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 EDITNMH- the Focus of it

The idea of a movement etc for developing EDITNMH that is Enhanced Dynamic Interaction between Transition Nano- Metals and Hydrogen is both necessary and feasible- you will say; the idea will eventually succeed even if the name acronym will be replaced with a shorter, better one- officially.
However I want to make some things clear- and first- the focus of EDITNMH is about LENR+, NOT LENR classic. E- from the name is strongly about Energy and about Engineering too, T- is for Technology, N- alludes to NOT radioactivity. I am still publishing dally notes about my LENR ideology and EDITNMH is a result of this mode and focus of thinking. It is by no way a 'me too' action, I wtr to make a difference. The modus operandi of Andrea Rossi- except his secrecy re IP and his focusing on physics theoriy  exclusively- is a model and a guide- you are free to say what you wish.
I need to make some changes inclusive in my Blog in order to get rid of my painful Disfocusitis The No1 aim of the blog remains to inform you fast and completely about all the publications, presentations and events- with absolute priority.
Discussions re my ideas regarding incompleteness of PdD electrolytic system will be drastically diminished- they are collateral to LENR+  and protected by hyper-strong memes carved in stone.. Not much can be done and the research line is interesting (think about the recent Violante presentation, enjoyably smart!)

As regarding the Rossi vs Darden Trial, I think everything possible was told more times. The Law has its Way and it is too much lack of knowledge and speculation mixed in. A few days ago, IH has write something about 3 Terabytes of information
they have deposited in the Court- something as irrational as their famous 27 Exhibits
enough! Keeping informed but not investing my residual time in the chat about the trial.

Starting from tomorrow I will get in touch with my friends- people and organizations in order to create EDITNMH.


1) Excess Heat Claim In Chinese Ni-H System (Video, Updated with Chinese Translation)

2) Upcoming Events in LENR

3) Updated -by Uwe Doms
Good prospects for Leonardo Corp./Andrea Rossi lawsuit vs. Cherokee Investment Partners/Thomas Darden

4) NEW THREAD AT LENR Forum by Mr. SelfSustain
May 2017 be for LENR what 2016 wasn't.

8) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

Luis Navarro
January 1, 2017 at 4:01 AM

Dear Andrea,
In your answers to Sustainers and Stephen you have given us much more than dreams, Thank you!
Positive news and hope that finally 2017 will be THE YEAR THE WORLD CHANGED, f8.
The very best to you and your team in the next very important months, also that finally your tennis improves.
Best regards
Andrea Rossi
January 1, 2017 at 10:13 AM

Luis Navarro:
A new Dream is coming later, from a long night of the 2017 Eve…
The very best also to you,

Vance Neitzke
January 1, 2017 at 10:49 AM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
In 2016 you published here your New year Eve dream: what did you dream during this New Year Eve night?

Andrea Rossi
January 1, 2017 at 12:53 PM

Vance Neitzke:
This New Year Eve night I didn’t sleep, too many issues to think about, but, during that limbo status between to be awake and to be sleeping, I attended this dialogue by two characters: Galileo (G) and Andrea (A).
G- what the heck are you doing ?
A- testing the QuarkX
G- what is it ?
A- not your business
G- don’t worry, I am not a spy, just curious: what is it for ?
A- make heat
G- not much of an invention
A- make a lot of heat
G- still not much of an invention
A- make a lot of heat with a bit of energy respect the heat produced
G- now, that’s interesting
A- yep
G- for example, how much units of heat with , say, ten of the same units of supply ?
A- more than one hundred
G- that’s crazy: you kidding ?
A- nope
G- how did you invent it ?
A- mainly try and error, lot of work
G- I know the feeling
A- what do you do in the life ?
G- my life in this Earth is long past. At those times I discovered that the Earth was orbiting around the Sun, not viceversa, but most of all I estabilished a new scientific method to make science, based on experiments instead of speculations
A- that’s nice
G- official science tried to roast me for all that
A- I know the feeling
G- what do you dream to do with that gadget ?
A- make billions of them to make energy without pollution and with strong economic advantages: also, to reduce the global warming
G- what the heck is the global warming ?
A- forget it
G- when do you think you will start to produce that gadget, to start the route that will bring to make billions of them?
A- in this very beginning year, this is my very strong dream right now
G- how are going the experiments ?
A- well
G- do you know the theoretical bases the gadget works upon ?
A- working on that, I got good ideas, but I privilege the experimental activity
G- I know the feeling. Fire has been used for thousands of years before its chemical and physical theoretical bases have been discovered
A- yeah, but you know what Dante wrote: ” fatti non foste a viver come bruti, ma per seguir virtuta e conoscienza”
G- all right, good luck and beware not to be roasted
A- you bet

Andrea Rossi


How Expensive is Fusion?

The whole point of cold fusion is that it’s a low-energy controlled reaction, which is kind of the opposite of what you want in an explosive weapon. [24] It’s not nearly as flawed as the “cold fusion” work from decades ago, but still considered fringe science. [24] First off, to be clear, LENR or CNMS or whatever other name you give it, cold fusion is still entirely theoretical, and probably still not possible"


How 2017 will Accelerate and Deliver the New Innovation Era

Culture is the Key Indicator of Innovation


  1. Blessings be…

    'Water is H2O, hydrogen two parts, oxygen one, but there is also a third thing, that makes it water and nobody knows what it is.' D H Lawrence (1885-1930)

    Fascinating that we are still trying to fully understand simple water. Does it have a liquid crystalline/lattice structure? What role might a liquid crystalline/lattice structure play in the nano physics of LENR? What role do associated harmonics play?

    Water Molecule Structure


    a) It has been suggested that H1.5O may better reflect the formula at very small (attosecond) timescales when some of the H-atoms appear invisible to neutron and electron interaction [515]. The experimental results have since been questioned [630] and described as erroneous [796], but have been more recently confirmed and thought due to a failure of the Born-Oppenheimer approximation (this assumes that the electronic motion and the nuclear motion in molecules can be separated) [1134]. Thus the formula H1.5O is incorrect but such suggestions do, however, add support to the view that observations concerning the structure of water should be tempered by the timescale used. In charged droplets the water formula may be given as between H2.00000000045 Oδ+ and H1.999 999 9986 Oδ- [2661]. [Back]

    b) More exact parameters are given in the text. These parameters are given mainly for comparison with the hydrogen and hydroxide ions. In reality, no distance or angle is exact as the molecules are not rigid structures and are vibrating.

    c) Liquid water consists of a mixture of molecules [1377] and ions, including H2O, HDO (~10-2 %), H3O+ and OH- (~10-6%), H2O2 (~10-7 %), CO2 (~10-4 %), O2 (~10-4 %) and N2 (~10-3 %). A 'standard' water (Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water) has been proposed. 'Pure liquid water', meaning consisting of just H2O molecules, only exists in computer simulations. Even 'just H2O' consists of a mixture of 'ortho' and 'para' forms. Avoiding this complexity, 'water' is normally taken to mean H2O molecules, without consideration over its magnetic state. H2O is also known as 'light water' with D2O being heavy water (D2O density = 111% H2O density, 25 °C) and T2O being super heavy water (T2O density = 122% H2O density, 25 °C). The properties of H2O, D2O and T2O are different. Even though the amount of deuterium in commonly-found water is low (~16 mM) the properties of such water are different to water containing protium (1H) only.

    d) The charge on the hydrogen atoms across the periodic table are shown opposite [820]. The hydrogen atom charges are blue and the charges on the other atoms are indicated red.

    f) The H-O-H angle and O-H bond length in ice Ih are reported as 106.6°±1.5° and 0.985 Å [717] respectively, whereas recent modeling gives H-O-H angle values of 108.4°±0.2° for ice Ih and 106.3°±4.9° for water [1028].

    g) The atomic diameter can be determined from interpolation of the effective ionic radii of the isoelectronic ions (from crystal data) of O2- (2.80 Å), OH- (2.74 Å) and H3O+ (2.76 Å) [1167]. Coincidentally, this diameter is similar to the length of a hydrogen bond. The water molecule (bond length 0.96 Å) is smaller than ammonia (bond length 1.01 Å) or methane (bond length 1.09 Å), with only H2 (bond length 0.74 Å) and HF (bond length 0.92 Å) being smaller molecules.

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  3. Quote Russ George

    Cold fusion no longer only in the style of Fleischmann and Pons

    Today there are many forms of cold fusion outside of the box of what some might say is the ‘traditional vein of the electrochemistry in heavy water pioneered by Fleischmann and Pons’. -end quote

    '2017 The End of the Beginning – New Energy Breakout' 1 Jan 2017

  4. Post 1 of 2

    A comment on Russ George's optimistic post

    Perfection can only be realized in heaven, there is always a fly in the ointment. IMHO, LENR produces muons. A few muons does not hurt anything. A few muons is like a flight across the country in a high flying jet, One cross country air trip is not impactful, nothing to think about, but if you spend much of your time in the clouds, you might get yourself into trouble.

    When LENR really gets going full blast and gigawatts are generated in cars, trains, planes, boats, houses, everywhere in everything, the muon loading will get into the terawatt levels. Muons flowing down the streets will be so thick, you can cut them with a knife. And muons are a bitch to shield against.

    LENR might need to be confined inside a leakproof magnetic bottle inside huge ITER like reactors to protect the environment from ubiquitous muons. Like CO2, muons will need to be sequestered. Moderation in all things except energy production. If moderation is not in the plans, then shielding is a must.

    Russ's reply

    It is a doubtful verging on histrionic notion that cold fusion ‘muons’ will be an issue, the observational evidence by those with data clearly does not support such hypothesized fears. Clearly the emission/numbers properties of cold fusion are both very much less than conventional physics might suggest and further the emissions are at the very least ‘strange’ and not at all typical muons, rather being mysterious mischugenons.

  5. Post 2 of 2

    Axil's comeback

    The so called Erzion phenomenon was discovered in a series of electrolytic experiments marked by unexplained changes in a pool of cooling water outside of the catalytic cell. After 40 minutes of electrolytic cell operation, water on the tungsten anode side of the cooling vessel started losing its transparency.

    Strange that in this experiment showing the production of sulfur, the activity was at the anode. Could the Erzion actually be muons?

    Water on the stainless steel cathode of the pool of cooling water remained transparent, at the same 40 C temperature. A sample of bubbly water, removed from the anode side, was tested for induced gamma radioactivity. No such radioactivity was found in it; the sample became transparent after 24 hours. Attempts to reproduce the long-term loss of cooling water transparency with other electrolytes, and under different electrical discharge conditions, were not successful. But the effect was highly reproducible when experimenting with the tungsten-anode electrolytic cell and the 7 M KF electrolyte containing 50% of heavy water.

    That cooling water on the outside of the electrolytic cell's glass reactor shell at the right side (see Figure 1) is close to the anode while cooling water on the left side is close to the cathode. The disappearance of bubbles, after the electrolysis, was very slow (half-life of about 10 hrs). Attempts to explain the phenomenon in terms of cavitation, and other ultrasonic effects, were not successful. The only satisfactory explanation was possible within the framework of the erzion model. Authors believe that bubbles are produced through the action of neutral Erzions.

    The Erzons phenomenon behavior is consistent with the magnetic based Exotic Neutral Particle(ENP). To begin with, the glass container is transparent to the magnetically based ENPs both optically and magnetically. The LENR reaction that keeps the ENPs viable produce the vapor that forms the water bubbles. The ENPs become energetically self sufficient in the water of the cooling pool where the ENPs remain viable for hours.

    If the Erzons phenomenon is produced by magnetically based ENPs, an iron plate placed just on the outside of the glass wall adjacent to the anode would prevent the ENPs from exiting the glass electrolytic cell. With the ENPs blocked from travel, bubble production would be eliminated.

    The Erzons could be some form of exotic hydrogen such as ultra dense hydrogen or maybe micro ball lightning. The hydrogen bubbles could be the product of a muon catalyzed reaction with water.

    Whatever is going on at the anode, it looks like it is happening in a reliable way. Experimenters might find some way to track this mischugenon process down. I for one would love to read about the detective process that makes the identification of this mischugenon process down in Russ's blog.