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Truths are, in the best case, perfectible, only lies can be perfect (Yves Henri Prum)

I think Lew Larsen's attack against my blog/me was not a good idea, many times in life and in technology almost always , useless things are more harmful thand bad things/actions. But this gaffe can create an opportunity, I thought. It is a very wild dispute between nuclearists and W-L people and this shows they are starting from different premises- the logic from there to conclusions being necessarily the same.
So let's them meet and start again from the basics of the very basics- it must be some toxic misunderstanding here!Let's build bridges between the two groups all the LENR theories have flying roots and not much contact with the experimental reality so why not discuss. If there is no possibility of understanding and peace, at least we have tried Because LENR Cities is in contact with the Larsenless branch of W-L theory I wrote the following to the Leaders of LENR Cities:

"Please consider this as kind of OPEN LETTER to LENR-Cities.
LENR-Cities is strongly and friendly associated with a group of scientists that belong to the Widom-Larsen theory, considered by many from the LENR community, a heterodoxy.
Not by me, I have expressed my most serious doubts that Cold Fusion is entirely nuclear or nuclear in the usual way, some 20 years ago- see please the attached  paper published in the first issue of Infinite Energy.(also there I predicted that technology and engineering will be more important for 
building a new energy source-as nuclear physics, the scientific method, science,

NOW please take a look to my blog: 

This was two days ago- I wrote about a slide share authored by Lewis Larsen and new wave physicist AXIL has commented on it quite positively. Surprisingly,a bit even psychiatrically Lewis Larsen has attacked me telling that I am a seller of misinformation on the W-L theory, very unjust. He ignored or forgot for example that on my blog I repeatedly said that the fierce hostility against W-L is an exaggeration and there do not exist successful nuclear theories superior to a non-nuclear.
OK, I answered to Lewis and he has not reacted more,  possibly very busy or this is this style.

HOWEVER- I think this is an opportunity for a new start- see please what I wrote about fragmentation and fragmented truths. 
I am inviting all your theorist W-L friends to express their opinions, ideas, theories on my blog EGO OUT freely, no censoring and to start a constructive dialogue with other readers of my blog let's make bridge building.
The LENR community is in deep trouble: we don't know a lot of essential things, have not found the actionable parameters, Andrea Rosssi is dominating the technological development quite alone and is moving slowly.
We have to diminish fragmentation of LENR and start serious technological progress.
Basta! (enough! in Italian)

Yours as always,

I think we can and will many other Bridges in the LENR community and to it! Please send ideas.

Today's word at Wordsmith
 is TOHU BOHU. It goes well with LENR and is older than VUCA


1) Thanks to Ron Kita for informing about this:
IEEE meeting on LENR Cold Fusion to be held at Teradyne Corporation, New Reading, MA, on September 23, 2015:
LENR Phenomena and Potential Applications, Professor Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Louis DeChiaro
Back in 1989 Fleischmann and Pons astonished the world with a variety of claims involving low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) in electrochemical experiments with palladium and deuterium. The most significant of the claims was for the generation of large amounts of energy, presumed to be of nuclear origin, but without a commensurate amount of energetic nuclear radiation. The existence of such an effect goes against textbook nuclear and solid state physics, and no acceptable explanation was put forth at the time. Most early efforts to replicate the anomalies claimed were unsuccessful. The Fleischmann-Pons Experiment was not accepted by mainstream scientists then and is not accepted today.

Over the years a substantial amount of effort has been put in by groups that were able to replicate the excess heat effect, to make sure that the effect was real, and to gain some understanding. Fleischmann and Pons had argued that the D/Pd loading ratio needed to be high in order to see excess heat; this was found to be the case in experiments that followed. A correlation was found between the excess power produced and the deuterium flux at the cathode surface. In some experiments increased excess heat was seen at elevated temperature. He-4 was observed in the gas phase, correlated with the energy produced, and in amounts consistent with the mass difference (24 MeV) between D2 and He-4.

There is no agreement at present among those in the field as to what physics is involved in these experiments, even though there have been a large number of proposals. We give a brief outline of some of the theoretical ideas currently being contemplated. Progress continues at present, but there are changes in the focus of the research and in the researchers involved. There is at present some interest on the part of investors and industry, stimulated by the possibility of commercial products and the prospect of a new technology. We will review some of the approaches which have been discussed in public in recent years and will summarize the progress reported by the entrepreneur community, including Andrea Rossi (Industrial Heat, Inc.), Dr. Mitchell Swartz (Nanortech, Inc.), and Robert Godes (Brillouin Energy Technologies, Inc.). Finally, we will touch upon the recent status changes at USPTO regarding LENR inventions.
2a) Rossi’s Hot Cat Hopes [Update #2: New Model Running Now

2b) Rossi’s Hot Cat Hopes [Update #3: So Far New Hot Cat Efficiency Same as Classic]

3) MFMP setting up long term test reheating Padua glowstick

4) The presentation of Yu.N. Bazhutov and demonstration of the expereimental set-up
of plasma electrolysis at the VI-th Summit of the Russian Inventors (Moscow, All Russian Institute for the Electrification of Agriculture), July 24, 2015

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