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You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.  (Ayn Rand)

Saying that the performances of PdD2O LENR are constantly improving, that total reproducibility is almost attained, that intensity of heat excess is increasing year by year for the electrolytic cells,  saying that the main problem of LENR is  Big Bad Skeptics, denying that the experimental progresses are rather evanescent, considering that PdD2O LENR holds the keys for all forms of LENR working  with deuterium and/or with hydrogen because the topology, nature and mechanism of all forms of LENR is the same. stating that if LENR is real scientifically than the, the magnitude and reproducibility are only minor details because we know that technology is just applied science and not anything significant more- all these are alternatives to reality.  


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Airbus to host LENR Workshop in October:

Some Stories you May Have missed (about LENR)

Andrea Rossi
June 30th, 2015 at 4:43 PM

The R&D and tests that we are making not only with the 1 MW E-Cat, but also with the Hot Cat , are finalized to a massive production. Safety certification and massive production are necessary to fullfill your demand. I can assure you that we are working as much as possible on this issue.
For what depends on us ( technology) we are very advanced. For what does not depend on us (safety certification) we will gain much time if the tests on the 1 MW plant will be completed with positive results, because the safe operation for 1 year of the 1 MW E-Cat can give a good point of reference also for the domestic applications.
I really sympathize with you, as well as with Mr Ferro Casagrande, Steven N. Karels and all the many Readers that are sending us comments on the same base, not to talk of the half million persons that have pre-ordered a domestic E-Cat and that are ready to confirm the order should we deliver our product.
Warm Regards,

You know that this makes me very curious! And have no connection with SHT
Pistol Shrimp sonic weapon part of SHT symphony of 16 processes


  1. Posted to Rossi Blog - Still wondering about low energy neutrons source, etc
    James Rovnak
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    July 1st, 2015 at 12:24 PM
    Andrea report on MFMP coming out shortly – ash analysis to follow, is my guess!
    “# Robert Greenyer — 2015-07-01 16:41
    Hi David,

    We are investigating the results of the GS3 and post analysis – I hope to publish this tomorrow, but seemingly have a never ending accounting job – including for the MFMP – to do. The analysis has implications for all replications in some way similar to the GS3.

    I am also setting up the Ash analysis.

    We are also helping others to get up to speed with their own replications.”
    I know we both await the ash analysis, although they did not run long enough for much to be there, but any would be very good news for everyone!
    My own guess is that we will see some!D

    Have a nice day, still thinking of where the neutrons are coming from in the Hot E-Cat.
    Let see what Andrea says? Jim

    1. Like any theory that is evolving toward truth, the Widom Larsen theory has come a long way toward a valid foundation for LENR at least in part. The authors of this theory needed to embrace the beliefs of their principle sponsor, NASA, From the begining NASA, has postulated the Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPP) are the causitive factor in the LENR reaction. References to SPPs are spread throughout their patent.

      For some unexplaned reason, L&W theory is anathema to Rossi. Rossi is not alone, Ed Storms also hates L&W with a passion. I have been warming towards L&R as those L&R theorists moved their thinking toward SPPs.

      Just the mention of SPPs, neutrons, and/or L&W theory will get you nowhere on Rossi’s blog. Thiese terms are a sure ticket to the discard bin. SPPs and ultra low energy neutrons are strictly in the exclusive purview of quantum mechanics. In reaction to my posts, I believe that Rossi does not accept QM in any way shape or form, and furthermore, he may not understand any quantum mechanics. Rossi might even be a and QM denier in the same vain as R. Mills.

      Once we begining thinking in terms of QM, we must leave the real world of the cue ball behind. In the LENR process, a proton is fed into the QM netherworld of superposition and a neutron eventually comes out at the end of it all. How a proton becomes a neutron is not knowable because QM does not allow us to know.

      There is one thing that we might infer. If no free neutrons are ever detected, the newly minted neutron must be paired with a proton when it was born at the end of the LENR process to keep it from decaying and contained inside the nucleus.

    2. How does this fit in with
      topological polaritons? Jim All these concepts interest me & I really like Larson's slides which are vary intuitive & reasonable! My QM skills are about nil! Jim I do see a need for ULM neutrons to explain a lot of things we see in replicators results & ash! Soon we will have GS3 ash, hope there was enough run time to provide more proof - I believe (ssm) LENR was there!