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We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
(Walt Disney)

Fine saying, however as a rather multiple bi-lingual I wonder if "down new paths" is ingrained in the very soul of the English language? Actually at least for LENR it is about difficult ascensions and you can have bad experiences as those unhappy climbers surprised by the earthquake on the Everest.

In 2012 I still had very few readers and I am sure you have never seen:
an almost perfect example of linear thinking intersecting a meandering, unpredictable reality.
The Everest knows only real, but terrible earthquakes but the metaphorical LENR mountain can be heat scientific, technological, destructive publicity and financial earthquakes. Not an easy ascension either!


Michel Vanderberghe

Airbus challenge announcement at LENRG event in April the 10th.

Three from ХТЯ и ШМ- complete

Video of the Seminar at People's Friendship University of April 30, 2015 by A.B. Shestopalov
Видео семинара в РУДН 30.04.2015г. от Шестопалова А.В.

Video of the Seminar at People's Friendship University of April 30, 2015 by Ya. P. Starukhin  Видео семинара в РУДН 30.04.2015г. от Старухина Я.П.

Presentation of L.G., Sapogin at the same Seminar

Patent: Hydrogen-Lithium fusion device
A new way to convert light to electricity
Thanks to Jones Beene for signalling these, plus saying about the company:
Unified Gravity Corporation:

A new patent for helping LENR
Nuovo brevetto a supporto delle LENR
dal Prof. Leif Holmlid - Università di Gothenburg
EP2680271 - Method and apparatus for generating energy through inertial confinement fusion

Rossi says:

Andrea Rossi
May 4th, 2015 at 9:26 AM

At the end of the present cycle of tests and R&D in the factory of IH’s Customer, if the results will be positive, the product will be ready, apart the normal evolution it will eventually go through, as any product does.
The Hot Cat modules will too be assembled in clusters to increase the power.
Warm Regards,

I hope somebody will ask Rossi if this:
Ecatricity the future is LENR
has his blessing, is legal or is some kind of competition. Just discovered it but try to find out what is this about.


Like electricity and electronics, we are at the Benjamin Franklin stage of our understanding of LENR as a technology. We stand in a field with a kite string in our hand with a kite lifting into a thundercloud.

The Innovation an insights of Maxwell are still many years off, the simple knowledge that allows an electrician to do his job is still not yet defined. The nature of the electron is not even imagined. The transistor and the technology of solid state systems is centuries off into the future. 

Like electronic, LENR will require a onion layer approach to education. Complex technologies cannot be swallowed in one mouthful. 

Such complex fields of knowledge is of a specific type of architecture I call "Onion Architecture". I've found that it leads to more maintainable applications since it emphasizes separation of concerns throughout the system. I must set the context for the use of this architecture before proceeding. 

Like software and computer hardware design, It emphasizes the use of interfaces for behavior contracts, and it forces the externalization of infrastructure. Here there is a requirement for a traditional layered architecture. This is the basic architecture I see most frequently used. Each subsequent layer depends on the layers beneath it, and then every layer normally will depend on some common infrastructure and utility services. The big drawback to this top-down structure of knowledge, is that the detailed fundamental layers are incomprehensible until the top most layers are understood. 

If someone were to reveal the ultimate cause of LENR, it would not be understood until all the upper layers were understood. This is why getting control. of LENR will take many years of exploration and education as each layer of the LENR knowledge base is put into place.


Conquering Complexity With Simple Rules 
A Stanford professor offers a better way to make decisions.

We have to find the rules specific for LENR!

I wonder what would Rossi say about these ideas:
Peter Thiel’s 4 Rules For Creating A Great Business


  1. Ecatricity is hosted in England. There is no clue that this is connected with Rossi; what is described does not exist yet.

    1. Thanks dear Abd, I have also seen. The name is nice but seemingly a fantasy company.

    2. Thanks dear Abd, I have also seen. The name is nice but seemingly a fantasy company.

  2. "Priced at £50 per KWH.." - ecatricity costs about 200 times more than normal electricity or, more likely, the maker of this website does not distinguish between energy and power.