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Technology is the application of organized and scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.” – Harold Stolovitch

Biological scientific culture is a must- especially for LENR. Vladimir Vysotskii has understood this deeply and his work opens new ways and directions in LENR research, with actual biology more or less visible. Biology goes from real processes to merely inspiration.
We have told you repeatedly that LENR- in all its forms is based on synergies; please read:
Peter A. Corning, Ph.D.

Life, defined as hungry matter and edible too (V. Butulescu) is really wonderful and it reigns everywhere where it is something to eat, in the most hostile environments. We can find extremely impressive examples - see please:
how adaptation-evolution manufactures this heroic creatures is a complex problem, it must be some kind of enhanced hormesis at the play; the essence is that the extremophiles are thriving- "my environment is my castle"!
Unfortunately this is still not true for the incandescent small fire dragons called Hot Cats- that became known after the historical Lugano experiment and came to the experimental reality of the pro-LENR crowd after Alexander Parkhomov's realistic and very pragmatic replication. Th great issue is that the Hot Cats as conceived by the replicators in spe are still not genuine extremophiles- thermophiles. Their mortality at not-so-high temperatures is very high. Yesterday a very promising and well done experiment by Alan Goldwater failed due to a weak thermocouple that caused a short circuit. Bad luck but lack of sufficiently high thermophilicity as deep cause.
See please (and if you like replication and replicators read it taking notes). the first paper at the Daily Info of today. It is kind of analysis-synthesis- prediction-post diction of the coming replications, authored by Michael Lammert and it is obvious that he is speaking based on experience not from books opened now. SSPP- serious, systematic, pragmatic, professional. Michael, as my ever best American friend, Mike Carrell and my faithful friend and blog reader Nicu Vlad- is a high level electric engineer. Howevwr in his opus he thinks on many other aspects too- (mechanics, chemistry, materials science, metrology. this paper has to be intensely used in the campaign of replications and after.
Recently Rossi has told something of clusters of Hot Cats; that smells of applications
no hope he will tell us the secrets of extremophilicity of his devices. Almost he same with the Lugano Testers- who according to positive gossip will restart to communicate with the world in some 10 days.
The replicators have to re-discover ad re-invent what Rossi knows well- after many years of hard (and very hot) work.

I want to add just one idea to the Lammert report: probably by evolution the extremophiles have abandoned and/or replaced first those parts, organelles hat made them sensitive and less resistant.
As practice shows it for the reactors this Achilles' Heal are wires not made to stay red-hot in air or under some ceramic layer for days (and for applications) for months and years. We have to find out how to make the reactors wireless, using other methods of heating- I still hope  replicator lives in a town where it is a float glass plant, he/she visits  this and uses molten tin for heating the reactor. If EM stimulation is necessary- this will be a separate from heating.

Just now Bob Greenyer announces: "It looks like there will be two streamed replications this weekend."  


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  1. Peter what frequency's do we use?

    1. I don't understand exactly the question- we use i.e. make useful for us lots of frequencies,


    2. Sorry, Peter, but the notion that resistance element heaters cannot be made long-lived is simply incorrect. The real problem is that all the experimental rigs are "one-off" and hand built (and largely by amateurs inexperienced in the finer points of heating technology engineering). Correctly designed heating elements will last for years.

    3. Will last for years at 1200 C+? Can you give me such/similar examples where everything goes well? From industrial or lab practice? Thanks!

    4. Will last for years at 1200 C+? Can you give me such/similar examples where everything goes well? From industrial or lab practice? Thanks!