Friday, July 24, 2015



Soft data, hard conflicts (Gerhard Kocher) -this is about IT, I guess.

Weak data, hard conflicts. (this is about LENR) 

It is too warm and too holidays season for hard breakthrough data to appear now. The conflict between my otherness-complexity- diversity-dynamicity etc. based LENR model and the mainstream, long live Occam's Razor! good science model is entering an excessively hard phase. I have decided to make a pause and enjoy reading the first slide share
from Lew Larsen-yes, W-L theory is able to progress! And I will play explore the last item of this daily list, the new Google Patent Search. Join me, please.
But I will return in the battle soon


Lattice Energy LLC - Two Facets of W-L Theory's active sites.
goes with this-  World first: Significant development in the understanding of macroscopic quantum behavior

LENR thermal rocket by AXIL

Gregory Goble about the OPEN DAY LENR of the open power association

ELI5: How does Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) work. Is it real?

Leonardo Corp selling now E-cat heaters


Education: Time for a New Purpose
by Graham Peebles / July 23rd, 2015

We will use this a lot!
Google launches new patent search:


  1. Widom-Larsen theory concepts is coming along nicely. This theory explains how Bose condensation is central to the quantum causation of the LENR reaction. But is still missing the boat on the details of the ultimate reason for the activation of the reaction. Widom-Larsen theory’s concept still holds that low energy neutron production is the underlying causative mechanism of the LENR reaction. It is sad that the old nuclear engineering paradigm is still got W-L theory paralyzed by 20th century thinking.

    The ultimate causation mechanism of the LENR reaction is ENTANGLEMENT. It is amazing how fundamental that entanglement is in our universe. The new theories in physics posits entanglement is the fundamental cause of just about everything that is important in the goings on in our universe from gravity, to time, to the instantaneous projection of the 2 dimensional holographic surface reality on the event horizon of the universe to the embedded 4 dimensional space time universe that we live in. Then there is thermodynamics that is based on entanglement and the arrow of time that it provides.

    Widom-Larsen theory has shown a remarkable ability to accept new ideas in the LENR paradigm. I hope before the end of this century comes to pass that this top tier LENR theory can make the jump to the entanglement mechanism. As the first step, entanglement is why the formation of a Bose condensate is so important to the LENR process.

  2. The latest mechanism to remove the firewall paradox from the Black Hole theories is communication of entanglemnet through worm holes. The 5th dimension is now out and entanglement catalized by worm holes are the quantum mechanical communication mechanism for LENR.

    If you have the time, here is an explanation of this idea:

    Wormholes Untangle a Black Hole Paradox

    Take note: "To be sure, ER = EPR does not yet apply to just any kind of space, or any kind of entanglement. It takes a special type of entanglement and a special type of wormhole. “Lenny and Juan are completely aware of this,” said Marolf, who recently co-authored a paper describing wormholes with more than two ends."

    This is why the polaritons must produce a Black Hole of EMF to insure that the condition that ER=EPR applies.