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JAN 04, 2017 LENR INFO

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Today a composition of Mottoes

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Actually it is not about wisdom, Piet speaks here about life itself.

Now, in the  image  sbove (it jumped there) 
Simone de Beauvoir reveals us tha the contrary of life is old age

This idea claims a  Grook  
" The bumpy road of Old Age is sad to describe- you err, and err more and more, your errors gather till suddenly you lose means and tome to correct or regret them."

(Poets welcome to put the new Grook in a proper form, so it is more a 'Gloock'
Use E.A. Poe's "and said the Raven Nevermore" for inspiration.


For the time given I still have time to make a lot of errors and to apologize for them, I am a privileged old man and blogger..

There are answers and discussion related to the NiHEXIT theme however one of the main arguments that Pd D and NiH are different species in a sense was not confirmed or infirmed decisively:
Id it true that Pd does not work with H and Ni does not work with D?

Till I get the answer. nothing changes; NiHEXIT has to be considred useful.

It would be interesting to define what in LENR means "to work"?I think this has to be judged if the heat excess is: observable, confirmable, measurable, actionable- by single or multiple means and for how long?


1) From the Miami Court Pacermonitor- first document in 2017

Tuesday, January 03, 2017
101 respm Response in Opposition to Motion Tue 8:55 PM
RESPONSE in Opposition re90 Joint MOTION TO DISMISS78Answer to Complaint, Counterclaim,,,,,, FOR FAILURE TO STATE A CLAIM as to Counts III, IV, and V filed by IPH International B.V.(a Netherlands company), Industrial Heat, LLC(a Delaware limited liabililty company). Replies due by 1/10/2017. (Mastrucci, Christina)

2) A video from MFMP- Bob Greenyer
Scoby do - Understanding the Vysotskii / Kornilova experiment through Kombucha

3) Nickel--hydrogen Search the Now-Waazon please somebody help me with this I do not see well enough. Please tell if it is worth. Thnks!
4) Questions about Industrial Heat

5) Updated info re Brilliant Light Power

6) The Answer to all our energy problems - Cold Fusion


Tiny laser created using nanoparticles
Date:January 3, 2017
Source:Aalto University
Researchers have developed a plasmonic nanolaser that operates at visible light frequencies and uses so-called dark lattice modes.


Believe It or Not, Science Deniers Aren't Stupid
What is the situation with the LENR+ deniers?

What your company needs most isn’t vision. It’s focus



    1. Thanks dear Sam, but I get these automtically almost on many ways.
      The great problem is what think Randy about this association with Cold Fusion- as he calls LENR and dislikes it very much.
      I will ask him.