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It's not the situation. It's your reaction to the situation. (Robert Concklin)

Dedicated to Bo Hoistad and his Lugano Test colleagues.

Fast actions, surprising changes, surprises, strong feelings, truly great personalities, vivid discussions, evolutions generating the empathy of  a large public- these all are prerequisites of the dramatic genre- plays in the literature and operas in the music. Science, real science is not a favorite subject of the dramatic genre but this can change- science is not an elitist activity and  the understanding of its dramas is not conditioned by the deep understanding of its equations or complexities, Curiosity, creativity, fearless Investigation of Mother Nature, playing Spearhead of Evolution or good little gods- all these cold make plays about Science really valuable and attractive.
The model of a good, high quality literature-and superior understanding of Science, was already created and this can be taken as model and benchmark for new plays about scientific subjects, The play "OXYGEN" by Carl Djerassi and Roald Hoffmann 
is centered on a fundamental scientific issue discovery.

Oxygen evolved from discussions between Hoffmann and Djerassi about a historical coincidence: In 1774, Joseph Priestley was a guest in Antoine Lavoisier's home, and the English minister described how he had made oxygen. At approximately the same time, Lavoisier received news of a similar discovery from Carl Wilhelm Scheele. While Priestley and Scheele remained unclear about what exactly they had discovered, Lavoisier was able to stake a claim to the discovery of the gaseous element responsible for the combustion of air. Hoffmann and Djerassi take the facts to develop a fictional encounter between the three claimants, bringing all three men and their wives together, at the invitation of King Gustav III, to Stockholm in 1777. The rest of the play shifts between the 18th-century characters, their process of science, politics and ambitions, and the Nobel committee's 21st century sensibilities as they argue about which of these men should be awarded the first "retro" Nobel Prize for chemistry."

When I have received the authorized text of the play from Hoffmann (in combination with his poetry which I admire and a culture book from which I have cited areigious story in my essay at
OK, I read the play and became enthusiastic- the discovery of chemical elements was one of my scientific passions and the Periodic Table of Elements a miracle of scientific Taxonomy, I succeeded at the admission exam to the faculty of Chemical Engineering because I knew the Table by heart: position, atomic number and weight of all elements,
I have translate "OXYGEN" in Romanian and wanted to find a local theater for presenting it. Zero success. Then due to the sell-destruction of the hard-disk of my PC Arthur-II, I have lost the text. My colleague Prof. Ionel Haiduc, who was the President of the Romanian Academy (2000-201$) also failed to convince a theater to include OXYGEN in its repertoire. The truth is that the play has a very high IQ and, perhaps, the parallel/alternatives discoverers/retro-Nobel Committee could be replaced with an epilogue. To note that an chamber opera was composed based on the play, composer Werner Schulze see about it in this essay:
that puts OXYGEN in a historical context

Cold Fusion-LENR was already the subject of a few movies- however a) these are more about science-fiction than about the real science with its unhappy start, myths and memes, creative searches, oppression, heroic resistance, ordeals, victories and failures, obsessive doubts, beautiful friendships, illusions,- Fata Morgana Scientifica, green toxic envy and irreconcilably human conflicts and incompatibilies-
the list is long and functional-futuristically-endless.

My own idea of a LENR drama is seemingly simply and it is inspired from how could react the Lugano Testers - and other mainstream nuclear physicists when confronted with those unbelievable isotopic shifts results. What can do a honest scientist in such a situation, what whispers him his/her professional conscience? Whst csn you do when your basic truths are hit by a heretic reality? Too radical changes are bad even for your Self. Paradigm change is in such case the equivalent of intellectual and 
epistemic bone breaking- it hurts, it is a drama. 
This is now just an idea and it is not patented.


1) E-Cat energy evaluation and fuel ash isotopic composition by Andrew Boboeszko

2) From the ХТЯ и ШМ site- this morning:

At MEi- Institute of Energetics Moscow-it was sucessfully replicated the Rossi-Parkhomov experiment

Collaborators of Phys. Fac. of Moscow State University Igor Stepanov amd of MEI- Nguen Kwok Shi and Yuri Malakhov have used a device in which it was placed a cylindrical cell charged with a mixture of nickel powder and lithium aluminum hydride in a calorimeter with water flow-through..
After three trials with fast destruction of the cell due to uncontrollable overheating, at June 19, 2015 it was succeed to obtain constant function of the cell with excess heat observed. More than an hour at a temperature near to 1100 C, it were released 2100 W
for 850 W entering electrical energy.

3) Andrea Rossi

  • July 12th, 2015 at 10:11 PM

    Frank Acland:
    Let us maintain the feet adherent to the ground and answer practically: I want to see the E-Cats make heat in all the world and this will be the first wave ( F9). This in homes and industries.
    The second wave will produce electric power. After this, will see in the crystal ball. Our weapon will be the competitiveness (F9).
    Warm Regards,

Rossi’s “too cheap to copy” strategy is naive and will break Rossi’s heart in the end. This strategy is based on the assumption that the E-Cat is the best possible form of LENR that can possibly be produced. This assumption is not true. Rossi has quite an ego to even think along those terms. The Solar Hydrogen Trends(SHT) system is a better system for many important LENR based applications. This instant on system does not take ten days to start up and it does not produce much heat. Such an improvement in technology does burn water and aluminium as a consumable.There is also direct electrical conversion that would add great value to the LENR reactor concept. Take the auto engine as a very important LENR application for example. A instant on car engine is a good application for that mobile type of LENR application. There are train engines and plane engines and ship engines too. The Papp engine is even better than the hydrogen machine based on the kind of power that it produces. The Papp engine may be the best kind of application that LENR can produce for an engine since it generates only mechanical torque.

When the powerful global big money energy players get their hands on an E-Cat and they allocate unlimited R&D money, armies of quantum mechanics and their high tech analysis equipment, It won’t take long for Rossi’s E-Cat to take on the the time worn antique visage of the Edison light bulb and the Wright brothers flyer in terms of its primitive technology. Rossi will be moved out of the LENR game so fast, it will make his head spin. His fate will be the same as that of Edison, Tesla, and the Wright Brothers. We will always love and respect Rossi as the man who got LENR off the ground, but Rossi will soon lose control of his baby just like Edison and the Wright Brothers lost control of their brain children. No man can keep power indefinitely or even for very long. There is too much competition around this world for any man to do that.

Particles find their mass 

Simulations indicate that a peculiar state of matter at close to absolute zero could be used to observe an elusive quantum phenomenon called quantum mass acquisition A possible means of observing an exotic quantum effect that imparts mass to a normally massless particle has been proposed by researchers from the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science1 . At temperatures close to absolute zero, atoms can start to form a collective state known as a Bose–Einstein condensate (BEC). Scientists have found that this state of matter is useful as a ‘quantum simulator’ for investigating particles that have been predicted to exist by theory but are too difficult to create or observe directly. “Quantum simulators are very versatile, allowing interactions, particle density and temperature to be tuned,” says Masahito Ueda from the RIKEN research team. “The pressing issue in this field is to look for something very fundamental that can be demonstrated for the first time in such atomic gases.” Through mathematical modeling, Ueda and his colleagues Nguyen Thanh Phuc from RIKEN and Yuki Kawaguchi from the University of Tokyo showed that a BEC could be used to simulate a so-far-unobserved phenomenon known as quantum mass acquisition. This effect causes a normally massless elementary particle called a quasi-Nambu–Goldstone boson to acquire mass as a result of minute quantum fluctuations. Researchers believe that this effect could appear in superfluids, superconductors and some magnetic materials. Yet quantum mass acquisition has never been seen because the effect is too small to be distinguished from other secondary effects. “Extremely minute quantum phenomena are amplified to a macroscopic level in BECs and therefore made visible,” says Ueda. The researchers’ analysis shows that the emergent energy gap of the quasi-Nambu–Goldstone boson in a BEC is two orders of magnitude larger than the zeropoint energy of the system. This means that the state is much more robust than previously thought, raising the hope that it might be possible to experimentally observe the quasi-Nambu–Goldstone boson and quantum mass acquisition. The choice of atom in the gas is crucial for observing quantum mass acquisition. Many BECs are made using helium atoms and spinpolarized alkali atoms, which are spinless. Ueda and his team have shown that atoms with spin ‘degrees of freedom’ are required to observe quantum mass acquisition. Such a ‘spinor’ BEC could be created using rubidium atoms

This .could be the source of dark matter. If the universe is filled with SPP spiners all contained withing a BEC, then the light photons that produce the SPPs might gain  mass through an interaction with the Higgs field.

Why is Rossi spending the best part of the little life that he has remaining in a shipping container for 18 hours a day? What makes a person sacrifice all the pleasures that remain in his life.  What is the goal? What is the motivation.
IMHO, What makes Rossi tick is a tight connection between the EGO of Rossi and his E-Cat. He cannot give control of this device to someone else. Like Joe Papp, Rossi will never tell anybody how it works; valid patent or no. Rossi does not trust anyone with the secrets that are so close to defining the very tap root of his soul. The reported replication by Parkhomov must have shaken him deeply. But he has a hoard of secrets  stashed away in his hope chest of still remaining secrets to keep the power of his discovery reserved only to him.


Solving the Energy Efficiency Quandary
New research showing dismal results for energy efficiency in homes highlights the need for performance-based measures


  1. Dear Peter, I hope you are as intrigued as many of us with the latest claim of a Parkhomov replication led by Igor Stepanov. Do you think is possible for you to get some of the data? you have become the nexus between the so called "eastern block" LENRists and the rest of the world, and we cannot be gratefull enough to you for that. :)

    1. Dear Camilo,
      I knew about them from Parkhomov. I think the report will be published fast and I will try to translate it ASAP.
      The Russian official website is really very active, I have signalled all their LENR related papers.


    2. Dear Camilo,
      I knew about them from Parkhomov. I think the report will be published fast and I will try to translate it ASAP.
      The Russian official website is really very active, I have signalled all their LENR related papers.


    3. I was sure you were several steps ahead already, thanks a lot Peter!!!

  2. Regarding: "... the E-Cat is a massive source of alpha particles"

    I have not seen this confirmed as an experimental observation. I understand that this statement has its origins in the theory proposed from N. Cook. I find this statement hard to believe since energetic alpha particle emission produces lots of powerful EMF such as gamma rays in the process of Alpha thermalization.

    Out of the various successful replications, no one has confirmed the detection of Alpha radiation or gamma radiation. To make the N. Cook theory complete, there should be reasons and mechanisms provided that explain how the gamma radiation from Alpha particles are thermalized or downshifted.

    Furthermore, it is bad to base a theory of E-Cat reaction on the production of ionizing radiation. Any source of nuclear radiation has, is, and will be regulated. This most probably will place regulation of the E-Cat under the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) nationally in the U.S.A. and the IAEA internationally. In other words to make a long story short, the theory of Alpha particle production will KILL the E-Cat and all its various uses worldwide. Does Rossi understand that his current reaction theory will kill the E-Cat?

    The theory of the E-Cat has quintessential political and regulatory ramifications. The formulation of LENR theory must explain how the LENR reaction is not harmful in any way, shape or form, that it is totally benign, and that it is supported by experiential observation. The theory of LENR must be crafted so that it does not place a killing weapon into the hands of the opponents of LENR. Does Rossi understnd this? I would advise Rossi to change his theory for LENR now.

  3. I propose a new word to describe those in the blogosphere who do nothing more than mouth words, such as above, meant to deflate others and inflate themselves... a "blundit" - meaning a blogosphere pundit most is notable for spewing words that resemble a rude sound accompanied by a bad smell.

    1. I propose that at least Axil has something both interesting and intelligent to say. Anons so often post the opposite. Here we have living poof.

    2. From the Lugano report, the view of the nickel particle retrived as ash after 32 days of reaction looks identical to the fuel particle which itself looks like it came out of a old reactor run. The nanostructed surface looks prestine. This particle surface would have shown alpha particle impact in the micrograph if any occured. This indicates that there was no alpha particles of any energy level impacting on the surface of the nickel particle as a result of the LENR reaction.

  4. Regarding the announcement of the replication attempts made by Igor Stepanov et al: “After three trials with fast destruction of the cell due to uncontrollable overheating, at June 19, 2015 it was succeed to obtain constant function of the cell with excess heat observed.”

    One of the major issues that face the replicators of the Lugano experiment deals with destruction of the reactor as a result of a massive production of power at the onset of the LENR reaction that has been called a “blowout”. The question arises as follows: What produces these blowouts and how can they be avoided?

    The Quantum mechanical theory of LENR (QMLT) provides guidance as to the cause and solution to this issue. To start off, it has been observed in the analysis of the fuel from the Lugano report that large aggregations of nickel particles form as a consequence of electrostatic attraction between 5 micron nickel particles. A nickel particle aggregation of up to 100 microns in size is formed in the fuel sometimes before the LENR reaction fires off.

    The QMLT explains that this large super nickel particle aggregation forms of Bose Einstein Condensate of SPPs that are coherent and entangled with the atoms of hydrogen that surround the Nickel particle aggregation (NPA). The NPA acts as a single system as if it were a superatom that was 100 microns in size.

    When the LENR reaction begins, the entire NPA acts in unison and a global Fusion reaction happens to all the nickel atoms throughout the NPA. The same fusion reaction happens to each and every nickel atom in the same way and at the same time. The NPA produces a combined instantaneous power spike from and every nickel atom no matter if the atom was Ni58 or N60 an so on. All the nickel atoms instantaneously become Ni62 in a single global unitary nuclear reaction. This single reaction is why only Ni62 is seen in the ash of the NPA. This is called super radiance.

    The energy production from all the millions of nickel atoms happen at the same time and produce an enormous amount of heat. This destroys the NPA and the reactor structure near it.

    The solution to possibly avoiding this fusion explosion is to reduce the size of the NPA to a 5 micron size and spread the zone of the lenr reaction over a large volume. That is, to insure that the nickel particles are distributed over and throughout a very large volume. The goal is to avoid global entanglement at startup and postpone it untile the reaction has matured. This might be done by placing the nickel particles inside a metal foam mesh to keep them from moving together under the influence of electrostatic attraction. The nickel form mesh will dissipate the static charge that usually aggregates free moving particles,

  5. To Axil,

    QUOTE: "The QMLT explains that this large super nickel particle aggregation forms of Bose Einstein Condensate of SPPs that are coherent and entangled with the atoms of hydrogen that surround the Nickel particle aggregation (NPA)."

    Again I see the mention of BEC where the reference appears to be of use at high temperatures when it is a given that BEC only forms at near zero K. BEC is exploited in DWave's Quantum Computers and in order to do this they *have* to take the temp down to near zero K. So I remained puzzled at any refernces to BEC being created and exploited at room temp let alone inside a LENR reactor.

    See this ref to BEC - look at the temp scale. Thanks DSM