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There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root. (Henry David Thoreau)


I have my agenda and program in LENR- it is not only about a blog more to inform people from everywhere well and fast about LENR events and publications. I am a lone blogger helped only by very few good personal friends' the Blog has minimum direct feedback focused on what I just wrote. My fault, I know I dare to consider some basic truths as myths or errors but what can I lose? Readers i.e. friends obviously. In April when the offer was fat info-cows they were a bit over 1000 per day in average, in the almost info-famine days now it decreased to 550 in average- from many countries. Not my writings are the main attractors, however in the very spirit of
Ego Out definition, I feel it is my duty to speak at any risk because LENR was born under an unlucky star and is up to neck immersed in error.

STRATEGICALLY: I want to contribute to the good and fast solutions for making LENR- actually the processes of deep interaction of hydrogen and metals practical commercial sources of energy- thinking, what else could  I do?

TACTICALLY- (the action in course) I want to convince people in important positions who will take decisions for research teams developing commercial LENR processes
that the existing theories are of no help and it is necessary to combine engineering, technology and the scientific method- a mix of new theories, principles, recipes by an multi-level multi stage approach. No savior theory exists.
More tomorrow now engaged in disputes- friendly.


1) New test underway by Denis Vasilenko; anomalies very strange and largge, No live streaming
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2) Icelandic scientist may have found solution to global energy crisis
Scientist Sveinn Ólafsson believes he has, in collaboration with a Swedish chemist, come up with a way to generate energy with low energy nuclear reactions. A detailed description of the process is explained in Morgunblad newspaper today. This important discovery could offer an endless and cheap source of energy for all humankind.These results were published in The International Journal of Hydrogen Energy on Wednesday and further experiments have already begun. "Cold fusion means the fusion of hydrogen isotopes into helium. In the fusion process, energy is released as a kinetic energy of a particle of heat," says Ólafsson who believes he has found a forward path to solve the global energy crisis.Ólafsson says that his Swedish colleague, Leif Holmild, has researched the fusion process for ten years. In late year 2013, Ólafsson approaced Holmild following the publication of a scientific article by the Swedish chemist.
The topic was the fusion of hydrogen isotopes into helium with the help of a laser. As the laser requires energy this process does not crease any surplus energy.
Simply put, Ólafsson believed that the Rydberg matter catalyser used in Holmild‘s experiment could be used to fuse the hydrogen isotopes into helium without the laser. But this catalyser is the reason for 25 years of reported cold fusion phenomena. Subsequently, Ólafsson and Holmild continued the experiment without the laser and then discovered that process released energy.
Twenty-six years ago, the scientists Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, announced that their apparatus seemed to have produced cold fusion. The results were disputed.
"Scientists who worked on cold fusion were discredited,“ says Ólafsson. "If our method works on a large scale it could contribute to the solution of the global energy crisis."                                                                                  

3) The World of Energy is Changing Fast

4) Ed Storms' Cold Fusion Teachings in Russian
Руководство для изучающих ХОЛОДНЫЙ СИНТЕЗ 
A Student’s Guide to Cold Fusion
Also announced at the official Russian website:

5) Cold Fusion is back-transmutation work of Tohoku University featured by Nikkei Asia Review
At the Russian LENR website too:

6) From Hideo Kozima: CFRL News No. 95

7) Andrea Rossi- on the front line
July 16th, 2015 at 12:33 PM

Mark Saker:
Honestly: I have to think only to work in my plant.
We are making a revolution in the Hot Cat, due to data we are getting during the experiment on course. If all goes as I hope, the ssm is going to be very improved. Today we stopped the Hot Cat to make substantial changements. Stable and as usual the 1 MW E-Cat.
As for movies, when I am very tired I see ” The Concert” and at the end of it I feel better.
Warm Regards,

8) ECAT Heat Energy
Leonardo Corporation now offers ECAT Heat Energy as a separate product solution. The ECAT plants are owned and operated by Leonardo Corporation while installed in the customers facilities or at a location in the vicinity of the customers facilities depending on local needs and infrastructure.
The ECAT Heat Energy is delivered by steam at 100-120 Celsius and extracted through the customers local heat exchangers. Return temperatures can be in any range between 5-95 Celsius.
Leonardo Corporation initially look for customers with 24/7 facility operation due to ECAT plants preferred continuous operation. Please contact for quotes
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    The Sveinn Ólafsson news can reveal some insights into the LENR reaction. The LENR reaction produced by the LASER pulse is different from the Rossi reaction because it produces high energy protons rather than thermalized heat energy. This explosive reaction looks like the reaction that produces pressure in the Papp engine and is without heat. It is unlikely that this Leif Holmild reaction is a hot fusion reaction. It is more likely a reaction based on quantum mechanical entanglement and coherence in a aggregation of hydrogen crystals.
    Note the pictures of the rydberg matter in the figures at the end of this paper

    F. Winterberg, University of Nevada, Reno, has a reaction mechanism that I like a lot. It is based on a electron vortex and a Bose Einstein condensate(BEC) being imposed on the ultra dense hydrogen crystals of rydberg matter. But unlike F. Winterberg thinking, I believe that the LASER pulse produces the BEC over the area that it irradiates.


    After the LASER pulse, a very large number of high energy protons up to 14 MeV are detected and measures by test equipment, Up to 10^7 in number. That number exceeds any number of atoms that can be found in a rydberg crystal. The LASER must set up a BEC that covers a large number of individual Rydberg crystals.

    Where the aggregation of crystals form a BEC, they become entangles and coherent. They act as a superatom. The laser changes the nature of the electrons into polaritons that form a vortex ring that reposition deuterium ions(protons, neutrons) at its center, These ions combine because they are so close in terms of QM entanglement; not PHYSICAL LOCATION. The deuterium atoms are separated physically, but overlap quantum mechanically. When the LASER pulse is complete, the superposition of the protons is resolved and the energy of the fusion of deuterium ions is imparted to the millions of protons in the QM core of the aggregation. But what makes the difference now, the LASER beam is not capable of connecting the region of positive vacuum energy with the associated negitive vacuum energy region so the energy produced by fusion is not thermalized over the population of polaritons. The LASER produces entanglement and not the polaritons so the polaritons do not get the energy, and the polaritons do not thermalize the energy from fusion.

    The important point to understand is that actual location of the deuterium atoms does not matter, the BEC moves all the atoms via the 5th dimension so that their wave forms all overlap.

    The formation of the BEC makes the LASER more powerful to induce fusion than does all the power produced in the National Ignition Facility, or NIF. There, a laser beam of 500 terawatt (TW) peak flash of light cannot produce fusion in dueterium. But with rydberg matter of deuterium, fusion using a laser is easy.

    On the other hand, the Sveinn Ólafsson’s reaction is the Rossi reaction where potassium doped iron oxide produces the polariton vortexes the catalize the fusion of deuterium and thermalize the nuclear energy of that fusion into heat.