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I am almost hibernating a bit, however the Web and the strange LENR world- is not, so I can publish this issue too. Just it is a "no comment" day
An EGO OUT issue with no Motto would look poor; it happened that yesterday four friend have complained (on Fmail) about digestive problems and this has reminded me how well can be prevented such problems with small doses of Bitter plants extract- liqueurs and perhaps the most efficient is the famous Zwack aperitif UNICUM. My Fathr has worked in a Zwack factory around 1927.
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1a) MFMP Bob Greenyer New presentation

In the presentation Dr. Alexander Parkhomov shared at the end of 2016, he revealed for the first time some of the unusual structures growing in his reactors.
Whilst we do not know the elements / isotopes they are composed of, MFMP volunteer Bob Greenyer has had a shot at getting to the bottom of how one of them may have formed by comparing it with another natural structure.

1b) Bob Greenyer also considers the following paper as possibly relevant:
this may be relevant.
Particles in Motion - NASA discovers why dust particles on the moon and more levitate - could this have implications for dusty plasma?
From the article:
"The study found that the strange properties of Moon dust combined with UV radiation or plasma from the Sun can loft single particles - or sometimes even large clusters of dust - up above the surface.
This is due to the reaction causing an emission and re-absorption of electrons inside 'micro-cavities' formed between neighbouring particles, which can generate unexpectedly large electrical charges and intense repulsive forces."
Imagine what kind of repulsive forces are being experienced in Dr György Egely's 'Dusty Plasma' reactor!
Could this be one reason why LENR reactions have been reported to be stimulated by UV and LASER light?
Original report:
Thanks to Bob!

2) SRI Replication Report Another Interesting Addition to LENR Body of Research

3) Cold Fusion the energy revolution considered impossible by everybody..(in French)

4) Nuclear Cold Fusion by Filimonrnlo at PFUR
Холодный ядерный синтез.Филимоненко в РУДН.

5) A presentation of the French LENR scientist Jean-Paul Bibérian in German language

6) From Gregory Goble 
Rossi LENR/Cold Fusion and RF radio frequency stimulation

7) Energoniva - a water plasma transmutation technology from Russia

8) Brillouin admits its process is LENR

9) I am asking the Readers: may somebody write a review about this book?


(about a hypothesis of Gerard McEk, oomented by Sam North on my Blog)

The speculation of Gerard McEk is well founded. IMHO, the fundamental particle that drives the LENR reaction is a newly discovered one; it is a quasiparticle; a form of ball lightning, but on the microscale. It is called the polariton and is a child of quantum mechanics.
Matter-Light Condensates Reach Thermal Equilibrium

A witnessed here in this article about this new science: nanoplasmonics, is being developed to understand how light and matter can combine into a new form of particle that has the qualities of both light and matter: specifically a the photon and an electron hybrid that can exist for a very long time.

Polaritons must be pumped continuously with energy to stay together, but when a positive feedback loop sets in to extract its nuclear energy from matter, it can feed itself and reach a steady state of activity. We in the study of LENR call this steady state mode of energy pumping action, self sustain mode.

Polaritons can combine together and form balls of light as reported by Fabiani: Rossi's electrical engineer.

For example Fulvio Fabiani states: 

"We have it all filmed, which still cannot be disclosed. We have photographs of creatures that emit pure light that have completely melted the reactor down, all in a very quiet way. You just turn off the stimuli system and the reaction is switched off. It’s impressive." 

In this revelation, Fabiani explains how the polariton works in LENR. It produces a special type of magnetism that breaks down matter into its more basic subatomic parts and at the same time, it sucks excess nuclear binding energy out of the LENR reaction that it catalyzes using an amplified weak force reation to keep itself fed and to put some of that extracted energy away as a form of EMF storage. This method of nuclear energy storage can retain huge amount of power that could sustain the polariton wor weeks.

Holmlid says that his reaction can stay alive for weeks but when feed fluorescent room light or wea laser light, the polaritons can come back to life and generate new muons in a invigorated LERN reaction.

Gerard McEk's idea about ash is applicable here. Rossi creates long lived polariton covered nanoparticles in his ash using a preprocessing step that he reactivates in the on-line state.

Polaritons require a nanocavity to form. There are many different ways that this can happen. In the SunCell, silver and hydrogen based nanowires produce the reflective surfaces needed for the polariton to form. 

Nanowires are superconductive and will not allow EMF to penetrate into its surface. This reflective surface provides one mirror that the polaritons need to come into existence, This should against EMF is call the meissner effect. 

The other mirror is produced by the isolating layer of hydrogen the surround the nanowire and keeps electrons and photons confined for long enough for them to mix into a polariton.

The more perfect that the reflecting mirrors are, the longer that the polaritons will live. The missiner effect protecting the surface of the nanowire is as good as it gets in reflecting EMF, both light and electrons.


Moore’s Law Will Soon End, but Progress Doesn’t Have to

Audio Book to DOWNLOAD 
Nuclear Energy Now: Why The Time Has Come For The World'S Most Misunderstood Energy Source


From Gerry Mc Govern
Digital is making government redundant

The old "means become aims" issue
""Government, like all organizations, claims to exist to serve citizens but in reality is usually more interested in serving itself. Digital is increasingly exposing government incompetence and how remote from the real life of people so many in government are (particularly at a senior level)."

From Tanmay Vora
Dwell in Possibility


  1. About this idea of Gerard McEk that the ash of LENR can be re-used to initiate the LENR reaction easy and quickly: It made me think of ancient times when they had to keep the fire burning and if they lost it, the tribe could die.
    Would Rossi have lost his 'fire' in the past?

    1. I have always suspected that a special form of nanoparticle is produced in a preprocessing step. A reactor meltdown might have been an indication of the formation of this special nanoparticle. I have suggested a fuel mix using an enriched lithium 7 isotope should be tried in the preprocessing step. People(Wizkid) who have used enriched lithium-7 have gotten reactor meltdowns. Ash from this type meltdown should then be used in an online test.

      Regarding another issue, LiAlH is a reaction moderator which keeps the reactor from melting down. This moderator might not be good to use in a preprocessing step. In a preprocessing step, a high potency lithium mix enriched in lithium-7 that produces meltdowns has the best chance of producing LENR active fuel.

  2. science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-hidden-figures-katherine-johnson-2017

  3. The 'Wool' of metal threads produced in Parkhomov's experiment seen in Bob Greenyer's MFMP youtube video look similar to the nanowire dimers in the recent Arxiv preprint -
    "One-dimensional plasmonic hotspots located between silver nanowire dimers..." (page 19, Fig. 1)
    If Parkhomov's results are correct, perhaps the enhanced formation of plasmonic "hotspots" could be worth considering.

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  5. Peter,

    Why have you censored my comment? What happened to free speech? What have you got against me?


  6. Anonymous
    January 9, 2017 at 7:47 PM
    Dr Andrea Rossi,
    Do you think that spinpolarizability could help to explain the so called Rossi Effect?

    Andrea Rossi
    January 9, 2017 at 9:51 PM
    This is a thread that is worth to be studied carefully. I am studying it with a new member of our Team.
    Warm Regards,

    1. If entanglement and coherence is the basis of all LENR causality, what is the fundamental property of matter that entanglement applies to? That property is spin. How is entanglement applied it spin. Magnetism is the force that imposes entanglement on spin. Therefore, magnetism is the force that imposes LENR onto matter.

      Rossi is looking in the right area for the fundamental causation of LENR.