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Very short description of LENR by a classic, bright Physicist

"LENR is not an unique phenomenon but a cascade of intertwined, parallel-consecutive phenomena"

Very short presentation of the history our field, by me.

"Useful energy by deep interaction between hydrogen and metals appears in more forms; the first one was discovered by Fleischmann and Pons in  an unmanageable system and it was necessary to invent other such systems in order to succeed as an energy source at a broad commercial scale.

This "unmanageable" will not increase my popularity- but here are some new details and thoughts.
The Erwin Lalik paper and now this one by Lu and Tian
are announcing a new trend:
PdD with no electrolysis or Pd and D treated in the Ni plus H style. Thus there are avoided the two fatal drawbacks of the original Cold Fusion Cell- the Cradle:

a) the active surface is in contact with water and cannot be deeply degassed- a sine qua non condition of functionality- gaseous impurities kill the active sites in a random, uncontrollable mode;

b) the metallic surface starts to work decently only at a higher dynamics of the surface atoms, it seems the Debye temperature is an absolute minimum for an activity- excess heat generation- of technological significance.
(For Pd the Debye temperature is 275 C) The boiling point of the electrolyte s  a limiting factor for temperature in the F&P Cells..

I hope that in our community the faithful followers of the Founding Fathers will also adapt and start new lines of thermal PdD- the Pd lovers will work at higher temperatures For the pure-blood electrochemists there is only one solution: plasma electrolysis and they can forget palladium then. 
A recent example:


1) Alain Coetmeur tells about a French company from the  Paris Region & Rouen seeking collaborators for LENR experiments.
It is possible details will come later- this can be something really important- let's wait and watch.

2) Andrea Rossi
July 14th, 2015 at 9:06 PM

Frank Acland:
Now it is 10.05 p.m. and I am inside the plant: She’s stable in ssm.
The Hot Cat too.
No major problems today. I am studying.
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3) Thanks to Sveinn Olafson
Spontaneous ejection of high-energy particles from ultra-dense deuterium D(0)
Leif Holmlid and Sveinn Olafsson
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (available online 14 july 2015)

4) LENR on Reddit:


The Limits of Critical Thinking  by Jamy Ian Swiss


  1. Regarding catalytic action in LENR and HHO.

    LENR is basically a catalytic reaction. In the Rossi reaction, the nickel powder is a Commercial Off the Shell (COTS) catalytic product. What makes LENR powerful and capable of over unity power production is the addition of an amplifier of the catalytic action. For example, Rossi calls this amplifier his “secret sauce”. So LENR is a two step process like an multi stage rocket. The first stage will not get us to where we want to go. We need the booster stage to get into the over unity power zone.

    That booster is a mechanism to initially produce and then regenerate nanoparticles through dynamic chemical and/of plasma condensation processes. These particles add power to the LENR catalytic reaction through a nano optical amplification process.

    For example, electric arc and/or exploding wire experiments produce nanoparticles through plasma condensation.

    The catalyst must burn nanoparticles to get its power generation level into the over unity zone. In the case of HHO, a catalatic converter will produce heat by combining oxygen and hydrogen but it will not reach the over unity zone. A nanoparticle booster must be added. Nanoparticles of water must be created in sufficient quantities to boost the activity of the catalytic converter to over unity.

    The way to produce nanoparticles in water is to cavitate it or to expose it to an electric arc. Cavitation is the most effecent way to produce water nanoparticles. After a prolonged period of cavitation, this nanoparticle enriched water when it is chock full of nanoparticles can be used as a feedstock into a catalytic process to extract over unity energy.

    This is how Joe Papp produced his secret fuel. His trick was to produce nanoparticles of water and in a latter improvement, nanoparticles of noble gases to get his fuel to over unity levels.

    Santelli produces nanoparticles in his special hydrogen gas by decomposing oil waste in an electric arc. That hydrogen gas contains nanoparticles. Rossi gets into the over unity zone by using a secret sauce to produce nanoparticles of lithium and hydrogen to boost the activity of his nickel catalyst.

    This is why the nickel particles in the ash produced in the Lugano demo was completely covered with lithium. That lithium came from the residue of nanoparticles of lithium that exist at high temperatures.

  2. Posst submitted to Rossi blog today.
    James Rovnak
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    Andrea interesting comment today by me356 at lenrforum of interest to both of us.

    “What we have seen is that either with stainless steel fuel container or without it can work.

    I am in contact with Songsheng, his opinion is that direct stimulation is not necessary. He thinks that EM field created by rapid change of the voltage level is the reason for triggering LENR.
    Also he described me, that initial process took him approx. 18 hours, then excess heat was observed. Mostly our experiments are not running so long.
    Post was edited 1 time, last by “me356” (3 hours ago).
    David Nygren likes this.” Always maintained EM necessary of (ssm) LENR reaction to start & maintain for some period, it may be able to self sustain (ssm) with negative thermal feedback at almost any temperature process it is moved to!