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Back in battle- first preparing the context of it:


“Did You Lose the Keys Here?” “No, But the Light Is Much Better Here”

Annoying, stereotypical, primitive  but awfully true- the "streetlight effect" diminishes the chances of LENR to solve its existential and developmental problems, fatally. But the basic idea is expandable and can be improved.
This story is much older, present in proverbs, tales and old songs. I have a program of re-thinking all kinds of ancient wisdom see please this: and this story is also interpretable in more senses.

Seen in a broader sense the man is right if the keys are actually lost for ever e.g. fallen in the river, down the sewer channel or existing only in the imagination of the drunkard. Then it is logical to make the "search" as easy and pleasant as possible.
minimum effort and trouble is the best way to do the useless impossible.
There are still so many absolute skeptics in matter of cold fusion who consider that is irrelevant on which way we go, we will arrive nowhere in any and all acses.
But my target is not skeptics, but the nice, smiling friendly enemy within full of the best intentions. Leader, guru the Savior, knowing all the facts and having even more solid healthy certainties than facts,possessing all the best skills, splendid CV, - knowing the very best places to search for the lost keys, expert, tireless and very productive experimenter - good results but no breakthroughs, educator, scholar, paternal, mentor, honestly helpful, LENR erudite. Merciless executioner of all the false ideas.
He or she is a living treasure for the field. It is a pity he or she is an imaginary being. More or less. 

Intermezzo - my troubles with people having perfect memory

In the 7th class of the Lyceum, professor B was teaching usGeograhy of the Soviet Union- he remembered everything and has terrorized us to know the anme of smll villages around copper mines and so many details that it was real Hell, it was very difficult to pass the exams. A convinced communist and amateur sadist- he was
worse than The Abominable Mr. Gunn by Robert Graves, Professor B was living in the same house as my cousin Andrew so we knew he is systematically beating 
his wife and his son Dan- our age, a poor frightened chicken. I took pragmatically 
the problem, exercising my memory with those useless names. I even amazed B when he asked me once about Armenia- you already know that in my life, schooling, career- my memory was always much more useful than my intelligence. Three years later B was the first person ever I watched dying of cancer- his howls were terrible.

At the University Professor C. taught us technology; due to his formidable memory knew a lot of details data but was less skilled to explain the logic, spirit, leading principles, beauty  of them. He was an know-it-all techno-bureaucrat. However he had his fans, followers  and admirers. Thanks Fatum our professor of plastics macromolecular chemistry and technology was a genuine technologist, my model.
It happens that Professor C died in car accident many years later, in meantime becoming a better educator (his memory was less precise)

A weird case was my colleague Livius C. who claimed very aggressively tha it is no man of culture who does not know at least 300 names of painters from Middle Age and the Renaissance- this was his fixa idea. Having no Internet in that time, I used a encyclopedia and the guy was not bragging he knew over 400 till we stopped. Cui prodest? He had no talent for painting was no billionaire to collect them. This was an example of useless knowledge. Poor Livius -has abandoned the Univesrity became a school teacher. His life was destroyed by the communist authority becaus he adhered to  a sexual minority.
These were three unhappy examples of erudites, people who know much while having a low position on the DIKW scale (DATA-INFORMATION-KNOWLEDGE-WISDOM)
Erudition can produce foliage without bearing fruit. (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)  
In Science and/or Technology the erudite can be good in Know-What, can contribute to the Know-How because he/she is industrious, hyperactive but usually has serious troubles with the superior skills Know-Why and Know Why Not.
It is better to work with people who know what they have to know, undeerstand what they know, can apply it and, are insatiable learners. What they know is not an obstacle to what they have to learn.


Rossi's Hot Cat Hopes
than updated, became more promising!

How Rossi was inspired:

Andrea Rossi
July 25th, 2015 at 8:11 AM

Albert N.:

Because I made a revolution in it. It is a completely new thing that, by my calculatons, should ( SHOULD) improve the “classic” one. It is an attempt: if it goes, the improvement, in term of ssm, will be strong. Otherwise, it is a wrong idea. The only way to know is to make an experiment. The funny part is how I got this idea: after the hernia surgery, when I woke up from the total anesthesy I got through, I had to stay some hour in a room, with pain. I am used to overcome pain relaxing and focusing strongly in something; obviously I focused on a new reactor and it came out. Now we did it, tomorrow goes in action. We’ll see if she is an abort or a baby. If she is a baby, is a Curie!
Warm Regards,

Does plasma power the E-Cat (Hank Mills)

Thanks to Ron Kita!
US Patent Attorney vs. Cold Fusion Inventors (Why Patent Rejections?)


Axil has left a new comment on your post "JUST LENR INFO FOR JUL 23, 201`5":

Widom-Larsen theory concepts is coming along nicely. This theory explains how Bose condensation is central to the quantum causation of the LENR reaction. But is still missing the boat on the details of the ultimate reason for the activation of the reaction. Widom-Larsen theory’s concept still holds that low energy neutron production is the underlying causative mechanism of the LENR reaction. It is sad that the old nuclear engineering paradigm is still got W-L theory paralyzed by 20th century thinking.

The ultimate causation mechanism of the LENR reaction is ENTANGLEMENT. It is amazing how fundamental that entanglement is in our universe. The new theories in physics posits entanglement is the fundamental cause of just about everything that is important in the goings on in our universe from gravity, to time, to the instantaneous projection of the 2 dimensional holographic surface reality on the event horizon of the universe to the embedded 4 dimensional space time universe that we live in. Then there is thermodynamics that is based on entanglement and the arrow of time that it provides.

Widom-Larsen theory has shown a remarkable ability to accept new ideas in the LENR paradigm. I hope before the end of this century comes to pass that this top tier LENR theory can make the jump to the entanglement mechanism. As the first step, entanglement is why the formation of a Bose condensate is so important to the LENR process. 

But here is an other writing of Axil:
At a minimum, It seems to me that LENR can take at least three forms. For brevity, I will call them the Rossi type, the Papp type, and the Cluster type. The Papp and the cluster type might be the same type. For a rocket application, the Papp type might be best. Leif Holmild might have produced Papp LENR that might generate massive amounts of high energy protons and alpha particles from D D fusion in his latest experiments. The protons are fusion based at 14 MeV in energy level so they are fast moving. I suspect that R. Mills is using this Papp type of LENR in his sun cell. Holmild is using a laser pulse to produce cluster fusion of deuterium by blasting at iron oxide doped with potassium catalyst covered with Rydberg matter based deuterium to produce huge amounts of cluster fusion. Both Papp and R. Mills are using an electric arc to produce explosive fusion of hydrogen(Mills uses water - and also Papp) that produces a explosion of gas but no heat.
I had always believed that a hybrid fusion process of using the dense plasma fusion plasmoid that is produced in the focused fusion(FF) process might be used to activate the Papp LENR process. This method might be a good way to produce a powerful beam of abundant protons focused and accelerated down a tight focused beam generated by the plasmoid. If the potassium based Holmild catalyst was blasted by a FF plasmoid, a lot of protons and alpha particles might be projected in a beam out of the back of the FF electrode. And it might not require that much of an electric arc to fire up that hybrid fusion process.

On Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 4:12 PM, Axil Axil <> wrote:
The nuclear rocket is such an attractive concept for space exploration that the space fairing nations of the world have repeatedly experimented with this concept for the last 50 years in an attempt to perfect this idea. Even with the great dangers and disadvantages in this approach involving radioactive contamination of vast swaths of their countries, its promise is overwhelming to the rocket engineers if not the population unser the fall of radioctive debris resulting from a launch failure.

Nuclear thermal rocket

As a thermal rocket that heats liquid hydrogen to 1400C, a nuclear rocket’s specific impulse is equal to that of the space shuttle. The specific impulse is a measure that can be thought of as thrust divided by propellant mass per unit time. If the temperature of the hydrogen exhaust gas can be raised between 2000C and 3000C degrees, its specific impulse would be great enough to lift 10 to 20 times the payload of the space shuttle into orbit using the same size vehicle.   Truly, if a safe source of refectory level heat can be found to heat hydrogen gas to incandescence, or even just beyond 1000C, the door to the exploitation and commercialization of the solar system would be thrown wide opened to space based exploration and utilization. 
Now, with the advent of the Hot Cat, a way to heat hydrogen rocket exhaust gas could now provide a safe and effective way to lift massive amounts of payload into orbit at a greatly reduced cost. The LENR boost vehicle could do more for space exploration than the Space Elevator could ever do and it would be a lot less expensive.
The design goal of such a LENR booster is to produce 4 gigawatts of heat for 170 seconds. How could this be done? Well let’s figure out a way to get many Hot cat alumina reactors to melt down at a controlled and sustained  rate.

Let’s feed hot cat inches long reactor rods of alumina into a chamber of heat and EMF excitation to melt down like a steam engine burns coal. A bin full of Hot cat rods can be fed  from a hopper into an Hot cat ignition chamber where other hot cats are in various stages of melt down mixed with liquid hydrogen. A Cat and mouse process would keep the Hot cat chamber at 3000C for the 20 seconds that it takes each Hot cat tube to disintegrate. The bottom of tthe Hot cat tube pile would be the hottest the the top of the pile just starting the burnup process.  A screen of refractory material at the end of the ignition chamber would allow Hot cat fragments comprised of ruby dust and the vapor of nickel powder to be expelled out of the reaction nozzle along with the heated hydrogen. This should allow the Hot cat booster to achieve orbit in a single stage. But I am sure that once all you who want to explore and utilize space put your minds to this task, you all can come up with a far more elegant solution to LENR booster technology.

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  1. The US nuclear rocket in the 1960s had an exhaust temperature of 4500 F or about 2480 C & was successfully run for at least an hour & a half. It used a graphite core with an external pyrolitic graphite film & I'm sure with improvements in materials since them could have extended those numbers significantly. Its specific impulse then was twice that of chemical fuels. Gaseous hydrogen was the propellant. The Vietnam War stopped development of the Mars program, Just maybe Elon Musk will succeed & who knows maybe also with Rossi's help for a cleaner heater.