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The loneliness of the long distance blogger is a bit painful sometimes. Toward the end of this month Ego Out will register probably page view No. 500,000
 not so bad... but how many visitors were convinced or positively impressed by my ideas regarding the future we have to build for LENR ?
A few days ago I have initiated a discussion of the dignity of our field, his includes reputation management. But I am hesitating to write the second note about the dignity of LENR  because I wanted to continue with the idea that LENR, we must reject with anger any characterization of LENR as anomalous? How the hell can be based the most important energy source of the near future on  something that is, even, temporary, anomalous?  What is than nomalous? I will not continue because so many good people have accepted that degrading, a bit suicidal name.
New or unexpected as the tens of animals and plants- new species discovered each year on Terra.
Calling anomalous your area of research to which you are dedicated is - in the best case- masochistic.

The first paper I have read this morning is entitled "More than mathematics- see it at OTHER. It says that problem  solving and critical thinking are more that mathematics.
It instantly inspired me to say that LENR is more than nuclear physics, is more than physics, it is even more than science. Obviously it is also less than all these but helps all them to increase, diversify, improve.
But actually what is more than? Being more than nuclear, being based on reactions but on interactions too, giving very high power densities... the acronym LENR is so passe- in 5 years it will be not more used.
My favorite name for te field is: UEHMDI- useful energy from hydrogen metal deep interactions. More than "de gustibus..."


1) From Leonid Urutskoev- he tries to help us both for better understanding of the essence of Cold Fusion/LENR and in the problem of surprising appearances of great quantities of hydrogen as at Solar Hydrogen Trends. His innovative experiments - very difficult ones- help us to discover absolutely new aspects of nuclear physics 
and I think LENR belongs here- its definitory characteristic being Otherness.
I think we will learn a lot from Leonid Urutskoev- he knows the limits of the possible because he went further than these
Urutskoev is more greater and more creative than I expected.
Here are the abstracts of the papers he considers the most relevant for these discussions

Experimental observation of strange irradiation and transformation of chemical elements.
L.I. Urutskoev, V.I Liksonov, v.G. Shinoev
Kurchatov Institute (recvd, March 28, 2000)
Prikladnaia Fizika, 2000, nr. 4. pp 83-100

In the paper there are described the experiments for electric explosions of foilsfrom especially clean/pure materials in water. It was observed the appearance of new chemical elements detected spectrometrically in the process of discharge as well as well as by mass-spectrometric analysis of the precipitates that remain after the explosions. It was  recorded a strange radiation that is associated with the transformation of the chemical elements. It was hypothsized the presence of a magnetic charge in the strange particles.

Nr. 2
Is it possible the transformation of the nuclei in low temperature plasma from the point of view of the conservation laws?
L.I. Urutskoev, V.D. Filippov, Kurchatov Institute, Moscow
Jurnal Prikladnoi Fiziki 2004, 2 p 30
In this paper we show that there are possible some collective  processes of low energetic transformation of the nuclei which do not contradict the known fundamental conservation laws. it is shown that at the examination of the low energy processes (both known and new ones) taking place under the influence of weak interactions it must taken in consideration also the mass of electron small in comparison to the nuclear bonds. It has to pay attention to the stability of the nuclei to beta decay and K capture is the minimum of mass defect on the isobars that always coincides with the condition of minimum ass of the nucleus  frequently appearing in the literature.  

2) Lugano Fuel Analysis by AXIL

3) From the ХТЯ и ШМ site:
V.P. Frolov; "The particles as structures of the electro-magnetic field"
Photons obtained from atoms,rf not monochromatic.

4) Overview of ICCF-19 by David Nagel

More than Mathematics
A programme that aims to develop children’s critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Moving from a world of producing to a world of connecting
July 5, 2015 -- Gerry McGovern
In a network it is the connection we make between things that is often more important than the thing itself.


  1. If it serves of some relief dear Peter, I read your blog almost daily, and greatly enjoy it.

    Best Regards From Chile!

    1. thank you dear Camilo! On the negative side it is only the very slow and hesitant progress of LENR+ Rossi 's festina lente.
      As regarding he blog and my ideas I don't need success to continue.

  2. With the possible exception of Rossi, most of us see thinks in the Lugano repost that just aren’t there.

    I have been clamoring for an automated Hot cat replication process using a software driven experiment controller that would allow for a time unlimited experimental capability. This change in the control process is meant to address the one flaw in the replication experimental strategy: the extremely short duration of the replication attempts as a consequence of the finite tolerance of the experimenter to endure a long test.

    In the Lugano test, a automated feedback system controlled the test for at least ten days before the LENR reaction eventually set in. This lack of experimental endurance by MFMP and others could be responsible for the lack of positive Lugano replication results. To be a valid replication, a gestation period of up to 10 days at low power should be put into action before a reduction of input power consumption should be expected. MFMP is fooling themselves as to what a valid Lugano test replication should look like. An initial startup phase of up to a fortnight should be planned for. After the 10 day startup period there was a gradual period of downward adjustment in the input power over a unspecified period of time. It is not surprising that MFMP is not seeing the results that were reported in the Lugano report.

    As stated in the Lugano report as follows:

    “Upon completion of the gradual startup process procedure, the thermal camera indicated an average temperature for the body of the reactor of 1260°C, while the PCE recorded an electric power input to the Ecat fluctuating at around 810 W. Although we had been informed that the E-Cat was capable of operating at higher power values, we had previously decided to keep to the lower value, and for almost 10 days no adjustments to the apparatus were made.
    After this initial period, we noticed that the feedback system had gradually cut back the input current, which was yielding about 790 W. We therefore decided to increase the power, and set it slightly above 900 W.
    Thereby, we also obtained an important second measurement point. In a few minutes, the reactor body reached a temperature close to 1400°C. Subsequent calculation proved that increasing the input by roughly 100 watts had caused an increase of about 700 watts in power emitted. The speed with which the temperature had risen persuaded us to desist from any further attempt to increase the power input to the reactor. As we had no way of substituting the device in case of breakage or melting of internal parts, we decided to exercise caution and continue operating the reactor at ca. 900 W.”

  3. Replies
    1. You are right< I hope you have read only a few words- the idea to take ou away from your Great Mission, even for seconds makes me feel guilty.

    2. You are right< I hope you have read only a few words- the idea to take ou away from your Great Mission, even for seconds makes me feel guilty.

  4. tty, I completely agree with you, but I must add that its also a great waste of money. I'm glad we both agree about the ITER project being such a waste of time and money.