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Znanie-sila! (Knowledge is Power)
A most popular slogan of the Soviet years, marvelous in essence and principle, not so much in execution and application.The LENR activity in the same area is a proof that 
Znanie-sila tries to resurrect. It's spirit is alive.
How, which extent knowledge is power in a domain with such serious birth problems as LENR is an open question.
No problem with Power, power is quite tautologically the ability to obtain intense power, intense, clean, cheap very long term.
Knowledge can be disputed- which knowledge is really power? "We" know a lot of 
the PdD electrochemical cell - a great library of knowledge. Question: of wht real use is this huge knowledge material for solving the problem of central interest just now- the Hot Cat's modus operandI? But perhaps we went to far, and we have to ask of what help is this knowledge to solve the problems (intensification, reproducibility, ephemerity)  of the Pd D cell itself?
Difficult problems  (stealing from Piet Hein) show their power by hitting back.
We need syntheses of knowledge- wisdom.

Interesting news and not bad, I know from Parkhomov that in an Moscow Institute , in replication experiments, excess of heat was obtained 3 times, too intense to be controlled.

1) A new COLD NUCLEAR TRANSMUTATIONS and GLOBULAR LIGHTNINGS Seminar will take place أن at the University of People's Friendship- at the usual location; acess instructions given.

Daily Program
1. 16.00-16.10 N.V. Samsonenko:"Scientific News"

2. 16.10 – 16.50  I.P. Chernov, Polytechnics Institute of Tomsk "The physics of the processes in metal-hydrogen systems by inner interactions"

3. 16.50 – 18.00 A.G. Parkhomov, N.M. Evstigneev, A.S. Russsetskii, D.S. Barabanov, S.M. Godin- Review of the reports presented at ICCF-19, Padua.

4. 18.00 – 18.10 Meeting of the Redaction Board

Important to know (remember) that at the Tomsk Polytechnics there is a real school of the Metal-Hydrogen Interaction- a subject grafted on LENR (or vice-versa(
See for example this paper:
Study of the Hydrogen–Metal Systems

However you can find tens of interesting papers , if searching on the Web, both in English and in Russian.
So good for what I call the Russian LENR program.
Let's see the coming Chernov presentation!

2) Interesting and possibly quite significant- as example and trend:
A LENR Job offer for young physicists in Moscow!


Salary level-from 50,000 to 70,000 rub.
Town: Moscow
Necessary experience: 1 to 3 years
In the frame of the Project of creating methods with perspective for energy production we seek for talented and energetic physicists experimenters for research in the field of LENR
Activity of OOO NPP MERA

Planning, preparation and execution of experiments
Working out and building of experimental setups/stands
Working with scientific literature, search for necessary methods, technologies, models
Reporting to management


Technical high education,
Experience in experimental scientific work,
Basic knowledge in electronics and electromechanics
Ability to work independently
Analytical thinking, fast learning

Work conditions

Well equipped lab,
Young and friendly staff
Access to the corporate gym

Mytishschi, Kolpakova Street 2
Publ May 20, 22:21

3) Renewal of the Russian language site for Experimental Physics including Plasma Electrolysis lead by Andrey Petrovich Hrishchanovich

Has to be studied thoroughly!

To not forget: Mike McKubre speaks today in Palo Alto. Can this be watched live?

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  1. Peter,
    Once again thank you for your tireless efforts at keep us informed. This is especially so for the volumes of information you are able to give to us from Russian activities (that otherwise may have gone right under our LENR radar).

    Your ability to span so many cultures and garner valuable data to share is special. Your flow of information is very well balanced and stands out for its quality and relevance.

    What you offer is such that it offsets the extremes from some other sites that can and do vary from sycophantic belief thru to the nastiest of negativity. Please keep your information flow rolling.

    Again, thanks.

    Doug Marker (DSM)