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"Evolution is chaos with feedback" (Joseph Ford)
But do not forget synergies!

It is about the hot, fertile chaos now intensely investigated- in Hot Cats.
The Lugano experiment was finished say a year ago, the results-too method-dependent seemingly were published 5 months later and Parkhomov's bright confirmation came fast in some 6 weeks and has opened a lot of ways toward practical Hot Cat research.
It has triggered a general desire of new confirmations. After some 140 days we still have no one round, ready and real, and reader ZZZ of ECat World was perfectly justified to ask in writing too, why this has/has not happened? It would be an unpardonable editorial blunder to add here WTF?
See the first News below.Perhaps the very basic question is if the excess heat release is stimulated by heat (plus proper heating regime alone or the electric resistance is also emitting some kind of stimulus- absolutely necessary too?  I bet somebody will obtain a positive result by heating the reactor in an oven or in molten metal- as I suggested.
Irreparabile fugit tempus -for me but here for the replication problem we still need some patience plus the direct participation of the more powerful LENR research units/teams eventually awakening from the long Pd Dream. And (I know it is useless but I am still saying it because I believe in Science ethics- of the Lugano  Testers.


Why haven’t people repeated the Parkhomov experiment successfully yet? (Zeddicus Zul Zorander)

Excellent as always; broad retrospective:
LENR-to-Market Digest -- May 16, 2015

The Role of Lithium in LENR - Part two The synergy Lithium – Iron
The science delusion on cold fusion
Swedish radio and similar

Low Energy Standard Model Interactions in Condensed Matter
J Swain, A Widom, YN Srivastava - Key Engineering Materials, 2015
This paper briefly reviews the current status of Standard Model (weak and strong nuclear) interactions induced in condensed matter systems via the excitation of collective de-grees of freedom to provide the necessary energies. The central point is that a variety of low energy systems can accelerate electrons to several MeV, making it possible to produce neutrons via collisions with protons and to photodissociate nuclei via giant dipole resonances allowing a wide variety of nuclear transmutations to occur. Some sample systems are discussed as well as some of their implications.
The cost of this paper is 28 $

In Dutch: "Completely Off Grid E-cat/Rossi's Technology:

US Navy Purchases First Order of MagneGas
In 1997 I was at Tampa, Florida and have assisted at the birth of MganeGas then still Aquafuel.  The story is in Infinite Energy. From mixed reasons I have abandoned this line of research, it clearly is not LENR after all. I am pleased to see that MagneGas is a commercial reality, a cutting gas some 40% more efficient than acetylene.


Introductory lecture: nanoplasmonics
Mark L. Brongersma
Faraday Discuss., 2015, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C5FD90020D
Received 31 Mar 2015, Accepted 31 Mar 2015
First published online 13 May 2015 (cost of the paper: 38 $)

Fidel Castro's son is great in nanotech, why not suggest him to extend to LENR?
If you meet him, please convey him my suggestion! What his Father has said:"A revolution is not a bed of roses" is especially true for LENR- he will see!
Actually it is, just there are many thorns and few roses.
Science 15 May 2015:
Vol. 348 no. 6236 pp. 748-749
DOI: 10.1126/science.348.6236.748
Fidel Castro's first-born son foments a nanotech revolution
Richard Stone

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