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the new Philosophy


In LENR too we are doing a lot of Superficial Icebergology- considering only the visible part of something and ignoring the greater invisible part- as piublished data in any form/real know-how, known/unknown in the great LENR field, accessible data
(see below) vs secret unknowable yet, facts, in the Rossi vs. Darden Trial.


1) From the Miami Court Pacermonitor 

Monday, January 09, 2017
105 notice Notice of Hearing by ATTORNEY ONLY Mon 6:04 PM
NOTICE of Hearing by ATTORNEY: Discovery Hearing set for1/10/2017 10:00 AM before Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan. (Pace, Christopher)
Att: 1 Plaintiffs' Response to Defedants' Second Request for Production to Plaintiffs

can be read here
Good prospects for Leonardo Corp./Andrea Rossi lawsuit vs. Cherokee Investment Partners/Thomas Darden (updated 10.01.2017) 

2) Bill Nye on Cold Fusion

From Gregory Goble:
3) A bit of LENR history… pre - 2005
"How Can Cold Fusion Be Real, Considering It Was Disproved By Several Well-Respected Labs In 1989?"

4) A bit of LENR history 2007

Cold Fusion Colloquium at MIT

5) From Andrea Rossis JONP
Janeth Bonatti
January 9, 2017 at 11:25 PM

Dear Andrea Rossi:
How is going the litigation with Cherokee- IH?
Andrea Rossi
January 10, 2017 at 7:43 AM

Janeth Bonatti:
I will be able to answer only after the end of it.
Warm Regards,

From thr Official Russian LENR.SEPLM. U  site

6) In Zarechnyi it was created the first  nuclear battery worldwide


7) Breakthrough: Russian scientist have created a method to replace the batteries

The paper in English:

Highly energetic phenomena in water electrolysis
A. V. Postnikov, I. V. Uvarov, M. V. Lokhanin& V. B. Svetovoy
Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 39381 (2016)
Download Citation
Applied physics-Energy-Nanoscale materials
Received:16 August 2016 Accepted:23 November 2016 Published online:16 December 2016


Water electrolysis performed in microsystems with a fast change of voltage polarity produces optically invisible nanobubbles containing H2 and O2 gases. In this form the gases are able to the reverse reaction of water formation. Here we report extreme phenomena observed in a millimeter-sized open system. Under a frequency of driving pulses above 100 kHz the process is accompanied by clicking sounds repeated every 50 ms or so. Fast video reveals that synchronously with the click a bubble is growing between the electrodes which reaches a size of 300 μm in 50 μs. Detailed dynamics of the system is monitored by means of a vibrometer by observing a piece of silicon floating above the electrodes. The energy of a single event is estimated as 0.3 μJ and a significant part of this energy is transformed into mechanical work moving the piece. The observations are explained by the combustion of hydrogen and oxygen mixture in the initial bubble with a diameter of about 40 μm. Unusual combustion mechanism supporting spontaneous ignition at room temperature is responsible for the process. The observed effect demonstrates a principal possibility to build a microscopic internal combustion engine.

In Russian see please this:
Physicists from Russia buil hydrogen "nano-engines"
Физики из России встроят водородные "нано-моторы" в смартфоныhttps://ria.ru/science/20161230/1484972582.html

8) A scientific paper about hydrinos:
Hydrinos again

M. Pitk¨anen Email: matpitka6@gmail.com. 

December 27, 2016 
1 Introduction 
1 2 Is there a connection with TGD based model for cold fusion? 
2 3 Hydrino as dark atom?
 3 Abstract Randell Mills has proposed his notion of hydrino atom to explain anomalous energy production and EUV radiation in 10-20 nm range taking place in certain electrolytic system and having no chemical explanation. The proposal of Mills is that hydrogen atom can make in presence of a catalyst a transition to a lower energy state with a reduced size. I have already earlier considered some TGD inspired models for hydrino. The resemblance with the claimed cold fusion suggests that the energy production involved in the two cases might involve the same mechanism. I will consider two models. The first model would be a variant of cold fusion model that might explain the energy production and the observed radiation at EUV energy range. Second model is a variant of hydrino atom assuming that ordinary hydrogen atom corresponds to heff /h = nH > 1 and that catalyst containing hydrogen atoms with lower value of nh < nH could induce a phase transition transforming hydrogen atoms to hydrinos with binding energy spectrum scaled up by scaling factor (nH/nh) 2 and radii scaled down by(nh/nH) 2 . The findings of Mills favour the value nH = 6
related to:

(nuclear model, photo-synthesis, catalysis)Towards a self-consistent dynamical nuclear model
X. Roca-Maza1,2, Y.F. Niu2,3, G. Col`o1,2, P. F. Bortignon1,2
1-Dipartimento di Fisica, Universit`a degli Studi di Milano, Via Celoria 16, I-20133
Milano, Italy
2- INFN, Sezione di Milano, Via Celoria 16, I-20133 Milano, Italy
3- ELI-NP, Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering, 30
Reactorului Street, RO-077125, Bucharest-Magurele, Romania
E-mail: xavier.roca.maza@mi.infn.it

Density Functional Theory (DFT) is a powerful and accurate tool
exploited in Nuclear Physics to investigate the ground-state and some collective
properties of nuclei along the whole nuclear chart. Models based on DFT are, however,
not suitable for the description of single-particle dynamics in nuclei. Following the field
theoretical approach by A. Bohr and B. R. Mottelson to describe nuclear interactions
between single-particle and vibrational degrees of freedom, we have undertaken
important steps to build a microscopic dynamic nuclear model. In connection to
that, one important issue that needs to be better understood is the renormalization
of the effective interaction in the particle-vibration approach. One possible way to
renormalize the interaction is the so called subtraction method. In this contribution
we will implement the subtraction method for the first time in our model and study its consequences.

Unique microbial photosynthesis discovered
Finding could be used for waste treatment, energy
Date: January 9, 2017
Source:Washington State University
Researchers have discovered a new type of cooperative photosynthesis that could be used in engineering microbial communities for waste treatment and bioenergy production.

Some catalysts contribute their own oxygen for reactions
Finding may help researchers fine-tune metal-oxide catalysts to enhance energy storage technology
Date:January 9, 2017
Source:Massachusetts Institute of Technology
New research shows that metal-oxide catalysts can sometimes release oxygen from within their structure, enhancing chemical activity.




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