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Celani: LENR could generate electricity spontaneously

The official Russian website is also presenting the Bao-Guo Dong "Thermal Resonance Fusion"paper that has success:

About the e-Cat in Germany, recently more publishing/discussion activity there:

From the Open Power Association, Guido Abundo
Fusion of elements, synthesis of thoughts? Systematic research regarding the radiaions from LENR and their characterization.
Fusione di elementi, sintesi di pensiero ? Ricerca sistematica di radiazioni nelle LENR e eventuale caratterizzazione 
Open Power Association Parkhomov-like experiment an international scientific cooperation with the MFMP and others

Want to understand LENR? Mart Gibson's excellent video describing lattice model?

About the message of Leonid Urutskoev:

Regarding the statement: “The analogy is as follows- if we replace the titanium foil with a foil of a metal that is obtained as daughter element via the reaction of transformation. For example Co (cobalt) then no new element except those already found in the experiments with titanium, will be found. “

This observation can be explained if the LENR process is divided into two parts: the cause and the effect.

The cause is the explosion of a metal foil that can be made up of any number of elements. The process of electrical explosion is the cause. The cause produces a mechanism of action(a force) that can reach out to a distant location and produce “action at a distance”. This has been seen when an exploding titanium foil produces the fission of uranium salt in a chamber of the cell separated physically and is far removed from the location of the electrical explosion. 

After the wire explosion, fission of uranium is found in the outer chamber of the test cell.

This says that the LENR reaction is not based on a short ranged particle based agent. A massless longe ranged force carrier (a boson - photon) is responsible for the LENR reaction. I believe that LENR is caused by magnetic effects.

Low-energy nuclear reactions and the leptonic monopole
Georges Lochak*, Leonid Urutskoev**


The importance of diversity of thought for solving wicked problems

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