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Brillouin patent application for Phonon Energy published
The Russsian LENR site signals this also very fast:

The Erwin Lalik et al paper is now discussed at E-Cat World:

Auther: Francesco Celani
Observation of macroscopic current and thermal anomalies, at hightemperature, by hetero-structures on thin and long Constantan wiresunder H2 gas" (last version)

Le blog de Jean-Paul Biberian
Airbus organise une conférence sur la fusion froide

Airbus entra na pesquisa sobre Fusão a Frio

It asks if the heat generator of Rossi could do some financial harm to GAZPROM.  СПАСУТ ЛИ НАС ГЕНЕРАТОРЫ ТЕПЛА АНДРЕА РОССИ ОТ ЦЕНОВОЙ УДАВКИ ГАЗПРОМА?

Front report by Andrea Rossi
Andrea Rossi
July 2nd, 2015 at 10:47 AM

Enrique Gonzales:
11.45 a.m. of July 2nd: situation substantially stable, in this moment we are in ssm both with the 1 MW E-Cat and the small Hot Cat. I am finishing my working shift, will return here at 6 p.m.
I go to sleep.
Warm Regards,


Like any theory that is evolving toward truth, the Widom Larsen theory has come a long way toward a valid foundation for LENR at least in part. The authors of this theory needed to embrace the beliefs of their principle sponsor, NASA, From the beginning NASA, has postulated the Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPP) are the causative factor in the LENR reaction. References to SPPs are spread throughout their patent. 

For some unexplained reason, L&W theory is anathema to Rossi. Rossi is not alone, Ed Storms also hates L&W with a passion. I have been warming towards L&R as those L&R theorists moved their thinking toward SPPs.

Just the mention of SPPs, neutrons, and/or L&W theory will get you nowhere on Rossi’s blog. These terms are a sure ticket to the discard bin. SPPs and ultra low energy neutrons are strictly in the exclusive purview of quantum mechanics. In reaction to my posts, I believe that Rossi does not accept QM in any way shape or form, and furthermore, he may not understand any quantum mechanics. Rossi might even be a and QM denier in the same vain as R. Mills.

Once we beginning thinking in terms of QM, we must leave the real world of the cue ball behind. In the LENR process, a proton is fed into the QM netherworld of superposition and a neutron eventually comes out at the end of it all. How a proton becomes a neutron is not knowable because QM does not allow us to know.

There is one thing that we might infer. If no free neutrons are ever detected, the newly minted neutron must be paired with a proton when it was born at the end of the LENR process to keep it from decaying and contained inside the nucleus. 

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