
      Oh,.. unless there is some problem with the veracity of the test and it's associated reports.
      Is that even possible though, with all those ERV reports? and a 'customer' who was happy with all the energy delivered? Plus three more plants sold on the basis of the excellent results? On that basis it would all have to be genuine and I suggest the good Doctor should stop wasting his time with IH, and go find a new marvelous all powerful partner to take up the great opportunity of a lifetime.
      Maybe Aldo Proia of Prometeon might like to go another round?

      Somehow, I don't think a few photos and a video are going to add much to the situation which has not been added a number of times before.
      A real third party independent test carried out without Mr Rossi's involvement would do the job however, but I think even the most ardent supporter would have to accept that the likelihood of that is approximately zero.

  2. If anyone is interested in ECat Court lots of
    discussion on this thread ECat World.


  4. Re: if NAE are nanocracks...

    More generally, a NAE is a regime of space/time were electrons and photons are confined together for enough time so that they can become quantum mechanically entangled. The confinement allows electrons to be converted to bosons which removes the Pauli exclusion restriction on their massive concentration.

    The NAE survives the nuclear process (proton decay) because the proton and the NAE are entangled an become the same. Energy flows from the proton to the NAE as a gentle redistribution of energy in the same subatomic structure.

    In the entanglement process, the NAE becomes a special sub atomic particle...a polariton. Anytime electrons are made to rotate is a tight space...confined...polaritons may be formed.

    In a bacteria, the process of entanglement is the same. Chemical structure produces the polariton by entangling electrons and EMF.

    As an analogy, think about the way a proton pulls in an electron when there are to many protons in the nucleus. The proton pulls in this additional mass/energy to rebalance the system without any catastrophic disruption as gentle as you please.

    Its not how many NAE that a system can produce, it is the number that can be confined because polaritons can easily escape their place of birth. Such confinement is done magnetically because polaritons are magnetic particles containing all the spins of all the electrons and photons that have come together to make them up.

    Think about ball lightning, how can you contain ball lightning or a plasmoid after it has easily passes through glass and put it in a magnetic bottle.

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